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Talkboxes user reviews

  • Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox

    Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox - "Not many alternatives out there"


    The Heil Talkbox is one of those effects that was never really copied too much. In fact, I can't even recall too many other talk boxes out there. The pedal is super simple to use, but you need to have a PA to get the full effect, and if you can't h…

  • Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox

    Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox - "Great device!"


    This is a talk box. It works by connecting between an amplifier and a cabinet. It essentially is a speaker - powered by a horn - that is connected to a vinyl tube. Insert the tube in your mouth, play some overdriven/distorted guitar, move your lip…

  • Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox

    Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox - "Good talkbox but...."


    Very simple setup...but you may want to use a seperate amplifier to run this talk box. Your guitar plugs into the heil and then goes out to the input of a guitar amplifier...that's it. Your guitar's signal is routed through the talk box and then up t…

  • Rocktron Banshee TalkBox

    Rocktron Banshee TalkBox - "Livin' on a....Banshee!"


    The Rocktron Banshee is a talkbox that utilizes it's own built-in 5 watt amplifier. - Metal casing - external speaker jack - 5 watt amplifer built in - amplifier output - 1/4" guitar input - on/off stomp switch - gain, tone, output knobs - plastic t…

  • Keeley Electronics Framptone Talk box

    Keeley Electronics Framptone Talk box - moosers's review


    The Robert Keeley Electronics Framptone Talk Box is a pedal put out by legendary guitarist Peter Frampton. It's not exactly designed by Robert Keeley Electronics, but is distributed by them. It doesn't come with it's own tube, as you can use a tubi…

  • Heil Sound Talk Box

    Heil Sound Talk Box - moosers's review


    The Heil Sound Talk Box is an effect pedal that allows you use your guitar and voice as a talk box. It merely has a switch to turn it on and off and a tube that you run to your mouth. It has a 1/4 inch input and output and is powered by the power sup…

  • Danelectro Free Speech TalkBox

    Danelectro Free Speech TalkBox - "Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box"


    I bought this pedal off for $99, great deal for a talk box!!! I bought it because I wanted a talk box, but didn't want to buy a talk box that requires a separate mic amp for it, and what do you know, Danelectro has it covered!!! …

Translated user reviews
  • DigiTech Talker

    DigiTech Talker - " Underrated"


    I bought this pedal for these different effects of vocoding. Rumors suggest that this is THE pedal used by Daft Punk on HBFS. Quite possible that they often hijacked effects for the guitar synth or voice. Insight into the home studio of Kris Men…

  • MXR M222 Talk Box

    MXR M222 Talk Box - " Spectacular!"


    It is a Talkbox a new genre: the need to connect between the amp head and cabinet, the MXR M222 works like any effect pedal since preamp and amp miniaturized are integrated into the solid metal housing. Specifically, in "off" mode, it operates in "…

  • MXR M222 Talk Box

    MXR M222 Talk Box - " Good but be careful problem"


    6/10 UTILIZATION 5/10 SOUND QUALITY 9/10 OVERALL OPINION I bought this pedal because I really wanted a talk box guitar effect / keyboard, saw that MXR had a recent release I rushed over (it's quite difficult to try this kind of stuff in s…