Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

Virus TI2 Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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All user reviews for the Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Mystery Islands Music10/20/2015

Mystery Islands Music's review"User interface has taken a leap forward!"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
I bought my TI2 as a new unit from US. I can't remember how much it cost, but it has been worth every penny ever since. I'm already a proud owner of Virus Powercore and Virus C, so TI2 was a warm welcome to my studio.
First thing I noticed was that the user interface has had a great facelift with new leds and new thinking of knobs on the front panel. This is more than welcome comparing to the old user interface of TI1 for example. There is much more space between the knobs and the panel itself if a bit "taller" and looks modern with its wooden decorations.
I'm making electronic dance music and I'm doing sound design on advanced level, so I was able put the TI on it's limits. Although they promise you a lot more voices, it does not always stand for it. This is due to simple fact that by adding more effects to a patch, you will loose polyphony.
Sound engine is probably the most talked thread about TI of course after the USB connection and I have a word here I would like to say: The sound engine is not the same comparing to Virus C, but I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Old engines like Virus C intend to have quite muddy sound, although there is punch / depth presence in a way that the new engine is left cold.
I'm not the guy that connects stuff with USB's and wifis to my DAW, instead I'm using a 96 channel old desk to connect my synths & emagic amt-8's that send / receive MIDI. I'm happy to use my TI without the official Total Integration software since for me, it caused loss of sync and much more due to the complexity of my setup.

Pros: :bravo:
+ I like the new looks of it
+ Sound engine allows much bigger sounds
+ Delay and Reverb at the same time? YES!
+ Effects are new and constantly new ones appear
+ Product support is good as it has always been

- Audio engine sounds thin and digital
- Rackmount kit still not included

ericthegreat's review"Not happy with virus"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

It's disappointing to think that you would spend this much money on the Virus TI2 desktop and have it not meet your expectations but that is exactly what happened in this instance with me. I bought this synth to integrate in to my workflow using the Virus plugin. The problem is the Virus plugin is not very good . Apparently the folks at Access can't figure out the USB protocol, which is whole heartedly disappointing. Regardless of whether I am working in Ableton Live 8 or Logic 9 the plugin does not function properly.


set up was not easy at all! and no support from Virus!


Constant errors and issues crop up while using this plugin. I have contacted Virus support and worked through every recommendation yet still the Virus plugin doesn't function properly. Every time I sit down and try to work, this thing messes up. It works occasionally but not consistently and that just adds to the frustration. I have to constantly reboot when issues are encountered. Everything else, even USB audio interfaces work flawlessly. I don't even use a USB audio interface, I am using a Firewire Interface so there shouldn't be a problem, but there is. Some people with some configurations may not have a problem but I am using a new iMac as well as a new Macbook Pro and there are nothing but problems.


If you are looking to actually use the functionality of the Virus plugin then I can't recommend it. I know it sounds harsh but I feel I was ripped off. This is because it's affecting my creativity, which is the absolute worst thing that I can think of happening. I find myself often going back to soft synths so I don't have to deal with issues that crop up with the Virus plugin. I don’t recommend this for mac users, or even pc users for that matter. The virus ti2 let me down and I am not happy with it.
Laurent Schaëffer 1807/11/2014

Laurent Schaëffer 18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's heavy!"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
Double DSP with 80 stereo channels
Compatible with USB 2.0
VirusControl VST / AU for Mac and PC
MIDI In / Out
129 effects
6 analog outputs on 6.3mm jack
Two 24-bit analog input
Input and output S / PDIF
Programmable arpeggiator
512 RAM-ROM-2048 + Patches Patches


The config is simple.Avec MAC / PC utility is accessed very quickly all that veut.C is disconcerting ease and yet I am far from being a manual expert.Le is going clair.Je the study a little more detail tonight to apprehend better ergonomics "hardware", the beast was unpacked this morning.


The sound ... What slap! It's amazing how this is puissant.Attention monitors anyway ...

The editing possibilities are truly good soul who nombreuses.Moi nitpick, I think I'll be served! Many presets to start having fun at first temps.Je have not had time to go around as there ... There's something for all tastes and styles.


I also have a MFB Dominion X SED, a RT Spectralis II and MS20 Mini.


The sound that disconnects strong

Manufacturing quality

Pleasant to the touch knobs

The small footprint

The utility that facilitates research work.


I have some crackling when I change the settings via the utility. But I work with Reaper, which is not supposed to work avec.Je will try to deepen the buffer settings ... etc.J 'would prevent release € 500 + in Live.

I do not regret this investment and I would do without hésiter.Le value for money is honest, given the possibilities of the instrument.

Elastine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
these features are simply outstanding. it can be used in any type of production that is to make the composition, and even live sound design, it will be in any case a tool that you appreciate having on hand ...
In addition it has full integration in VST, can serve as a sound card (to avoid anyway!) And to create 16layers the same time ...


Its use is perfectly clear. more manufacturer "ACCESS music" has a very good customer service with video tutorial on their site for beginners, regular updates ...
The matrix mode is simply fantastic. it lacks a curve editor for my part, but one can not share all its possibilities
Only small problem on the fact that sound can vary quite a bit between the different readings in VST mode (analog synth anyway!) Unlike virtual synthesizers.


