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Thread Hi everyone ;)

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1 Hi everyone ;)
I'm a drummer/keyboards/singer . I have been playing for 20 years in cover and original bands.Just getting into digital recording have some analog gear.Mackie 1402,dbx comp/ limit/gate,dbx 31 band g-EQ,ART TPS,Berhringer HP amp,Tascam 424mkIII,SM57's+SM58's.Digital and other gear Peavey Addverb II,ART SGX 2000(guitar),Roland SG-6(guitar),Fostex MR-8,Tascam US-122,PC(for transfer and playback), pent II,256ram,830 mhz proc,10GB,120GB external(for storage),Sonic Foundry - sound forge - vegas pro- acid,Cakewalk 9,Alesis monitors and amp. Will be recording instruments and vocals also using some samples and midi .Looking to purchase small and large diaphragm condensers in $200-$300 price range any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.6months-1year purchasing dedicated desk top. PC or mac still not sure . $$$ ;)

What kind of application for your mic? Are you looking for overheads for your drum? For voices?

Personnaly I use a NT4/Rode for the voice and accoustic guitar. Really good dynamic, not so expensive, great brtight sound.
I bought two overheads 1 year a go to record a drum. I choose Auditechnica 4041, I'm really satisfied.

This two mics fit your price range.

I think Audiotechnica, Sennheiser and Rode have good good products for corect prices. AKG is comparatly more expensive.
I'm going to use them for acoustic instruments and vocals.Should I experiment with condensers on bass and guitar cabs?I have mics for drums.SM57's,beta 91 BD,akg-c 430 twins for OH.Ihave tried c-430's on acoustic.I get better tone less high end with SM57.Would like more clarity transparency.I'm leaning toward an AKG project pac with C1000 small and C3000 large for $400.I appreciate all the insight and advice. Thanx mando
You are sure to make a good choice with the C1000 and C3000: good reputation for those two mics ;-)

But I'm surprised you prefer your SM57 than your C430 for accoustic instruments? What kind of instrument do you want to record? And do you want to record a whole group just with overheads, or do you want to take each instrument separatly?
I'm recording everything individually except harmonies(will be group recording).Acoustic guitar,Classical guitar,Mandolin and Banjo are my main micing concerns for small condenser.Using beta SM58 and reg SM58 for vocals.They are great just would like to try large diaphragm mic.When I recorded Acoustic and Classical guitars with the AKG's it sounded to tinty(is that a word).The 57's sounded more like the guitar.Placement in both cases was one 57 6" up neck from soundhole 10" away second mic 6' high 6'away pointing at soundhole.I guess I really can't complain, getting real good recordings.Just want to try something different,see if better (more expensive) mics will get improved sound.Finished clicks last month, pre-production now and start master recordings Feb. 8) Thanx
Yeah! Good project!!! I hope you will be back on the board to present us your productions as soon as available!

For the recording of acoustic instrument, you should try a mic in "omni" position. It gives a lot f presence and it's more "realistic". For that, the NT4 or equivalent is a must ;-)

But this need a good aoustic in the room you record.

Do you have sample of your work to make us listen?