Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Octatrack

Octatrack, Sampling Sequencer from Elektron.

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All user reviews for the Elektron Octatrack

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 11 reviews )
 9 reviews82 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

astrolab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" If Darth Vader had an infernal machine, this would be it"

Elektron Octatrack
I will give a simple notice because technically everything is listed below.

It's a sampler, an audio mixer, a looper, a drum machine, a machine sound / sound design create an audio and MIDI sequencer ....

For me, it lacks (at connection level) as separate outputs.


How to say ... Read on forums, if Octatrack had to go out to the "full frame", ie without shortcuts, with all functions on a single panel, it would easily be the size of a huge coffee table.

Requires a LONG investment in time and energy.

Because it has its own logic. Forget everything you knew before, it will do you virtually nothing. It is you who have to bend you to his way of doing that is all. It's frustrating at first, even repulsive.
Simply, it is like a beautiful lady in the black dress that you would like to woo. Class, beautiful, classy, ​​which can take you to the stars, but it will comply with its unusual methods.

And when, little by little, we realize that the beautiful lady in the black dress offers increasingly there is an imminent departure for the Star Gate. Yes, I should stop any illegal substance, but I swear I've often thought of that metaphor.

In short, to tell you that there is a threshold of use. I know many who are discouraged BEFORE the threshold and have given up. Too bad, because I'm sure they were not far from satisfaction was coming crescendo.

Personally, I'm hooked and, oh how well I did!

This is actually a machine that will go down in legend. There was a before and after there will be a Octatrack.

So I can not say that the use is simple or difficult. It depends if you join or not its logic.
When mastery (I think after one year half of use, I mastery to 85%), we find that it's very logical. But it mostly means that one is completely folded SA thank you!

Next, we take a MachineDrum or MONOMACHINE, or A4, and say "mouah ah ah ah! That's dough, too simple to use!"

So I do not score that. It depends on the user, its understanding of the craft and the time he can spend.


It's a sampler, if they do not give him anything to eat, she will have nothing to say.
on the other hand: it has a fabulous potato and internal effects are of very high quality.


I use it for 1 year 1/2.

Whenever I use it, I'm like "who's the guy who had the idea to invent this stuff ????????." Either the guy behind is a great autism or autistic is awesome. In truth, what was the original idea ???? For this black box is just about everything. Can sampler, mixer, remixer, distort, destroy, improve is a looper, a synthesizer, a sequencer ...

I find it hard to imagine when its inventor said in the meeting: "So sit back guys, I have an idea, we'll do that."

And then he did in 1000 diagrams on a whiteboard.

The chief engineer was sweating at full throttle. Then the CFO said something like "But ... people will never 1 million to deform music !?" And the creator of answer "no no, but we will sell about 1000 €." That day several parties on sick leave in Elektron.

The Octatrack is the Pandora's Box. This is the Monolith 2001 the Space Odyssey. Once contacted, or we will burn your hands and separates or is allowed to be attracted to the darkness of the cosmos and there you can discover a whole new universe, governed by rules that are beyond our wildest imagination : Hyper-Space 2.0 Musical

zite909's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Octatrack
Difficult to summarize! The OT can serve as "live" sampler, sequencer noon, effect processor, see monophonic synthesizer ... But it is above all the possibility to combine it all together makes it indispensable.

It there's still limitations that it is good to know before buying:

1) The sequence Midi is very complete, has a good arpeggiator and LFO 3 noon on track which is great. 6 encoders EO can be used to send CC afternoon practice when we
synths with little buttons ...
However, the sequencer is not as intuitive as a sequence analog: a missing
row of 16 buttons, can not skipper / mutate not read his sequences ways
random or upside down ... We can not (it seems to me) transpose sequences from a
midi keyboard, but you can do it from the fix. We do not find either option 'force
to scale. "
In short the OT has a very good sequence noon, complete but still one notch below a Cirklon for example.

2) The characteristic of the sampler is the recording of sample is controllable via the sequencer. One can sample more 8 samples simultaneously from any source (Audio In, internal audio track ...). This is the perfect sampler for live (see 'transition trick' on youtube)!
on the other hand as "traditional" sampler is not great:
-The Samples are monos
-No Sample multisampled => goodbye pianos and other mellotrons
-No Polyphony => damn it for pads
-It can play samples on three octaves (???)
-For Sequence a melody, you can record only pitches (+1, +5) and not notes (do, re, mi) ..
-The Audio tracks can not be applied since the fix (!)
-The Audio tracks do not have arpeggiator unlike MIDI tracks.

