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agonoire 07/08/2014

DigiTech Talker : agonoire's user review

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I bought this pedal for these different effects of vocoding.

Rumors suggest that this is THE pedal used by Daft Punk on HBFS. Quite possible that they often hijacked effects for the guitar synth or voice.
Insight into the home studio of Kris Menace.
In addition, a vintage interview with the singer Cher confirms she used this pedal on his famous hit "Believe."

Side connection, but no midi 2 audio inputs:
- One for the microphone (XLR)
- One for the carrier (or guitar synth) (Jack 6.35)
The output is also in Jack 6.35.
Classic therefore such effects.

The construction is robust.


Having used many vocoders (SVC350, DVP1, MAM VF11 ...), I'm interested in this one for its originality after seeing demos on the net.

6 effects are available, but only 2 seem newsworthy:

- NuVo: hybrid between autotune and vocoder so very intelligible. This fact alone justifies the purchase of the pedal. It has the advantage of not being aggressive as some VST effect similar here using a deesser is dispensable.

- Talkbox: astonishment found a little sound color of a TB, but again it looks more like a hybrid between talkbox and vocoder. More "dirty" than NuVo Indeed, it could still give the illusion of having a Golden Throat is in as long as you do loose one or two words (and not a verse ...)

For the rest you have an auto-wah (fair ...), an "alien" effect (typified sfx, why not ...), an effect called Tazmania (bizaroîde) and finally a self-talk (never used).

No editing or adjusting if not volumes input / output.


Used only with synths.
The sound quality is very good (it is well above the VSTs course)

Although designed for guitarists, I recommend above all keyboardists and other hackers.


It's been about six months that I use regularly.
The value for money seems correct as it is indeed a bit of a "UFO", it looks like a vocoder yes, but it is not really, its originality is his interest.

I like convenience and efficiency side from the first connection, no need to turn buttons for 10 minutes for something clean.

The only thing I do not like that's trapezoidal shape.