Fender Champion 110
Fender Champion 110

Champion 110, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Champion series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Champion 110

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 27 reviews )
 11 reviews41 %
 7 reviews26 %
 5 reviews19 %
 3 reviews11 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money:Excellent

mooseherman's review"Weak imitation of a classic amp"

Fender Champion 110
This is a recreation of a classic Fender Champ amp, but with solid-state technology replacing tubes. In fact, the manual states that it is purposely designed to recreate the classic tube clipping of a Fender tube amp. It has one 10" speaker and delivers 25 watts of power. It has one 1/4" input, as well as a footswitch jack, external speaker output, and headphone output, all three of which are also 1/4". There are two channels, normal and drive, there is a three band EQ and a reverb knob.


This amp is easy enough to use as it's pretty simple, however, getting a good sound out of it is tricky considering it's a solid state amp. Neither the clean nor the drive really did a whole lot for me. The manual explains pretty much everything you need to know about the amp, but in all honesty, anybody who isn't using an amp for the first time will have no problems with the actual usage.


This amp, to put it really bluntly, does not sound that great. I can imagine anybody who owned the original Fender Champ would be a little disappointed, if not genuinely upset, at the attribution of that name to the Fender. Everything that comes through has a really bland, dull tone to it that I can't stand. I play my Strat, which is really bright and somewhat thin in a tube amp, and it sounds really lifeless. A hollow bodied guitar can sound ok for jazz but that's really about it. My Les Paul is just as bad as the strat through this. The drive channel is pretty bad, in fact, I use a slight amount of drive (barely any) and end up using that as my clean channel. In that way it sort of resembles a tube amp, but even then, a bad one.


This thing is obviously a cheap starter amp, based on the price. I guess it'll work in that context, though most likely a beginner will get frustrated because the amp will sound bad. If you start with a bad amp, you probably won't want to keep playing. It'd be better for you to get something a little nicer. Even if it's another solid state, there must be something better than this.

iamqman's review"EEEHHHH not great, but it'll do"

Fender Champion 110
Solid state amp is what you would expect...not great but OK for home or office practice use. The amp is a cheap solid state amp that will allow a user to play at low volumes or use the headphone jack to play silently without interruption.

The amp is really loud as well. being that it is solid state the amps tend to be able to hit louder volumes naturally. This thing is rated at 75 watts which is a bit much if you ask me. Being i think the tone is terrible as it is and having 75 watts of that is a bit too much to handle.

You have a master volume, a gain and another volume for the gain. Then you have the standard treble, middle, and bass, with an added reverb control knob. You also have a speaker output if you want to run in into another 1x12, 2x12, or 4x12 speaker cabinet.


NOMINAL INPUT LEVEL: 100mV POWER OUTPUT: 25 Watts R.M.S. RATED LOAD IMPEDANCE: 8 Ohms POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120V VERSION: 120 VAC 60 Hz., .92A Max. 230V VERSION: 230 VAC 50 Hz., 0.5A Max. SPEAKER COMPLEMENT: One 8 Ohm Special Design 10" Speaker (P/N 036502) DIMENSIONS: Height: 15-1/2" (39.4cm) Width: 17" (43.2cm) Depth: 8-1/2" (21.6cm) WEIGHT: 25 lbs. (11.4kg) ACCESSORIES: Remote Single Footswitch


You will get a decent tone for a solid state from this amp. If you are used to tube amps then this will not be your cup of tea. You will find yourself getting real irritated at the solid state tone that will eventually lead you to turning the amp off.

Any old guitar will do with this amp. Again tone is not the answer with this amp...practice is the answer. If you have a junk guitar or even a decent Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster you will find that it doesn't matter too much. The tone is cheap, thin, and metallic. It will not be warm and thick or any other description you would give a sweet thick tube amp distortion.


Since these amps have been discontinued I have no idea what the going used rate is for these amps. Since it is solid state I can't imagine it being over $250 for a used amp.

I would recommend this amp to a Fender amp lover who needs a cheap practice amp that will get an ok clean tone and lousy distortion tone. You won't break the bank buying one of these amps either. They are cheaply made and cheaply priced.

glassjaw7's review"Decent amp for beginners, but not very durable"

Fender Champion 110
The Fender Champion 110 is a solid-state combo amplifier with one 10 inch speaker. The speaker is described as a "special edition" and not much else is stated about it.

The amp has two channels, clean and distortion with shared eq controls consisting of bass, mid, treble and a global reverb control.

Also found on the front panel are a guitar input jack, an input jack for a footswitch, an 8 ohm external speaker output (which disengages the Fender's internal speaker, and a headphone out jack.


This amp is easy to use and dial in good tones with. The manual is well written.


