LeBohémien 11/10/2005

Studio Electronics SE-1 : LeBohémien's user review


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Monophonic Analog Rack, which also means that it can only play a channel at a time, so only take place once in a mix (unless more than one).
The facade is divided into 5 parts:
CONTROL: Volume, Glide
MOD: Rate, Depth
CSOs BANK: Freq 1, pulse width, 3 waveforms
Freq 2, pulse width, 3 waveforms
Freq 3, pulse width, 3 waveforms
FILTER: Resonance Tracking, Moog and Oberheim filter (12 or 24 db)
ENVELOPES: Attack, Decay, substain, Release
Approx Amnt 1,3,4
Few origins sounds, 200, editable difficult thing, I control via Cubase SE1 who owns a patch in the MIDI menu, but I have big problems with modulations as Cubase neutralizes my settings each new reading ...


It can not be simpler in my opinion, simply turn it on and play, the menu is simple and basic hyper.
Like I said above, the edition is difficult, I used the midday with the sequencer Cubase, and they do not like too much both, I have to save my problems sequences, the patch does never mmoris when the modulation filters and envelopes, they are neutralized and departure at each end of the loop ...
on the other hand of a sound is amazing the capacity modulation, when you groped buttons, you do not pretend and acted immediately on color, gnial to place a live sound ...
It parrait that can edit in the Dtail in SoundDiver, problem, it no longer exists.
I prciserais anyway when it was we do not care a bit because, at the base, it is not for a, it's not a Triton, was chosen to sound.
The manual, it is good that the it cost me $ 16 + harbor at SE, (I have one too if someone besides ...) and it's 20 pages, as saying that it is better to have but can live without ...


I am Hip Hop and that's how to say, perfect for me ...
I wanted a bass expander analog and I have not t ...
Browsing patches and you have DR DRE tablecloths, etc ... Leads to Rockwilder
When the main, however this is ddi Rack, low means is to understand the sounds are close to perfection, the dynamic is incredible, the output level is monstrous, you go bass in a Pramp transfer your song, and you understand your pain, plaage is perfect in a mix ...
For the rest of the sounds is enough typ West Coast and Electro, but you have to do 15 tracks with the beast if you got them boiled ears, the leads are standard and even in mono, assuming an already substantial therefore not overload ...
After that's all Racks "typs" you places not everywhere but hey I love ...


I used it for 2 months, what I like least is the edition via software, what I like most is the power and the sound of the machine, this is my first pure analog so I have too much experience, I think not so expensive as some say, and yet j'me'm bleeding to pay me, but compared to a Moog is apparently better and cheaper, I would do this choice without hsiter, though if I had the means, I would have bought her big brother Omega 8, but hey, it's Adi foot!