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CO5MA 01/04/2012

Studio Electronics ATC-X : CO5MA's user review


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And monophonic analog synth.


Super easy to use when we have the experience of a programmable synth.
The manual should be something like 20 pages.

There is only one master fader to change all values. Everything else, it's tactile. It works very well even though obviously it would be better to have an interface like his brother, SE1-X


That's all that matters: the sound.

This synth sounds "old", purely analog. It may sound bold and heavy, very low organic. But it can also be incisive with leads and fx crazy.

Many people have told me that some of my compositions made with the ATC-X sound "Old School" in the good sense. It is thousands of light years of VST, even though that Trilogy is a great VST in bass.


I used it one year. I sold it (young fool!) To buy a Little Phatty because I already own an Omega-6 from the same brand, so I wanted to sound very different. I have not bought the Little Phatty, and sometimes when I see the ATC-X, I want to buy and never sell it.

Beautiful synth, at an affordable price. Studio Electronics has for me a sound all their own: a signal that seems pure, unaffected by the effects.