Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox
Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox

Banshee 2 Talkbox, Talkbox from Rocktron.

Greig 09/28/2011

Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox : Greig's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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It's a talk box amplified (5W), which is a conventional pedal cable between the guitar and the amp (much more convenient than the original model that plugs between the receiver and HP).
1 input, output amplifier, a speaker output, an effects loop (send return)
3 knobs (gain, volume, tone) of the classic on that side.
An activation switch footswitch
A switch that can mutate or not the output when the effect is activated, a switch to select the placement of the loop in the chain

100% analog transistor
9V power supply.

I forgot: a kind of "pipe", of course ...


Manuel very clear, but not really necessary (except for the switches and routing loop
3 knobs, not really need more ...


The effect works perfectly, setting gan provides a slight crunch to the sound of saturated fairly advanced (for the size of the HP and power, its difficult to get a really clear, that is, to the effect and the modulation obtained with the mouth, clear sound n'exstera ever with a talk box.

So much for the purely technical aspect ... but its true depends largely on the use of the pipe and devotre mouth, one suspects ... If we listened to Aerosmith and Peter Frampton, we come easily to ring the beast. But beware, it takes a minimum of installation. To train, I used a microphone stand and microphone not plugged in, just to get used to "eat" the tub and modulate the sound. The Talk Box is strong enough to hear that your well what you do, then, repeating or concert, just set the sound system correctly. VRA challenge for me was to position the tube correctly.

I would add that the mute switch is very convenient, on some tracks, it is interesting to keep her dry the guitar in addition to the talk box.

I would add that it supports very well the effects, for my part, I put it at the end of string (see my profile for effects)


I use it for over a year on qques pieces (including the Frampton, the GnR ..) and repeated in concert. On aileurs in concert, guaranteed!!

I never tried to talk box before, I do not regret. I recommend highly.