The circuit in this 25 watt solid state amp is designed to have clipping similar to a tube amp. Of course it doesn't actually sound or feel like a tube amp, but for what it is, it's really not a bad amp for beginners or for anyone who wants a decent practice amp to play quietly at home.

The eq is well thought out and is home to a few nice tones. The clean channel is pretty good (hey, it's a Fender so it had better sound good!) Full and chimey, but not overly bright. It lets the character of the guitar shine through.

The distortion can be dialed in to sound scooped with the mid control backed off to 0, or brighter and more cutting with the treble and mid up a bit. The low end is usable until it reaches about 3-4:00, where it begins sounding flubby.

Fender calls the Mid control their "tone-shaping" control, and I agree that it can give the amp a modern scooped metal tone, or a nice thick lead tone, all the way to a very honky and overly middy tone.

It's nice that Fender included onboard reverb in this amp, but the quality is really lacking. It's nothing like the reverb in their higher grade tube amps, not that I would expect it to be for this price, but it sounds pretty bad. It's not terrible as long as you use it VERY sparingly. Give it too much and it's way to prominent. It sounds cheap when overused. Subtlety is key here!


My amp dates back to '92 or '93 and has since began to fall apart. Most of the jacks are scratchy and loose, and the input jack hardly makes a connection anymore. The master volume on the clean channel quit working, so the amp is very loud despite the setting. This makes it unusable for quiet at-home playing, which sucks as that's all it's really good for anyway.

Something has happened to the way the amp's eq controls affect the tone also, because now the treble control is completely worthless and I have to keep it at zero or the distortion tone sounds like razor blades and bees. It's a buzzy, harsh mess! The input jack problem is very common with this amp from what I have heard and read online from other users.

It's a cheaply made amp and it's inexpensive, so I didn't expect it to last forever, but I take very good care of my gear and I was hoping it wouldn't completely fall apart.

I guess if you can find one used for a very low price, and it's in good condition then it would be worth buying, otherwise, buy a Peavey or even a Line 6 practice amp. Or just get yourself a nice low watt tube amp for practice like a Baron Snott Watt.
MGR/Sean McCrory11/02/2004

MGR/Sean McCrory's review"Fender Champion 110"

Fender Champion 110
I paid £82.00 ($151.57 US) from ebay. It is in perfect condition, as a practice amp.
The amp has 25watts of output power (not 75 as some people have stated in previous reviews.), with 2 channels, clean and gain. It has three equaliser controls, Treble, Mid and Bass.

Sound quality is quite good, but very dependant on your set up and pick-ups.

Im running a Ibanez S470 through it and i have absolutely no complaints.

The main features of the amp I liked were the use of two channels and an external speaker port (8 ohms) as the amp has 75watts of input power which is enough to power a decent cabinet.

Its is really easy to aquire the tone you desire from this amp, from smokey blues to heavy metal with the use of the gain channel.

The clean channel is exactly as described, CLEAN. It is quite distinctive.

The worst thing about this amp is the feedback you can recieve from, ahem, sitting too close to the amplifier. Simple way to cancel this out, stay away a couple of feet and aim the guitar away from the amplifier. After all if you are preforming on stage you are never facing the amplifier.

The build quality of this amplifier is excellent. All knobs are nice and tight and the frame of the amp is solid. Input jacks hold their own against ripping the lead from them. An amp that will last as long as your guitar playing does, and further.

For practice, this amplifier is ideal. With two channels you have a good choice in the sound you want to produce.

however as i said before, the quality of sound is dependant on your set up, but for the price you can buy a second hand one, i honestly believe you can get better.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Cait's review"Fender Champion 110"

Fender Champion 110
I got this item for Christmas from my brother's friend, therefore I don't know how much I paid for it. I think it might have come in a package.

Hmmmm...I guess it's 75W is nice.

There is such much feedback. You can't play anything with out feedback, which is loud as hell.

Its...black...and...has volume, gain (gain select), treble, mid, bass, and reverb knobs. It also has input for external speakers, foot switch, and head phones.

I wouldn't get this amp. First of all, if you are a begginer it is kind of big the lug around, and for everyone else, the feedback is horrible.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

ddn's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Value for money? Beat!"

Fender Champion 110
Well described by the opinion below (except that it is a dual channel, but that's a detail).

By removing, we can see that the reverb is a small unit really springs, super poor: the entourage is really made of cardboard, and is based on a double-sided foam tape to peel over time. But that's the only fault finishing everything else is perfect, the machine is very robust, mine has lived a lot and it works very well.

25W power on paper, in practice sends really strong, especially since the volume knob is not linear and logarithmic so from 3 you pretty much max. Apartment at 0.5 / 1 is quite sufficient and very tolerable for the neighbors.

It is compact, light enough, the power / weight ratio is excellent.