3) For sound synthesis we have the right to opportunities rather extensive: 3 LFO, 2 envelopes, 2 effects per audio track including filter, reverb, phaser, lo-fi ... All classic manipulation samples can be performed live (reverse, slice, loop, ...). All these
parameters can be controlled via the sequence (the famous plock) which is great! One can even assign a different sample at each step.

However, there's frustration:
-on Can not modulate the start point of a sample: the effect farewell granular-type
(Though possible with Analog Rhythm!)
-It can slice the samples, and play a different slice for each note. But you can not scan the slices on the same note, which prevents use of the OT as a synth table
-It Is not possible to make the FM, there is no RingMod ...


The OT has a small enough opportunities for very extended surface. The interface
nevertheless well thought out and logical. A reading of the manual will be necessary, however.

EO can be used in many ways, and it took me several weeks
to find a way to use that suits me !! Since I made a template that contains all my settings which makes use of the OT intuitive. But before we get to that I confess I'm a little rowed.

The OT would have been easier to use if it y'avait a tidy 16 encoders, rather than two
rows of 6 This would have greatly facilitated the use of sequencing. It's too bad we can not use the USB port to plug in a standard controller launchpad.


I note here the effects. They vary in quality:

-The Fitre LP / HP with integrated distortion sounds great and allows both filtering of smooth
than getting aggressive stamps
-The Comb filter is not a conventional comb filter, but can boost harmonics
corresponding to certain notes. We can play melodies using the comb-filter.
-The Delay can serve as a repeater. Too bad it is not stereo ...
'I found that the effect of decimation (in lo-fi) does not go far enough.
-The Reverbs sound particularly evil and are of little use.
'I only got little use of other effects.


The OT has become the center of my studio! It allows me to work without a computer. With the OT elektron invented a new type of instrument. It is the perfect tool for composing songs and explore sound texutres. I never had so much fun making music since I was the OT. Despite the limitations I do not regret my purchase!

Personally, I use it to sequence my virus B. The audio B virus is then processed in the OT (these treatments are also checked by sequencing). Thus the OT became an extension of my virus and allows you to go in new directions. At any time I can sample the output of the virus. These to / from noon sample used to make great stuff!

arcangeli's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A sampler that suits me!"

Elektron Octatrack
I will not dwell on this point. Not worth it ;-)


The use is very "Elektron". Not easy at first. We must understand the concepts (common machines of the brand).
With practice, it becomes logical and perfectly designed.
It must be seen as a kind of concentrate. It is small but a lot. Each button / potentiometer several function.
The screen is great for the hardware but it is not a 24 ".

Be patient to master (especially for those who have no experience Elektron). But as a real instrument, right? And as with any instrument, the time you spend learning will be rewarded if you really give you trouble.
If you want to dial the last tube fashion 2h, go your way. But if you want to compose music that moves you without headaches, it is for you!


Like any sampler, sound depends mainly on what you feed it.
This is quite far from the "E-Mu" but really good. More neutral.


So how say. I have long sought the ideal machine without really finding before OT.
I had several machine and soft. Softwares, I really do not like.
Machines, yes. More ...
Before, I had an analog synth, a bar, an analog sequencer (Doepfer Schaltwerk then GenoQs Octopus). And time, lots of time.
With OT (and A4) I compose naturally enough (for me) without trying noon to fourteen hours how I'll do.
The big highlight of Swedish machinery comes from their particular sequencer. As the P-Lock for example. This is not common and can not fit all. But for those who love, they are machines of war ;-)

I installed in a rack tilt with the A4, a Rane SM82S console and tc eletronic M.One. Easy to store and transport.

I regret not having made that choice sooner!

MODGEIST's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Dream machine?"

Elektron Octatrack
You will find it very well elsewhere.


I've had it for only two days, but everything goes very quickly (who knows a minimum machine though).
The manual is complete, but a little dry. I had "fun" to read before receiving the beast, I must admit that reading is not the most exciting ... on the other hand, with the OT under the eyes is very clear.
You just need to be thinking "Elektron", but then everything falls under the fingers. This is simply the ergonomics of magic trick.
A mix between an MPC (with limits that said, including editing tempos by banks or patterns impossible for the moment), the looper Live, a specialized multi effect (IDM or Glitch Effectrix kind) and a Kaoss Pad.
And here I am a fan ...
Example of the use of the crossfader and scenes: I'll spend my loop pitch -12 with a High pass above and within the note gradually (ie with a beautiful transition) in the same loop with a 12 pitch Low Pass radical and within a few ms ...

