Access Music Virus TI Snow
Access Music Virus TI Snow
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grosbasile 09/20/2013

Access Music Virus TI Snow : grosbasile's user review

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The general configuration is it simple?
Child, clear, intelligent clear when I think I hesitated with an IT desktop for double price fearing not have quick access to settings, but first I have no regrets because just press shift and the corresponding parameter right and bam you have all the settings at the speed of light in the 3 knobs, left and right and left button for pages, if you tweak together with the filter, the parameter is left continuous display settings and put themselves in harmony with the rest. Logic and cleanliness even though quite waldorf ( I sold my blofeld for innequal volumes Patch (a nightmare)) failed with <span class="skimwords-unlinked">blofeld.on</span> based shift with another parameter and voila again all under 3 knobs! I would say it is even more convenient to play Snow live because there is no risk of getting lost in a maze of button and commit the irreparable, unlike 90% of the opinions given here and on the net, I say to the opposite, the desktop IT is more for the studio and the snow cut for clean and uncluttered live!
# The manual I have read online fast and as I said it is logical CLEAR AND FAST!
on the other hand, if you buy a secondhand like me, the Factory reset is done by putting out then leave the TAP Tempo button push on again and then relaxes and once again we turn back (turn the sound to zero to avoid the Wholesale click peter your membrannes) (J # was too much hassle to find the info!)


WOW., Was talking alot ... I understand now
before I use Roland Juno Waldorf clavia Nordlead, the Korgs, VST as Zebra, Nexus, Rob Pappen, Zeta + Ace Massive G force Alchemy etc, etc but now I no longer use that My snow they all sound like a toy aside (except reaktor and Prism that are still in my sets).
Is the sound HUGE, living, fluid, organic, biomechanic, Pure or Apocalyptic, space, galactic, tribal or radical, horizontal or vertical as you please, The Snow Virus TI IS ALIVE!!
More thousands of its interchangeable online and free ...

This synth estl'omega ... the alpha, the omega you restore the phoenix wings in search of its electronic high-flying (but not only sounds of pianos and other beautiful guitars purity.
The Virus TI for me in all its forms (desktop or keyboard) is what is the best to date
Mass is said


I dream about, Access did it ,a amazing discovery just like the day I discovered The Maschine sequencer, Live Hardware layer, also the TI Snow, Total Integration in NI Maschine is honey, happiness, blows we control all the parameters snow in hand with 8 knobs Maschine and 5 snow on the fly ...
When we go on the Access software, we enjoy, think everything is simple, easy to use, clean, efficient, logical, seriously.

Value for money is unbeatable if you think about it because this synthesizer give you more than 10 VST Synth would,and I doubt that you resell so fast ... and I have not heard better sound from any synthe.

A small pipe before the end, the New checker monitors nearby Monkey Banana, German Construction costs Jewish and costs you twice in the competition for quality can be even smaller and made to take advantage of a pure listening your Virus TI Snow is the nerve center of a musical production Professional high Trampe!