The sounds are very good qualities and deep. Very formidable, it may help you in many situations .. But it will still privileged enough styles in "dark" and electronics. I particularly used Neurofunk and Drum and Bass.


I use it for about 4 years and it serves me in all my projects, it is a bit expensive but when held in hand we understand that this instrument is good. I personally love the sound and its use. Finally I recommend it to all fans of electronic music and syntèse

Happy_Jesus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" hot stamping"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
The desktop unit comes with a quick start paper and USB cable good quality.
Neat package.

First contact midi controlled by a digital piano ROLAND HP 207 return on the amp keyboard:
- Patches sound globablement very modern and very visibly frequently exploit the possibilities of the virus to the evolving sounds (morphing filters, wavetable ...)
- From the first patches we perceive sound quality: A former bank-ROM # 1 AziaVoiz sets the stage entrance. Some more traditional patches attract attention immediately as emulations Rhodes growing very inspiring to play with some good analog modulation or arpeggiators.
- Navigation through the virus (without a PC) is not ideal: it is necessary to traverse the banks or patches one by one via the navigation buttons for one shortcut with simultaneous pressure + / - that achieves directly the middle of a bank. Given the impressive amount of patches is tedious. Fortunately: navigation PC has nothing to do (see below).
- 3 main knobs (below the screen) call immediately to modulate the 3 main modules unique to patch => effective.

Connected user (macbook pro with firewire audio modile studio in logic pro)
- Instant plug and play installation via USB: the virus is recognized by the mac and logic, much as synth audio interface / midi as three separate entities (Virus synth, Virus and Virus Audio Midi)
- Any incompatibility problems observed with a simultaneous connection midi => the midi port is completely independent of the USB seems to have priority for the control of the synth part of the virus
- The app allows immediate access to patches and settings on all 16 channels timbral virus + filter tools and research
- The use of the virus as an interface Midi is just as effective: the virus is immediately recognized as a midi interface and it was enough for him to connect a synth have an additional midi output dedicated and independent. I plan to test in audio history to see if it works as well and route a sub-mix via the virus.


Editing sounds at first seems rather complex first. Manuals but detailed instructions are available for download on the ACCESS website.
However, navigating the banks and the main edition of PC settings are very easy.


The first draft, it sounds very film music with a modern sound, especially on the VERY evolving sounds. We're not surprised that Hans Zimmer has done with Batman ...
Banks invite more exploration because there are very usable nuggets that pop ears.
The module responds very well to controllers on unusual settings (I'm more used to romplers) and very effective.


I just unpacked the box.
Already equipped with VA since 2005 (Novation KS4) but used to romplers, I remember hot the very large amount of patches and a relatively unique sound (not necessarily what one would expect).
The Virus TI2 is very expensive (new) at the moment but it is clear he can recreate anything: a manual of ACCESS also explains how to reproduce exactly the MOOG, and PROPHET more ... When one adds the ability to make wavetable, morphing filters, etc.. it is fairly clear that this is certainly one of the most versatile machines available today.

Results cold to follow a few time ...
Kayse Reurti07/29/2013

Kayse Reurti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A must to have!"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
I'm a little Zapper on the technical side of things because we find all this here on Audiofanzine or on the web!
There is a philosophy to be adopted for any type of acquisition! (Continued below)

In any case it is a very powerful expander especially when we know the set (thus learning synthesis is essential!) Because it is much more enjoyable when you created the clean sound.
Or less patients must buy soundset which provides presets with very current sounds in the style you want.
Because it has 512 sounds RAM-Patches 2048 + sounds-ROM patches to evolve freely
So why not use the sounds provided by Access (factory sounds)??


Everything is really easy to handle and tame!
As I said earlier you have to look very ready to synthesize and understand the fundamentals and basic principles are to work well on wavefoms is the whole secret of any synth with: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse / Square, ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Cutoff, Resonance ... What are these drunk stuff??
I'm joking a bit but these bases we all tend, when you start, move the presets seen saying in the end:
"This synth is in the M *****, or it does not match the sound I'm looking for," or, you live with a synth for 10 years turning presets and then you say I 'll buy another because these sounds sounds exceeded. etc ... and so on ...
Not that you possess a war machine in your home but ignorance causes impotence!

To summarize, the manual says these things with integrated, so its acquisition in a virus (for less experienced of us) simply take the time to understand what is tutorials particular things before launching head down want to dial without understanding its basic principle, OPEN YOUR HAND SYNTHES! before viewing 2, 3 tutorials on Youtube! Or take the phone and call the friend who has one, ask for a particular function, and that his mind during session component. (We've all done it!)

PS: I speak from experience because I see myself as in this case my start!


Nothing to say everyone knows the sound of the Virus, it is invaded in the charts of all kinds in the world both in the music industry, but beware, the composers for the series or the movies back in all directions.
Synthesis requires!


