Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

Virus TI2 Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

Happy_Jesus 08/19/2013

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop : Happy_Jesus's user review

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The desktop unit comes with a quick start paper and USB cable good quality.
Neat package.

First contact midi controlled by a digital piano ROLAND HP 207 return on the amp keyboard:
- Patches sound globablement very modern and very visibly frequently exploit the possibilities of the virus to the evolving sounds (morphing filters, wavetable ...)
- From the first patches we perceive sound quality: A former bank-ROM # 1 AziaVoiz sets the stage entrance. Some more traditional patches attract attention immediately as emulations Rhodes growing very inspiring to play with some good analog modulation or arpeggiators.
- Navigation through the virus (without a PC) is not ideal: it is necessary to traverse the banks or patches one by one via the navigation buttons for one shortcut with simultaneous pressure + / - that achieves directly the middle of a bank. Given the impressive amount of patches is tedious. Fortunately: navigation PC has nothing to do (see below).
- 3 main knobs (below the screen) call immediately to modulate the 3 main modules unique to patch => effective.

Connected user (macbook pro with firewire audio modile studio in logic pro)
- Instant plug and play installation via USB: the virus is recognized by the mac and logic, much as synth audio interface / midi as three separate entities (Virus synth, Virus and Virus Audio Midi)
- Any incompatibility problems observed with a simultaneous connection midi => the midi port is completely independent of the USB seems to have priority for the control of the synth part of the virus
- The app allows immediate access to patches and settings on all 16 channels timbral virus + filter tools and research
- The use of the virus as an interface Midi is just as effective: the virus is immediately recognized as a midi interface and it was enough for him to connect a synth have an additional midi output dedicated and independent. I plan to test in audio history to see if it works as well and route a sub-mix via the virus.


Editing sounds at first seems rather complex first. Manuals but detailed instructions are available for download on the ACCESS website.
However, navigating the banks and the main edition of PC settings are very easy.


The first draft, it sounds very film music with a modern sound, especially on the VERY evolving sounds. We're not surprised that Hans Zimmer has done with Batman ...
Banks invite more exploration because there are very usable nuggets that pop ears.
The module responds very well to controllers on unusual settings (I'm more used to romplers) and very effective.


I just unpacked the box.
Already equipped with VA since 2005 (Novation KS4) but used to romplers, I remember hot the very large amount of patches and a relatively unique sound (not necessarily what one would expect).
The Virus TI2 is very expensive (new) at the moment but it is clear he can recreate anything: a manual of ACCESS also explains how to reproduce exactly the MOOG, and PROPHET more ... When one adds the ability to make wavetable, morphing filters, etc.. it is fairly clear that this is certainly one of the most versatile machines available today.

Results cold to follow a few time ...