I think it is almost the machine hardware I dreamed since I electro (fifteen years).
"Almost", for some small defects: management patterns and banks is not simple enough, some gaps editing into a sequencer worthy of the name (limited polyphony, etc ...), tempo (yet once, sorry, but this is what I miss the most ...) ...
But you lose the one hand we win another thousand times.


It sounds, there's no denying it. Effects are super efficient, very modern, there is a good momentum, and 24 bit pleasure on a machine like that. I have not yet experienced enough all effects to really talk, but I have a very good first impression (including what they can do with their time).
And most importantly, coupled with scenes, machines neighboring the master track, it simply becomes a gas plant.


I for almost 48 hours, which passed on a good third.
I had (and I still have) in the hands of many sequencers and samplers.
Well the OT, it is a world apart I think. A real instrument.
The machine has hardware very well integrated the evolution of all software oriented "electro" all these years (Live, some plugins like Effectrix ...) .. I even found a small taste of FL Studio (which I love) in the sequencer (P-Lock on the grid).
The +:
Instrument in its own right
Originality / Sounds
Very well thought out ergonomics (especially the scenes)
Immense possibilities
The - (to date):
Management of banks / patterns somewhat laborious
No ability to set tempo by bank / pattern to date (unless you go by the way arranger, blah ..)
Rather than twice I would do this choice yes!

lolsixteen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent!"

Elektron Octatrack
I good back on it, it has already been done ....


Simple setup, I quickly cottoned logic Elektron, I thought that my pain more Dave Smith Tempest (since sold) but finally I found it really simple. the French manual is really good tutorials are cool and it is complete.
Everything is easily accessible, just need to understand how to archive sounds and sets.
the only downside is the bank transfer or pattern between sets, for now it is tedious, it's really the only downside for me especially when a lot of banks (one bank at home zic = 1) and we want to change the order or set zics his example. For this I put him 8/10.


it sounds electro, you put what you want inside and frees her inspiration as electro. this is what I wanted.


I use it for 3 months, with a live, soon 2nd, I tried a Tempest and I did not like the sound. So I returned to my first love with a hardware sampler and I'm really happy with my purchase. The Octatrack control my machines noon, and builds my rhythm.
I use all these features set apart the looper (sampler or internal) that I find a bit tedious (I do not either, gave much time so it may be just me). 8 traks is cool but 12 it would have been the ultimate (but after they no longer sell Machinedrum, oh yeah ...).
the price / quality ratio is really good, the p-locks is great, the effects are cool, I still hope more effects in the future put a day. the workflow is great, it is a treat live.
I tickle the right a bit, I look a little flaws, but for me it is the best machine for my moog travel.

revega's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference!"

Elektron Octatrack
128x64 pixel backlit LCD
MIDI In / Out / Thru
4 × 1/4 "impedance balanced audio out jacks
4 × 1/4 "audio jacks in
1 x 1/4 "stereo headphone jack
Advanced DSP triple system
44.1kHz, 24-bit D / A and A / D converters
Flash EEPROM upgradeable OS
USB 2.0 port
Compact Flash card reader
Infinium optical crossfader
80 MB RAM per Flex project
Static sample streaming from CF card
Sample engine reads 24 bit samples

The Sequencer:

Eight internal tracks
16 banks per project
256 patterns per project
8 arrangements per project
4 shares per bank
16 scenes per share
Supports swing and slide
Micro timing
Parameter locks
Sample locks
Full real-time control
External MIDI sequencer track 8


12/24dB Multi Mode Filter
2-band Parametric EQ
DJ-style EQ Kill
2-10 Stage Phaser
2-5 Chorus tap
Echo Freeze Delay
Gatebox Plate Reverb
Lo-Fi (SRR, BRR, and Dist AM)

etc etc etc ...


The configuration is simple but requires some time to adapt to the logic of the machine.
The manual is available since little French (https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack?section=downloads) and greatly assists in the understanding of this incredible machine but a bit complex in its approach.
Once back your sounds via USB or direct editing functions are simple and can go quite far in editing performance.
The sequence (TR) is concrete, allowing a game instinctive, very 'groove' and dynamic.


This is a sampler so you import sounds and the work. But it must be impartial with this type of machine based on sample processing as if restitution remains feeble this whole system collapses. So yes the note on this point is the best 10/10!
Guarantee perfect reproduction and potato, this machine back to life in frozen samples and grooving is very naturally. For my part I mostly used samples ryhtmes old boxes and I must admit that I saw little difference with the real, it's pretty amazing.