I repeat a 100% closed eyes (with Bémol explained below), on the quality / price: quality comes at a price! So from this perspective it is necessary to have a save profitability in the short or medium term.
Because when we made the choice to take one, is that the business begins to be concrete or our network will allow to depreciate quickly because it is a sacred budget mine kidney ...
Whether for a virus or any other instruments, it is not the price of a particular most important machines ... The most important thing is to know what you're gonna do ...

Because there are still synths, more or less, cheaper (sometimes NOT really cheaper) that allow you to do the same ...
So when you master the synthesis monstrous savings you make!!
But that's another debate

A wise ... for you to play ...

phger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb"

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
See manual configuration


ultra simple in Cubase Essential 4. First start: takes a small 1 / 2 hour to start with the OS (download from Access). After starting a small 1 / 2 hour for an update of the tracks in cubase.
I have connected the virus and the Midi USB interface with a USB-MIDI UM2G of Cakewalk (where y 'auusi my Korg Triton). I prefer to have the virus live on my console using midi tracks in cubase (via USB: loss of fishing, but he seems good with bare fingers, a good set that does not include). 'm A bit old school, so for me config TRITON + MIDI + + RM1X POLY61 and some VST plugins: the top.
In addition, to select your SHARES (1-16) y 'has a direct button on the virus, choose the correct patch and choose the corresponding MIDI channel on cubase is a simple as that there's no need USB. Except for programming the arpeggiator.
Editing sounds: top.


Then, honestly, I'm still not. It's been awhile since I tried it (24 years in the synth). The reason I found my happiness now is that I dared not put the budget. So for years I tried some stuff maxi 200-600 Euro and always been disappointed and I sold within three months. QYes I know I speak? I had Korg X3, JP8000 (cold), AN1X (best VA in low budget), JUNO60, Korg MS10, Yamaha CS5, Alesis Micron, Roland XP10, Roland SH32 (sold after 1 week ....). The one I have left is the faithful and TRIOTN Poly61 and RM1X (for more than 900 phrases that I route my MIDI synths that I use as BAR)
. All intruments were nice, but coming out of the Virus TI is simply amazing! Even in the TRITON become pale. See if


above models already had.
Yes I would do without hesitation that choice.
The feature is the simplicity of tweaking sounds, MIDI implementation

glute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
then the very heavy this synth! I use it on an imac 27 connected by USB as logic studio, its ranks niquel on the desktop and what mouth when it turned red with all the diodes! the number of sounds is impressive 4 to ram and 22 Roma (each bank has 127 presets which makes us 26 * 127 = 3302 MDR) but use the preset is like staying at first in a ferrari ... the number of modifiable parameters is enormous TElement we can spend evenings was tampering with the sound from the patch init without realizing


Before the update there were some occasional bug but since OS4 I downloaded last week the bug simply disappeared with the added bonus of new distortions etc. .. I read the manual once also very well done because it's interactive and there are explanations of the kinds of tutorial to do with preset the bug is very well found (cons is really basic tutorial for those who have no idea n and who I think will turn to less expensive model for beginners! see vst to understand how it works)

The virus has an interface vst in logic so its perfectly sets up in your sequencer.

we are almost in plug and play


I made the electro house is exactly the synth sounds I needed can be sweet but its can quickly become very very violent is pure happiness automations are impeccably well, some of which reverb delay etc. I do not serve my purpose pref jprefere use in logic, the distortion is great, finally it's all good


I use it for three months I have tried other models like the Korg RADIAS but I never find something like it is so violent it's really for my musical style. Then it is easy to use if one can master a sound synthesis once tested I think we can separate them is present in all my prods.

The negative points, or rather the downside is the price! Finally, for my part paid the 1700 euros it hurts me all just the price of my imac 27 !(!!!) for my purse so it was very badly but once the invoice is unpacked Desuite forgotten! its quality is paid is not new either.

So without hesitation if it was a remake jy returns headlong

WARNING! social life will be temporarily suspended pendan me one to two succeeding purchase, after you have friends who will shut himself up with you in your studio lool

So 9 / 10 for the final score was fair due to the high prices ... but also very justified

I go back on a +

sonic75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
Beautiful instrument, such as Access always demonstrated a much higher quality against our competitors in Asia. The Virus TI 2 (I've limited edition white version) is very robust and finished bine. 4 banks of sounds in RAM and 22 ROM! Imagine the total number of sounds available. Polyphony of 80 notes, the usual outlets - 3 NOON - 3 OUT L / R - 1 IN L / R - 1 USB.


Very easy to use for those familiar with Access Virus products.


The styles are obviously focused his electro / techno / dance / trance / house short well-typed electronic music, with patches given to the style of the day. Tablecloths superb, breathtaking pads, effects Astonishing.


I possessed Viruses rack Viruc C Virus KB and now TI2 I do not regret! I love the sound typical Access, it is unique and differs much from its Japanese coucurant. The TI2 perfectly complements my current set up of nordwaves, Waldorf Q, V-synth, Poly-61 and microkorg. Maybe a tad expensive for a desktop but the quality pays ...