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Schecter Demon user reviews

  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - "Meh..."


    The Schecter Demon 7 is another one of those guitars that is geared towards the budget minded player who wants to get into a seven string guitar without putting out a whole lot of cash. It's got the same vibe to it as many of their higher end guitars…

  • Schecter Demon-6 FR

    Schecter Demon-6 FR - " Very good quality / price ratio!"


    Made in Indonesia Description Demon 6 Floyd Rose As its name suggests, the Demon series guitars are oriented instruments Metal. The satin finishes, fittings and Black Chrome Gothic cross as marks in the first inning confirm glance this intuit…

  • Schecter Demon-6

    Schecter Demon-6 - " Great guitar!"


    - Made in Indonesia, but superb finish, built smoothly, without any particular concern. - Fixed bridge a string through, this is my personal opinion, just aesthetically beautiful! - 24 frets, pearl inlay probably, not shape: gothic cross - Bolt…

  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - " great place to start 7-string"


    I do not go over the features, see below. UTILIZATION first grip very good, I had no trouble getting used to, though this is my first 7 string. The weight did not bother me more than that, a pretty good wide strap and go. Sound: from my fir…

  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - " Kiff of my time!"


    Made in China seems to confirm ... Fixed bridge with string through. Channel referred maple with a rosewood fingerboard, fitted with 24 X-jumbo frets and a pitch of 673mm. Duncan Designed pickups assets. Two knobs settings (volume and ton…

  • Schecter Demon-7 FR

    Schecter Demon-7 FR - KCDise's review


    Crafted in China - Body Tieule - Maple neck - Rosewood fingerboard - 24 frets - Benchmarks "Gothic Cross" - Locking tremolo licensed under Floyd Rose - 2 humbucker Desugned Duncan HB-105 - Color Black Satin - 1 tone, 1 volume and a 3 positi…

  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - Leurdamort's review


    Crafed in china Basswood body Channel saddle, rosewood fingerboard, 24 XJ frets Repres key inlays Black Pearl Gothic Cross " Pickups 2 Duncan Design Active HB-105 7 string Contrl 1Volume, 1 Ring slecteur 3 positions TOM tailpiece wi…

  • Schecter Demon-6

    Schecter Demon-6 - kanar29's review


    Made in China 24 frets 2 humbuckers Duncan Designed HB-105 active Volun a knob, a tone and a 3 position selector micro Bolt UTILIZATION Channel trs enjoyable and very accessible acute guitar good balance not too heavy not too lgre just ri…