Roland VariOS

Roland VariOS

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VariOS, Sampler from Roland.

4 user reviews
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Roland VariOS tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Roland
  • Model: VariOS
  • Category: Samplers
  • Added in our database on: 05/10/2003

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Roland VariOS user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland VariOS
What I think is really missing is what allways seems to be missing with Roland. Continuous support and development of thier products. Roland launched the VariOs claiming it was open system but I am rather disapointed that no new emulations have been made. This thing has potential but I am afraid it will gradualy disapear from the market without ever fulfilling everything procalimed that would come from Roland. I hope I am wrong because I really love this thing.

899 Euros


The software and the limited buttons on the machine make this thing extremely easy to use. After about 4 hours you can allready be using some potential of this baby.

So far so good but it didnt work for about 1 month. I eventually opted for updating the OS to the latest version and was also forced to then update the 303 and JP8 software and somewhere along the way something went wrong. The solution was to factory rest and start from the beginning. That solved it. I guess thats not Rolands fault is was a user error.


Sound quality is fantastic especialy the emulation of the TB-303 with additional functionality of sliders for programing and a bunch of effects. This thing sounds even better with more variety than the original thanks to the add on features Roland implemented. There is also an emulation of the JP-8 which also sounds pretty good but it doesnt give me the kick the 303 does. Another fantastic included option is the implementation of Roland Variphrase technology. The essence of this is to give ease to sampling. This thing really shines with sampling and layering drum samples. You can easily change and edit everything.


I would allways get this baby again but I am afraid (as mentioned before) that ROLAND will not continue the developement on this machine. I also need to spend more time on this machine and implement it into my productions. The 303 really makes this baby worth every cent :-)

Originally posted on
Posted by: Jackin_J ( 8-, 2005)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stopped a project in progress?"

Roland VariOS
Roland Varios (Vari Open System) machine demonic, hidden son of vp9000.
When Roland introduced the one they presented as their platform 'Open System'. Open system in the sense that it would serve a different loader systems on flash cards so to be a versatile machine.
Unfortunately Roland has developed only 2 cards. Emulation of a D50 and a map Vocal designer to work on the track in real time. Suffice to say that given the price of the machine was 1300 euro + 250 euro card is expensive ca-emulation of the D50. Take as a real doccase d50 has 250 euro.
Without the use of cards is a machine tool VariPhrase, the base system is an imitation of sampler with a midi tracker integrated with its internal effect. Basically it is a daw in a rack with fontion advanced sound manipulation in real time alone, mostly pitch, the length / speed of reading and forming ...
Except that its capabilities are severely limited. Maximum 6 stereo tracks or stereo six different samples can be played in real time, as many say it's hard to lay a track with a tracker


The configuration is special, in any case not provided for those who never open the manual.
The manual is mixed, there are clearly aspects of the machine that are not addressed. It is only my opinion, but by digging I feel that the bones of this machine was never finalized and that some basic functions to sample are not accessible.
They look like prototypes seriously. Roland Central Europe has already replaced me for a final send me back to another with the same worries ...

Ledition sounds is easy?
It speaks of the beast piano roll or audio files are encoded / 3 cut by the selection algorithms
There are several possible encoding, decoupage notes depending on the pitch, or volume of the waveform (as a slicer that detects the notes) and another mode between the two.
The single player supposed to cut out the notes by their pitch to place them correctly on a piano roll was like a melodyne is not very reliable.


The conversion is not transparent, far from it. It denatured sound enormously, to such an extent that sometimes it's bewildering. It has its capabilities to create sounds bizzard but fideilitée sound is not his forte, he is clearly the purpose of experimentation. The effects are kind of basic and kind of chain effects of non-editable type (+ chorus + deay reverse) ... A view based on taste.
* The dynamics are respected?
No, far from it was cut into bits (lol). And some type of acoustics ca does not, but all depends on what one seeks. The Amon Tobinistes will be delighted.


* What is so special that you like best
His sound VariPhrase destroy, everything that is put into it 'VariPhrase'.
I made plans with strange.
In addition to the Roland Service is the best that could Meet jai, and all brands. They offered me the card for Vocaldesigner worries.
* The least?
The method of preloading sounds via usb which is old, its limits, and its very ergonomic software interface for eddition notes.
Suffice to say that the quality / price of this machine is a full heresy seen its possibilitée asthmatics.
For me it has never been utilitée walked in saw the date on which it was released in 2005 knowing that a pentium3 on fruity loops is much more powerful, ergonomic and sonically faithful.
In addition to the varios needs a pc for eddition so the calculation is done quickly.
With experience, you do again this choice?
Uh no thank you, really. By doccase against a 250 euro, yes. He has a good sound it is clear. It is possible to Chainer 4.

voicetrack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VariOS
Synth and sample reader "VariPhrase" Specific enough;

3 mode has the basic simulation TB303 or Jupiter 8 but more interesting is how VariPhrase (reader of samples that can work via USB from a computer) in this mode, it has 14 voice polyphony multitimbral 6 all with the famous and has 3 engines VariPhrase effects! : A multi-purpose super full (with, among other compressor pretty impressive and simulations of very nice tape delay) + a generator type Roland reverbs and chorus section.

a stereo analog inputs (for the vocoder option I think)
two 24bit stereo outputs and a SPDIF (hand out).

stokage PC card (hyper personal practice, I put a CompactFlash adapter 10 euros) but it has 32MB of internal flash.

