Samson Technologies G-Track

G-Track, USB microphone from Samson Technologies in the USB Microphone series.

tjon901 05/31/2011

Samson Technologies G-Track : tjon901's user review

« A serious USB mic »

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USB mics have been mostly ignored by established studios. Many of them are considered toys or something an amateur would use. The Samson G-Track is trying to change that perception. The G-Track has a large diaphram condenser that that has a 19mm capsule and a supercardioid pickup pattern. Because of the supercardioid design the mic does not pickup sounds from the side so this is ideal if you are using it next to a computer. The construction is heavy and strong and it has plug and play operation across operating system platforms. It has a volume control that changes the monitor volume. Below that that is the instrument knob which controls the input level and finally a mic level. It can handle moo or stereo instrument line inputs by the switch on the body of the mic. It has line inputs with monitoring and level controls. The onboard stereo head phone jack lets you monitor directly from the mic or you can use it with a set of speakers. It's USB connection is where you would find an XLR jack on most microphones. It takes some software tweaking to get the best sound from this microphone. Without tweaking you can get some strange background noise in your recordings.


This mic is good for quick recordings when you need to get an idea down. With tweaking and smart use you can get a professional sound from the G-Track. This is probably the best USB condensor mic on the market and can be a good start to your computer based recording studio.