Use for 1 year and difficult to pass. This box allows sampler, looper, all your samples sequencer with amazingly simple.
We return the samples, you create your project, you assign sounds to different tracks / 'tracks' (8 in total) and starts the sequencer 8,16,24,32 or 64 steps. CA groove right away and hard not to tamper with the machine in all directions for improving sequences.
After the failure of Micro Korg sampler (which is considered a toy next to this monster) and the precipitous decline in the use of hardware samplers in the studio we were entitled to ask questions about the Octatrack. There Elektron took a huge risk in designing and developing such a project, a bet a little crazy but so beneficial. Then it is Oktatrack up? Well there is not far to seek, it is a machine to create bright lines ryhtmes or sample-based sounds with a sequencer made perfect and extremely convenient. Metallic construction is exemplary, it does not plant and ergonomics for use in live is a formidable tool and autonomous guard game. And although it may seem expensive at first know that the investment is well worth the effort.
Elektron was very hard on this one!

zap32's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A killing ..."

Elektron Octatrack
Level connections, there was one entry and one exit south, audio level was 4 in and 2 out in addition to the master output, and a USB socket to get samples directly on the computer.

Level effect, there is a choice between filters, equalizer, compressor, distortion, delay, phaser, flanger, lo-fi.

This is a sampler therefore no sound in it, it's up to you to re-enter your favorite sounds through the USB socket or directly in samplant.Vous can then destructure your curls, slicer, add effects, there is also a chromatic fashion , a way to play your slot samples using a TRIGS.

Level sequencer, was 8 audio and 8 MIDI tracks with again lots of possibilities to own machines Elektron.Sur the OT was the right one has 3 LFOs + LFO and design that's genial.Le system of scene, locks of parameters are really terrible and allow much variation in live.


The OT may seem complicated at first but just look at the structure of the machine to understand how that is once again own the Elektron Machine.

The manual is clear but for now only available in English, it says a French version will be available soon.

Level and ergonomics, it's not bad at all even though I admit I was a bit lost in debut.Apres few months of use, I find the OT very well thought out.


No sound in it so it has to import them you can be by-cons import project for sale on the web that are very good, I tried version Dubstep, it's nice but I prefer to create good my songs myself.

In terms of restitution, that sounds faithful to the original.

The effects are good qualities.


I use it for almost a year, at first I was a little disappointed because I was not used to this kind of machine is really a hand as logical but over time it became the centerpiece of my studio and for anything I divide them, especially since it is quite unique.

Before it I had a MC 909 which is also a very good machine but I much prefer the OT, I also had korg (Er-1-Es-1.. Etc. ..) but it is very has limited side of the OT.

It really is a machine which can be extensive enough to even if it was a bank of its conséquente.En enough for me I sample all my synths, I leave my modular and just live with the OT and bar and live at this machine is perfect, the system is really terrible scenes.

Actually I did it find any default now that I begin to control it, the price is excellent value considering all it can do (sequencer-sampler-mixer-looper) so you guessed it Clearly, I would do the same choice, if it came to let me go I bought a direct!

suntsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great art!"

Elektron Octatrack
I will not repeat the characteristics of the craft that have been cited many times!


The configuration and operation are very intuitive operation provided to understand the logical concept of the machine because ultimately it is devilishly square and clear!
I do not think it had been possible to do better in terms of ergonomics at least to imagine a Octatrack as large as the table in my dining room!


The sound is excellent, and controls are robust and flexible!
We regret that the reverb is a bit limited but for other effects, nothing to say!


I use it for a week and it took me around 24 hours (real) mastered for all functions of the beast! This machine is great and Update OS constantly adds new options and features!
I think the Octatrack is the best purchase I made!

chupachups's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"I find pleasure in doing the zic"

Elektron Octatrack
I suggest you read the various magazines sold in magazines, the Elektron website, etc.: The characteristics are summarized ;-)

I use the two letters to designate the Octatrack OT.

8 track midi -> you can control external synths and even quite easily controller via 6 knobs your synths many functions without looking up from the machine (OT is thought to!). There is also the possiblitée to modulate your notes, note lengths, etc. .. thanks to several LFO using the SOMA! Finally, we can play 4 notes at the same time: the bright chords!

8 audio track -> for those with Ableton Live, you can draw a parallel:
- 8 Track Audio, or,
- 8 Drum Racks (128 slots, memory almost infinite because we read from the Compact Flash card in real time, not time stretch), or,
- 8 Samplers (64 mega max, you can make time stretch - REX Files - when you choose this option the machine loads the sounds), or,
- Input Tracks 8 to get the sounds of synths to live and live audio processing always in real time (LO-FI, Flanger, etc.), or,
- Send Effects 8 ... are recovered and sounds of the other tracks are added effects in addition to two already possible for each track.
- One can also make a 7 Audio Tracks + Master track.

