Roland Jupiter-50
Roland Jupiter-50

Jupiter-50, Digital Synth from Roland in the Jupiter series.

azzo 10/11/2012

Roland Jupiter-50 : azzo's user review


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See data sheet of the manufacturer.


Very fast adaptation to the construction of live set, editing is simple from the screen, but with an Ipad is a pleasure!


I hesitated a long time before my purchase, my priority was to get the sounds of instruments and sounds! SuperNATURAL acoustic sounds not only reproduce the sound of an acoustic instrument but also expressive playing techniques that are own! SuperNATURAL synth sounds realistically recreate a wide range of sounds ranging from vintage analog synths (Roland SH JUPITER, D-50, JD-800, Fantom) with keypads. The JP50 helped me threw my sound libraries and plugins to my basket, become useless and obsolete in terms of quality.


The sounds are really great, the possibilities of layering and editing as the effects are at the top, I'm not a pianist or keyboardist, and I do it again the same choice without hesitation.