DigiTech Talker
DigiTech Talker

Talker, Talkbox from DigiTech.

V old man on the hill 03/14/2012

DigiTech Talker : V old man on the hill's user review

«  Do not take it out! »

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The vocoding is the voice control by the instrument.

The talker is a pedal for guitar or digital vocoding keyboard with two inputs: one balanced XLR dynamic microphone jack and an unbalanced instrument. 2 outputs: 1 XLR Balanced dedicated to the sound system and an unbalanced jack airship to a guitar amp, a microphone potentiometer serve to balance the desired level to one or other of these outputs.
The power sector requires the same transformer as for the Whammy.


The purpose of this was to supplant the talk box and offer guitarists the joys of vocoding. The grip is super simple and the first program (nu vo) with three knobs at noon immediately gives interest and satisfaction. A singular impression as it is because of this first impression I've never been separated from this.


Aesthetically attractive pedal comes with three Chickenhead knobs controlling the input level of voice, instrument input level and output level of the effect global.Au below two momentary switches, one to serve program selector (A) the other by-pass (B) the talker.
(A) programs:
Nu Vo: vocoding effect to the color digital heavy (very typical Daft Punk)
Wha Nu: whawha controllable effect in the voice (for people who have no feet)
Tazmania: effect of digital vomit.
Talk box: Emulation failed, no sensations of the effect of the same name
Alien: Indescribable
Auto Talk: Then, no!
You understood it too much unusable modes, while deficiencies are multiplied on its primary function the vocoding.


(B) The bypass is the major mistake of this pedal because not only it is not a true bypass (Canadian custom Digitech manufactures its gadgets in Canada), but in addition this pedal a static charge builds up residual (the low voltage lights, the phantoms), on the big sound system causing a huge "clack" on the back and face.
Pool of the stuff I look for killers of all sound engineers, I decided to use this for studio or that it is perfectly in place.

Of course you can put a true bypass and it also seems to change the diode that shit, but it would be as good at Digitech engineers are hired that tests their product in vivo.