Samson Technologies C01U

C01U, USB microphone from Samson Technologies in the USB Microphone series.

Daltonion 06/30/2011

Samson Technologies C01U : Daltonion's user review

« Simple, convenient, reliable, easy on the wallet »

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This studio condenser mic is an affordable option for the musician looking for quality playback. A built in USB interface makes your life simple with a cord running from mic to computer identical to your printer cord. The 19mm diaphragm is equipped for sound pressure levels as high as 136db, yet contains the sensitivity to get the punch you want, as well as the subtle background sounds, equally as precise. Sound sources can be spread out and directed in all direction thanks to its wide spread hypercardioid pickup pattern.


The best part about this mic is its convenience and affordable price. For a hundred dollars or less, one can begin recording with the plug-in of a cord.

I reccommend downloading the free software Samson offers at their website to go along with the USB interface to insure you are getting the most out of your recording.

For the amateur or intermediate studio musician on a budget, this should tie you over for awhile. I personally recorded several songs with acoustic guitar and vocals with results good enough for me to post the songs online confidently.

Although, I did deal with some minor phasing or wahing kind of sound with some of my recordings which could have been due to my product's old age.

For the pro's, there is a whole other spectrum of quality microphones and this one may just be easy to skip by. The cheap built in USB interface convenience loses its attractiveness as the wallets get fatter.

To conclude, I don't at all regret my purchase but I may have been more satisfied saving up and spending a bit more money on a higher quality Samson USB Microphone or even a Shure PG42USB Condenser Mic.