Of course you can combine all: 4 Drum Rack, Input 2 Tracks, 2 Samplers, and eight MIDI tracks.

There are finally two effects (string) tracks.

There is also a cross fader can be used to modulate several parameters of the machine, its effects, etc..

To draw a parallel with the plugin Camel Audio Alchemy or KORE2 Native instrument, cross fader allows to interpolate between values ​​of several effects, if I move the cross fader to the right, then the machine will tend towards the values ​​of the effects certain values ​​predefined by the user and if I left the machine tends to other values. I know if I'm clear!

In any case, cross fader, if used properly can make TERRIFIC! we can do glitch, delay, repeat the beat ...

If we draw a parallel with Ableton Live, you can do the same thing ;-) but with Ableton Live, the layout is a bit longer to put up with the OT.

I blame Ableton live year after year to have lost his part simple and easy to use live.


The config is simple, easy access functions, the machine has been designed so that users have fun live, take pleasure.

Manual not easy, you have to be honest on this point and to avoid frustration: He must read the manual to understand the philosophy of the machine + Watch Video Tutorials available on the web.

The learning curve is long and in full view of the power of the machine: justified!


This is a sampler and then the sounds and style depends on what you use sounds like ...

on the other hand, although the audio is 16/24 bit 44khz ... dynamics is well. I really like, is potato :-)

In terms of groove, well I do not know the answer, I have not seen anything on this in the machine so no comparison with an Akai MPC sampler type, etc..

The effects are few, see the manual for a list of effects, but so what quality! The compressor is good music, like the rest, filter, flanger, LO-FI, Comb Filter ...


I'm at the very beginning of my learning, it's been a month since I use it. I took the following method:
- I export the loops made from my songs on my current or Ableton Live.
- I import into the machine and I try to recreate my songs "identical" and of course I try to go further! reading the manual, I look at the tutorials on the web.

I confess that I find fun to compose and s it I finished two compos ;-) it was long since put it more here! Ableton live as I spent my time doing loops and lose myself in the config controller plugin or noon (APC 40, etc ...).

Warning, this machine does not replace Ableton Live.
I make my drums, synths, gimmick, etc., with Ableton Live and I export the loops.

EO has simplified my life:
- I can enmener my machine anywhere, no need computer, I can call from my couch, etc. ..
- I found fun to play.

Thanks to eight MIDI tracks and the possibility of other synth controller (> 6 knobs), I go back a very minimalist config: OT + + Keyboard Virus TI Snow 12:25 keys. I recently purchased a one-Shruti and I intend to use it with the OT soon!

Ableton Live I was doing a live continuously with the OT all depends on how you deal for me, I have composed of different styles with different tempos. Under Ableton Live, it's easy to change tempo ... for the OT is different, or changing from one tempo to another way manual (I turn a knob until the desired value) or I have to load another project (and thus stop the sound!) . BCQ for users of the OT, it seems that their live is composed of a single SET live always with the same tempo. So maybe this is not blocking for some.

To summarize, I do not regret my purchase, I had the opportunity this machine that tipped my decision to buy it .. I confess that in 1100 or 1200 euros is expensive in my opinion .. So I waited a good opportunity to take that step.


Spektah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Revolutionary"

Elektron Octatrack
Sampler giving only 8 tracks,
operator but samples of a way that 8 track can be sufficient
even if I used a 64 MPC

Elektron gives us P-locks, the crossfader, and scenes,
which opens the possibility to handle samples in real time enormously

Samples can be time stretch / pitch in real time
can be started with a beat, for example,
then sampled something in real time
then play / Listened to manipulate this sample,
never stop the sound,



jai past 2 or 3 days before they sampled something,
I cross that jai spent some time out even before a sound!

the fact that I know of the whole universe of Elektron I probably slowed
but jai come to understand the beast

also with my yamaha motif reminds me that at the beginning I felt no beast of expertise,
c actually more satisfying than a machine learning application before you can use it as reassuring

Once we understand the function, c a pure pleasure to use


I find it sounds, and the same samples I used in the mpc sounds better,
but hey, c also because so much can tweak the sounds,


I lay for a few months,
but since the mpc abondoné jai completely, I will highlight the mpc to do some tricks, the game pad for example, c another universe,

There was an end in December and MAJ Would there soon be another,
even if great things are already possible with the octa,
there are a few tips to set up, as scenes and p.locks sequencer in the South, and they also promised a looper, I think coming Cava

in terms of instrument of creation, jai never known such a thing,
I must say that I avoid depusis years of work on computer, I prefer hardware,

I am very happy with this bike, and I think in future I'll be more ..