Roland Jupiter-80
Roland Jupiter-80

Jupiter-80, Digital Synth from Roland in the Jupiter series.

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Oliver Sp@rk 06/21/2013

Roland Jupiter-80 : Oliver Sp@rk's user review

« Simply the best! »

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a) It's really hefty! It's's a Roland!
b) Manual? What manual? It's so intuitive and user-friendly that I haven't even bothered to open it...Once you've understood how the banks are organized (which takes you five minutes), you can start enjoying!
c) Ultra-comprehensive editing, it's simple and intuitive: It's perfect!!!


It's great for all kinds of music, from accordion music to metal, pop and rock! Between the kronos, which obviously features karma (although incontrollable), and the jupiter80 with well-made and effective arpeggios...I wouldn't hesitate a second!

The supernatural sounds, as well the other sounds, are superb. They have punch! And superimposing the layers you get wicked results...I L O V E I T!!!


A small recap: I have the roland juno g, roland fantom x7, korg kronos 61, and now the jupiter 80!

I chose it due to its 76-key keyboard, aftertouch, huge editing possibilities, look ...but also for its ease of use!

I bought a kronos61 earlier his year...and sold it right away! The sound quality is great. The possibilities of the kronos are stupefying and without a doubt better than those of the Jupiter 80 (in terms of sequencer, sampling, etc.)...But unfortunately, it's no fun to have to meddle 30 minutes to program a sound, browsing the unreadable sub-sub-sub-sub-menus. Sound engineers can keep the kronos to themselves...I have only one hour to play music, every second counts!

The Jupiter is a stage keyboard, a sort that's not easy to come by! You can create sounds in less time that you can say it...and not just any sounds! Wow!!!! What a punch!!! Sounds are ultra-realistic!

The Jupiter is perfect for musicians who don't have too much spare time! It turns on in 10 seconds, the display is easily readable, beautiful and precise (unlike the kronos!).

Installing the drivers on a PC poses no issues.

I would've liked to have more connection options on the rear...but other than that, I'm very happy with it!

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again!