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Focusrite Software channel strips news

  • Focusrite Forte4free Campaign

    Focusrite Forte4free Campaign

    06/15/09 in Focusrite Forte4free

    Focusrite are running their “Forté4free” campaign, offering their Pro Tools (RTAS and TDM) ISA channel strip plug-in, "Forté Suite", worth $599, free of charge with every hardware product from their ISA range, including the new ISA One.

  • Focusrite  Forte Suite TDM

    Focusrite Forte Suite TDM

    10/29/08 in Focusrite Forte Suite TDM

    As of October 1st 2008, Focusrite assumed worldwide distribution of their finest Pro Tools®-exclusive EQ and Compression plug-in, formerly distributed worldwide by Digidesign.