The sounds must be transferred via USB gives thanks to the soft (very full)


Installation of soft classical set days of the machine etc. ... Not the easiest I've encountered is a good but.

The machine is programmed via the software but many are available paramettres without connecting the computer.


Timstretch treatment in real time and Armon is simply Bluf!
The sound is full, vibrant, warm and oddly enough living, the bass is superb. There are a can of good old cots Roland samplers with a warm but with the precision in the acute and more!

There is a mode that allows you to automatically split a rhythm (or other) and a fragment taler automatically by keystroke.

Another mode allows the pitcher to transpose the formants without voice or vice versa.

(In terms of simulation of TB, for me it's not a. .. The JP8 is usable but I prfre MKS50 a simple, its function is really VariPhrase Premire)


Exelente a powerful machine trs his formidable and strangely trs alive sound quite impressive for its size and price.

He RE a vocoder option and an option that I never D50 test.

I would do without this choice problem.

PS: DSOL but in the absence of other comments, I did what I could and I corrected gradually as I go. (Thank you so do not blame me for possibly rreurs)

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VariOS
What polyphony?
14 votes variables.

What converter?
44.1kH 24-bit maximum. RESOLUTION The internal 16-bit gives non-linear PCM format.

What effects?
Much. See below.

How much memory as standard? maximum?
128mb internal, what you want on a PC Card (8 GB CF card if you sing a long as it functions in 5.5 V)

What connection (Audio, MIDI, numrique ...)?
USB Connector, Headphones Jack, Main Output Jacks (L / MONO, R), Direct Output Jacks (L, R), Input Jacks (L, R), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), Digital Audio Output: S / P DIF Connectors (COAXIAL, OPTICAL) (24-bit, 44.1 kHz), AC Inlet

Is there a utility edition of Mac / PC?
Plus one: the USB drivers and then Varios, namely the V-Producer (sequencer sampler) and the two V-Basic Instruments that are 8 Controller and Controller 303, respectively based on the Jupiter 8 and TB-303.

If you have a keyboard PCR (Edirol, so same company) there is a driver optimized for all applications CONTRL Various. I test and I am convinced that I need one now!


Configuration gnrale Is it easy?
No. We must follow the protocol installation (most amazing I know) and all the steps for installing apps spars. No overall installer once, unfortunately.
Various configure the environment if you have an audio and midi loaded Relva obstacle course. For me it was a real bronx because of a excs driver audio / midi in my machine. Bond to the mnage and pass me (temporarily) in my 3D mouse. Mac users are less bothered that blow l. Must they have left a little something right?

The edition of sound effects or is it easy?
Ouiiiiiii! it's the user-friendly. Everything is easy to edit, read and comprhensible.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Not bad. Translates pretty well (in French!) And fig. Only the "Controllers" (synths) are not included in the manual and have their spars PDF (online help facility).

Some shots notches interfaces ...
The Varios has 3 basic software: Various Producer, and 8 303 Controller Controller.
Various The Producer is the primary tool using the features VariPhrase, the squenceur / sampler loops, one that allows the publishing audio and MIDI. (Click to zoom)

<div> ( ) </div>
<div> ( )

<div> ( )

<div> ( ) </div>


Two programming interfaces of the modules are also available. It is the only default of Various: we must each use one of three programs perform a reboot of the module hardware and load the OS DSIR.

The two programming interfaces synthtiseurs Controllers are appointed and can graphically edit MIDI in addition to the custom settings of the accumulation of TB-303 and near Jupiter 8.





The A / D and D / A are transparent?
Uh ... Various makes it is a sampler that does not sample. Everything is paid for by the machine from the USB host. While the conversion ...
I can not tmoigner that these convertos worth, I use exclusively Various numrique.

Effects and filters are effective?
Yes. This is the highlight of this standard hardware. Read the description of Roland VariPhrase to understand.
It is not effects or filters, but the nut of a kind of Ableton LIVE and hardware is "phew".

The dynamic is it respect? ...
It is good, and the torture that requires the sound does not seem to affect the original dynamic.


How long have you use it?
A little month, just.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Its power, its bargain price and the two synths calculations by the rack ... not including vocoders and D50 optional.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

How do you report qualitprix?
On occasion, it is immense.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
Yes. And if I could run two or more and at the same time on the same machine I would have dj to the ceiling.


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This should give you an ide of what makes the Varios. </div>

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