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Samson Technologies USB Microphone user reviews

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "Be mobile!"


    The Samson C01U is a large condenser microphone with a 19mm diaphragm. It is pretty much just a plug and play type of microphone, as long as you have a 2.0 USB port than you are good to go. I only used this microphone for some small recordings and po…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "SAMSON C01U = AWESOME"


    This product produces great sound at an incredibly low price. This mic produces sound that compares well with others costing hundreds more, and I'm quite fond of it. Cosmetically, it was perfect, no blemishes, dents or missing finish. Everything app…

  • Samson Technologies Go Mic

    Samson Technologies Go Mic - "Portable and inexpensive"


    The Samson Go Mic is very affordable and very portable. It only cost 40 dollars and it is a lot better than other USB microphones. It records at 16-bit/44.1 kHz resolution and has selectable pickup patterns as well as an headphone output on it. Whe…

  • Samson Technologies G-Track

    Samson Technologies G-Track - "Good starting point"


    The Samson G-Track seems to be an all in one solution for recording for someone who is really one a tight budget. It is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a 3 position switch for mono , stereo and computer monitoring. It is all powered via …

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - "Go a step up"


    The Samson Q1U is a USB dynamic microphone that comes at a very low price. But just because it is a low price doesn’t mean you should purchase it, though the sound quality really isn’t that bad because I have heard a lot worse. There are other USB mi…

  • Samson Technologies Go Mic

    Samson Technologies Go Mic - "For $30.00 it's a good usb device"


    The Go mic is not your typical USB condenser mic it's a simple usb mic made for recording vocals/sounds. I found it very useful in terms of conducting skype meetings as well as podcasts. It comes with a mic clip attached to it making it easy to clip…

  • Samson Technologies Meteor Mic

    Samson Technologies Meteor Mic - "usb is the future of mics"


    First things first. The reason I wouldn’t give the Meteor mic a perfect rating is because The included cable is horrible. Its very thin and was picking up a lot of interference in the form of a high pitched whine. Switched out for a better shielded c…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "Simple, convenient, reliable, easy on the wallet"


    This studio condenser mic is an affordable option for the musician looking for quality playback. A built in USB interface makes your life simple with a cord running from mic to computer identical to your printer cord. The 19mm diaphragm is equipped f…

  • Samson Technologies G-Track

    Samson Technologies G-Track - "A serious USB mic"


    USB mics have been mostly ignored by established studios. Many of them are considered toys or something an amateur would use. The Samson G-Track is trying to change that perception. The G-Track has a large diaphram condenser that that has a 19mm caps…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "Good USB Mic"


    This is a USB condenser microphone from Samson. It's got a USB connection, making the need for an external mixer, internal soundcard, or external interface moot. It plugs directly in as an accessory and is treated by the computer as so. There is very…