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  • Studio Electronics SE-1

    Studio Electronics SE-1 - "Very nice sounding synth"


    I got this in a deal and wasn't expecting too much, but pleasantly surprised. Rather than a newbie buying a Behringer or Korg, I'd rate these higher. Good build quality and a classic sound. Won't replace my Minimoog, but it's very practical and sound…

  • Studio Electronics Code

    Studio Electronics Code - "The best current-days analog synth"


    ° Used in the studio. I don’t recommend to use it live as it’s very sensitive to temperature difference and tends to detune quite quickly. This can be disturbing at first, but hey, it’s pure analog with discrete circuitry so consider it’s already for…

  • Studio Electronics C2S

    Studio Electronics C2S - moosers's review


    The Studio Electronics C2S is a dual channel compressor in the form of a rack mountable piece of outboard gear.  It is an analog piece of gear that I believe has both XLR and 1/4 inch connections, but I'm not entirely sure as the one that I have used…

  • Studio Electronics SE-1

    Studio Electronics SE-1 - FP User's review


    Knobs... 25 of them Buttons...18... that light up showing that it's on or off.. Patches... 99 in each bank A,B One Output 3 rack space.. 800 usd UTILIZATION Easy to make a Ohio Players "Funky worm" style worm. Easy to make a Mini Type ba…

Translated user reviews
  • Studio Electronics SE-1

    Studio Electronics SE-1 - " a very good mono"


    it is a kind of clone of Minimoog, but improved: moog filter type and filter the type wk (12 db LP or BP) 3 oscillators, 3 LFOs, 4 envelopes, sync between oscilloscope, ring, noise, velocity ... connectivity twelve o'clock memory storage (wit…

  • Studio Electronics ATC-X

    Studio Electronics ATC-X - " RACK OF A VERY HIGH LEVEL!"


    Analog Studio Electronics rack signed, famous brand whose specialty was, at one time, transform keyboard and the Prophet in versions 05 'rack' Minimoog. Heresy you tell me! Yes and no, because it was actually a brand name and reputation at this level…

  • Studio Electronics SE-1

    Studio Electronics SE-1 - " big sound but ..."


    mono synth rack "Minimoog" type. I pass on the characteristics of the machine (see other reviews) UTILIZATION no need for manual, it's simple and not too complicated to edit the same sound when you enter in the 'programer'. the first series, …

  • Studio Electronics Omega 8

    Studio Electronics Omega 8 - " Cosmic King"


    Omega 8 (2 channels) upgradable to 8 channels, one way this is a great electronics with its output jack that fits inside (see price list) - a feature already mentioned by connoisseurs. UTILIZATION On / Turn the knob of the banks a, b, c, d / on m…

  • Studio Electronics Omega 2

    Studio Electronics Omega 2 - " a reference"


    Refer to the general characteristics and detailed info page of the product. UTILIZATION It does not have a control panel that Andromeda is as complete, but it is not a handicap. Its ergonomics are quite satisfactory. SOUNDS Excellent. See my …

  • Studio Electronics ATC-X

    Studio Electronics ATC-X - CO5MA's review


    And monophonic analog synth. UTILIZATION Super easy to use when we have the experience of a programmable synth. The manual should be something like 20 pages. There is only one master fader to change all values. Everything else, it's tactile.…