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funkylio 12/22/2013

Studio Electronics SE-1 : funkylio's user review

«  a very good mono »

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Value For Money : Excellent
it is a kind of clone of Minimoog, but improved:
moog filter type and filter the type wk (12 db LP or BP)
3 oscillators, 3 LFOs, 4 envelopes, sync between oscilloscope, ring, noise, velocity ...
connectivity twelve o'clock
memory storage (with comfortable screen)
It has no connection CV Gate unlike atc 1
Many buttons on the front but not a button function anyway ...


Navigation through the menus is simple even though we would have preferred a button function ...
In fact, we should not complain too much, there is the menu because there are many parameters:
assignment envelopes, ring modulator, noise generator, velocity sensitivity, name patches, auto glide mode retrigger (last, up, down, very useful), the pitch even after réglagles between oscilloscope, the sync from 1 to 2 and 3 ...
Of course, the main complaint is not having the volume control on the front of each oscillator
For cons, the menu system is well studied, there is only one depth so you do not get lost.


SE 1 sounds terrible, either for low fat or liquid groooooossssses or sub ... Compared to my other analos is the top of this view (Superbass station, MS 20 mini Perfourmer, juno 2 ex 8000) ... The juno 2 sounds terrible in the low but more rough and less versatile.
Solo, just open the oscilloscope with filter ring, this is a clear sine, square with a portamento or PWM .... I'm just not a fan of filter stairs ...
Well, a flat course, I bought a mini MS 20 for the wild, this is much better because it is not the height of the SE 1.
Note that the effects of compressor types (to counteract some envelopes not super fast, but I'm not bothered either), overdrive, phaser take great compared to some synths. To compensate for the clean side, I also use a vintage analog EQ (as Maxon pue5b) and it sounds as old school as possible.
Note that you can experiment widely and don'ts that the rnb or rap! (The 1 is deemed to be part of the most prestigious studios in this style ... For my part, I use it for ambient, jazz funk ...)


At present VA, poly analos all kinds, an analog monophonic synth and interest in ensuring this is the case.
I owned ATC 1 and clearly, I upgraded to the SE 1 for its ergonomics, screen, and moog filters and integrated week without having to change the cartridge ... (1 atc has a good reputation, allows the cross mod, but the interface has repelled me, as for the waldorf pulse for example)
It was very warm sound, a very specific tone and that leaves raw or work with effects.
This is a very good value for money used, and some experts say it is the most similar Minimoog, even better than the travel ... A little phatty whether or sub phatty are competitors ... I could not test ... I think they are less complex, more direct sound but so can be run more round with the risk is 1 ...
I still bought a mini 20 ms in addition to the hearts of "all front" and more experimental and a very different filter ...