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revega 10/01/2013

Studio Electronics ATC-X : revega's user review


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Analog Studio Electronics rack signed, famous brand whose specialty was, at one time, transform keyboard and the Prophet in versions 05 'rack' Minimoog. Heresy you tell me! Yes and no, because it was actually a brand name and reputation at this level and many musicians were using them for many useful transformations of their devices on tour (Kraftwerk it seems ...)
SE offers brief experience as a rack analog mono 'full of four concrete filters and interface ... quite unsettling. Everything is controlled via Midi and all settings seem clearly assignable via a dedicated interface (master keyboard, PC / Mac & co)


Use is at first a little strange because of this single wheel on the dashboard. It takes time to get his bearings, the minimalist manual provide some interesting insights and clears the persistent little esoteric. Once in hand, where it heats and frankly I do not feel any discomfort in use, it's something else and somewhere it has its charm.
Editing is simple (one button) but better note No. because only the numbers will guide you throughout the 512 memory locations.
We will very quickly in the development of sound and we take pleasure in assigning different elements of 'montage' in this unique encoder.


Well here without hesitation this is a true analog sound. Through four filters (Moog, Shem, 303, Arp) there is a choice and it sounds really hot. The possibilities of modulations are very interesting and not mine there is plenty to do on the machine. Equally at home in the lower than in the lead, the strings, fx, one wonders what can frighten. Nothing! A standalone machine at 100% and goes far, far away.
No effects, sequencers and other selling points. Here remains sound, the development, the return of your visions.
Obviously for 'novices' which adheres to the synthesis as a function key = a "you will have the opportunity to try your hand on a direct machine that requires some thought. The facade is clearly drawn in this sense. This does not mean that testing is banned, away you go and you have to go very far.
To set the sound I would say it reminds me a Moog (at the same time it depends on the filter used) more nervous, more 'electric' see more 'metallic' in some settings.
Suffice to say that it is complementary to the Minimoog without any worries.
Sound very 'U.S.' finally, finally it remains to be defined more precisely.


Use for several days and ... I am amazed by the depth of sound. Here it is 100% organic, living and flexible. Certainly it is mono but important. It is far from neo / proto-like full effect hides misery. It is direct and without coating with what it takes to draw what you have in mind. Given the slew of devices that I've had in my life, rarely are the flashes as obvious and immediate.
In short ATC-X Quad Filter is a high-level synthesizer whose cost remains well below potential and sound quality.