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Analog Modeling Synth Racks/Sound Modules user reviews

  • Roland JP-08

    Roland JP-08 - "Very small – but very mighty, too!"


    So this is a miniature analog-modelling synth rendering Toland’s high-end synth from the early 80s (1981 precisely), the Jupiter 8. It seems sturdy and is quite heavy considering its size, which is quite telling as to its building quality. After a…

  • Roland VP-03

    Roland VP-03 - "A vintage-spirited vocoder" has images


    I’ve invested in a VP-03 to get credible vintage string machine and vocoder sounds, and the VP-03 perfectly fulfills my expectations. As with all Boutique series products, manufactoring quality is very good. The lower shell is made of plactic, an…

  • Roland TB-03

    Roland TB-03 - "Roland TB-3 vs TB-03 - Friend or Foe?"

    03/09/17 Is the new Roland TB-03 from their Boutique range any different from the TB-3 from their AIRA range? Watch the video to see. An in-depth look at the Roland Boutique TB-03 compared side-by-side to the …

  • Roland TB-03

    Roland TB-03 - "Finally, a renewal"


    For which kind of music and specific applications or uses (studio, shows...) have you chosen this synth? No introduction needed for Roland's TB synths, I use it for experimental, techno and other electronic stuff. Does it seem sturdy and well-f…

  • Roland JU-06

    Roland JU-06 - "Get the Juno-106 vintage spirit"


    The JU-06 is an expander-format synth that adapts to a dedicated mini-keyboard. It is well-designed and built, with a metal-made upper casing and faders well into their rail that respond very well to being moved – very smooth and agreeable. The…

  • Yamaha AN200

    Yamaha AN200 - "A maintenance review of the Yamaha AN200" has imagescontains audio examples


    A lot of great reviews with regard to functionality, however, now these are starting to age - I thought it was a good time to show how to repair one the most common problems - a failing data encoder! Part 1: Part 2…

  • Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

    Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop - "User interface has taken a leap forward!" has images


    I bought my TI2 as a new unit from US. I can't remember how much it cost, but it has been worth every penny ever since. I'm already a proud owner of Virus Powercore and Virus C, so TI2 was a warm welcome to my studio. First thing I noticed was that …

  • Clavia Nord Rack 3

    Clavia Nord Rack 3 - "It's a bomb!"


    What kind of keyboard is it (synth, piano...)? - How many octaves does it have? Rack UTILIZATION Is it easy to make settings? Excellent usability SOUNDS Do the sound presets fit your music style? It complements a TI and a Voyager OVERALL OPIN…

  • Arturia Origin

    Arturia Origin - "Some issues with output volume"


    The Arturia Origin is a virtual analog synth desktop module that has 2 line inputs and 10 line outputs. It does come at high price but it is worth it. I have used this with a cheap MIDI keyboard and it didn’t work for me, I needed to upgrade the MIDI…

  • Access Music Virus TI Snow

    Access Music Virus TI Snow - "It never gets old"


    The Access Virus TI Snow is a portable synth with a built in audio and MIDI interface. The first thing about this unit that I noticed besides the sounds of it is that it is very portable. I have not seen many desktop synths built this well and still …