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Roland Jupiter user reviews

  • Roland Jupiter-8

    Roland Jupiter-8 - "Best analogue poly-synth ever?"


    The JP8 is one piece of gear I will never part with. Its sound is huge (or thin if desired), warm and very useful for any kind of music. As a composer of film music and new age, I really like the slowly drifting string sounds with a litte filter grow…

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "High-powered = 10 JD800 piled up!"


    USE To be honest, there's no need for a manual. It's rather easy to use. Sound editing is pretty traditional. You can start either with a modeled waveform (sine, saw, square, SH, and super saw) or with sampled waveforms from classic and renowned …

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "Simply the best!"


    USE a) It's really hefty! It's's a Roland! b) Manual? What manual? It's so intuitive and user-friendly that I haven't even bothered to open it...Once you've understood how the banks are organized (which takes you five minutes), you…

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "Not bad at all"


    Sound editing is super intuitive, it's truly powerful and fun. Korg ought to take note of the vst drivers, they are stable and effective. USE Hyper-simple configuration. I had it all under control within 30 minutes. SOUND The sounds ar…

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "o my.."


    The roland Jupiter 80 is a very expensive digital synth, I do not own this, a local producer has one of these and I get the chance from time to time to go to his production lab and mess with his equipment and I have even wrote songs there. After usin…

  • Roland Jupiter-50

    Roland Jupiter-50 - "great synths and effects.. high price"


    The Roland Jupiter 50 is a very expensive board to me. I just don’t understand why it needs to cost so much with the other boards on the market like the Fantom that too me is better. This board cost around 2,000 but if you can find an authorized deal…

  • Roland Jupiter-4

    Roland Jupiter-4 - spookyman's review


    I will not get too detailed in the description of this synth because you can find all the essential information on the net. This is the first polyphonic synth firm Roland, released in 1978, along with the Prophet 5 This goes beyond the level of modul…

  • Roland Jupiter-50

    Roland Jupiter-50 - " Mixed experience"


    Difficult to go after Lekanut, an expert in synths and especially Roland, but I'll make a little "summary" of this beautiful synth. 6 octave keyboard, synth type, with a very nice touch (but not aftertouch). Very good build quality, metal. I wish h…

  • Roland Jupiter-80

    Roland Jupiter-80 - "A real musical instrument!"


    The tone is set with the length of the data sheet for the Jupiter 80. All the features of this machine is on a web page! A comparison of the workstation as Kronos is on ... ten pages! It would quickly say that the view of the number of features, y…

  • Roland Jupiter-8

    Roland Jupiter-8 - " super stable, great"


    Everything has been said about that. Mine is internal noon meets without pb UTILIZATION Again, as we know, each parameter has its knob .... SOUNDS The keyboard is great, it's amazing after 30 years it is nickel, very nice, soft. I am mostly w…