Like any amp that violates need to book. A small flat for the equalizer that works only on the overdrive channel. To solve this problem and that the volume knob noted above it is quite simple: just play all the time on the saturated with a low gain for it remains clear channel.


Clean sounds perfect for an amp of this size and this price, simply. His guitar perfectly respected, HP 10 "restoring fairly serious. HP is the weak point of this amp is a Fender base which will advantageously replaced by a Jensen or Celestion.

Distorted sounds? No but you kidding? It's a fender transistor remember? It is not for lead and especially not for distos slobbering like stoner / doom! After course it can always troubleshoot acid fuzz ...

I play it with my usual Fender offset (Jaguar, Cyclone, Marauder).


I've had a few weeks. I bought a Fender transistor because I was tired of the buzz / hums on my Champion 600 related to the lack of electrical installation filtered home. I amps of all sizes and of all kinds for ages. I love this one: it's beautiful, it sounds good, it is portable and quite well done. I even think I'll buy a second one because I play in stereo.

The almost mandatory upgrades are a logarithmic volume knob and an HP worthy of the name not too expensive. And for less than 120 € you get an amp that sounds, growing, and has a very successful appearance blackface.

mikyboy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" small transistor by excellence!!"

Fender Champion 110
25 watts RMS
integrated reverb, bass, middle, trebble, reverb button and volume gain over 8 ohms extension jack and headphone jack.
baffle 10 'x1
single channel


simple operation, no big surprise.
The whole setting is very effective.


A very versatile sound. It serves me well for compound records (rock, variety ...)
I use it with my Ibanez RX40 and my fender strat.


This amp is an ideal model for home or small room.
I have since 1996 and I've never had a problem.
Amp compact and not heavy.
Pretty clear, a bit aggressive, a good momentum throughout.

pipostar's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" surprisingly clear sound for its size"

Fender Champion 110
transistor amp 25W
volume settings, high-mid-low, reverb, gain + volume for the drive channel
1 guitar input jack
+ Jack connector for footswitch, headset, and extra hp


straightforward use
never had any electronic problems


good sound rather slamming and shiny with an electric guitar (single coil preferably)


I have one for 15 years and it always amazes power.
Volume 2-3 and neighbors complain ... can afford to repeat with a drummer.
its pretty clear fender for cheap, it seems to me to be a better investment than fake amp modeling.
After some distortion or overdrive-type upstream effects sound really bad.
but the saturation of the dedicated channel of the amp has its charm.

ebon68's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Clearly it sounds but not distortion"

Fender Champion 110
Fender of his slamming, only transistors, 25W I think, to come away reverb, distortion not very good at all.


easy to use even without instructions, manual 3 leaves with some examples of position buttons.
Very powerful, I have never exceeded a quarter of the volume button.


I play rock and hard rock, this amp does not have suited me for my style of music.


I've had it for over 10 years, it is very solid, even indestructible, I kept it so long as it is a Fender and a Fender does not sell. I sold it because need money and now I regret it a little, it becomes collection.

klontr's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" it depends what it is doing."

Fender Champion 110
Any small amp transistor 25w made in Mexico.
In any case for a 25w, it sends severely block! Report the weight / size / power is excellent. Even though I've never essaayé in this context, it must be quite deadly to small rehearsing at moderate volume.

Clear channel / overdrive channel. Low, medium, high on the general. A headphone jack, a speaker output, a jack for FS.

HA YES, I forgot! Is also a reverb! HAHAHA! Finally, this is what is marked on the button (see below).


One big downside of this amp is at its volume knobs: to zero, nothing, three are already too high in Vacation ... This is a problem throughout the series of small fender that time and it is trèèèèèèèès sucks!

It easily has a good clear sound, saturated sound, it's a different story ... especially as equalization is common to both channels and if it switches must a priori review its settings.

The reverb is quite ideuse. Place 2 of the potentiometer, the springs seem squirt of HP and a strange réverbatif feedback is obtained. Unless the amp I had in my hands did not have a problem.


The clean sound is fine, crystalline, balanced and everything. HP 10 allows a deep enough sound for a small footprint.

The popping sound is rather ugly. Having struggled for a long time, I found a good sound that goes wrong with not a strat, including crunch. But for that, you will face the VOLUME KNOB! You have to play to the millimeter to obtain the desired volume.

I put a light 8 and 5 for the overdrive channel. I put 7, as for me, you have to buy this amp for the clean channel only.


I borrowed this little amp OCCAZ my job and for the price (between 60 and 80 euro), I would say that this amp is VERY GOOD! For those who leave the pedals permanently installed. Or you need to know to settle for clear sound. I almost keep. But I play apart at a rather limited volume and galleys volume really saoulées me. For those who play a little louder, I say not.

I think that fiddling electronics at the volume level, there really to gain. This is a known problem, and there are several forums that talk. But I had neither the skills nor the inclination to stick myself.