Access Music Virus TI Snow
Access Music Virus TI Snow
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Access Music Virus TI Snow : Anonymous 's user review


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Reue Saturday, 07.06. I was looking for a machine that can both collect some sounds of "pass and the ability to tweak the ... I servi.en few click on the ROM and RAM has an idea of ​​the potential of this machine . not being of the generation "techno / jungle styles" I begin to understand that we can spend time designing a sound just for fun.

the utility that I test with cakewalk is a undeniable asset. I had two crashes but nothing serious.


I am of the stage and I needed a machine that could get me out of the beaten track pattern and fantom xr (I use a lot of bidouills sounds on the latter). I wanted to find some textures I could find some software and it's done just by fiddling the oscilloscope.

I ride a project with other musicians using sonorits such as hang, and even the pitcher udu drums. the contribution of IT sonorits snowboarding should allow me to juxtapose these two worlds.

I took me a while before I decide, not being very aware of the possibilities and especially since most of the features on subjects lend themselves Machine analog modeling confusion. I test the P08 for example, and I immediately felt comfortable, my ears students being shot p5, p600, JP8. ... However, I see more marketing than anything else and TI's most innovative I think.


I started by finding and tweak the prophet style tablecloths and others, lead sounds and frankly has done. FM makes beautiful things. it really is the machine I needed. I tried the preset that can be obtained via the website access, there's also the matter from preset and to do his taste.


I test the r3, Alesis micron, SH201, Earphones demos blofeld, Plugiator etc .... but I decided to add at the end for IT snow.apres 10 days of testing, I am really happy !!

negative point:

the SLIP anti shoes left on the 1st day .. shame .. a small detail.
soft plant time to time and it is sometimes the galley adjust osci, in particular tonality.

the diversity bag.
At this price, I still can not believe it.