Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

HT-5C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-5 series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 31 reviews )
 15 reviews48 %
 10 reviews32 %
 2 reviews6 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Absolutely awesome!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
This is one beast of an amp for being only 5 watts. This amp comes with two channels, one being dedicated to a clean tone that give some volume can produce a solid classic rock dirty tone, and a distortion channel that can get very beefy and thick.

The interesting thing about this amp is the ISF control knob that acts sort of like a voicing knob. Helps shape the tone in interesting ways.


Blackstar HT-5 Tube Combo Amplifier Features:

* 5-watt tube combo
* 1 x ECC83 and 1 x 12BH7 tubes
* Unique push-pull power amp design
* HT Pedal preamp
* 2 footswitchable channels
* 10" Celestion speaker
* Enhanced tone controls

* Patent-applied-for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
* Fully equipped for studio or practice
* Speaker-emulated output with 1 x 12" or 4 x 12" voicing
* Effects loop with effects level switch
* Footswitch included


I like this amp with just about any guitar you decide to throw at it. I particularly like this amp with a solid Gibson Les Paul. I feel that the two were fit for each other. It seems like perhaps the builder of this amp voicing the amp towards the Les Paul because the tones of it are just flat out amazing!

The clean channel is very good and very reminiscent of an old Fender deluxe amp. When You crank up the volume you get a great classic rock tone ala AC/DC or Led Zeppelin.

The emulated speaker output is kind of weak in my opinion. It doesn't sound that great compared to speaker that's inside the amp


Overall this is a very solid amp for the money. At new these amps come in at around $400, which isn't a bad price for this high quality amplifier. I would recommend this amp to anyone who wants a great sounding tube amp that doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg to get one. This is a great amp to record with and and excellent amp to practice with in the home or office.

nickname009's review"The best low watt all tube amp out there today!!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
All tube 5 watt
2 footswitchable channels clean and dirty
1 12ax7/ECC83, 1 12BH7 power tube
FX loop w/ +4dBV or -10dBV
Emulated headphone/DI output w/cab switch
Clean: volume
Dirty: Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF (infinite shape feature)

I give it a 9 for features since the clean only has a volume knob.


Everything at noon already sounds great! The ISF knob is very dynamic and can sweep the midrange from a saturated marshall to a scooped boogie-like tone.

It really doesn't get any simpler than this. The clean has a single volume knob, while the dirty channel has your basic EQ controls with the added ISF. The EQ is passive and very usable.

The headphone/speaker out mutes the speaker for silent recording once it's plugged in.

The FX loop is located on the lower back of the amp, simple to use with the +4dbV/-10dbV switch for either rack effects or guitar effects like pedals.

The footswitch is a single button switch to change between clean and dirty channels.

Overall very simple to use and you can achieve great sounds in a matter of seconds!


As you read this you should know that these are my observations based plugging straight through. Playing the amp as is. I do not judge equipment based on adding/using external effects, it's just unfair that way.

Clean: Very usable and decent. Though there is only one knob for the volume so the tone is completely dependent on your guitar. If you crank it, it begins to break up and can get up to that ac/dc crunch.

Dirty: Very nice! Has enough gain on tap to get metallica tones. Great for blues or rock in general. if you want to get a death metal sound, it's not gonna happen without a boost. the ISF knob is a good tool to shape the midrange to how you'd want it, tight and scooped or saturated and 'bouncy' as I like to call it.

Headphone/DI out: This is hard to judge as most DI outs on amps never actually sound any good, they're too buzzy. This one is not buzzy at all, but more like, it's too smooth. The midrange flies out and thickens the sound which is good, but there isn't enough presence to make the emulated out sound convincing.

Picking dynamics are heard through the amp, the gain also cleans up well with the volume knob on your guitar.


I think this is one of the better low watt tube practice amps out there. Comparing this to the Tweaker and the Class 5, I walked out with the HT-5.

The Class 5 was limited in features, while the Tweaker had tons of features but wasn't foot-switchable and sounded boxy! The HT-5 fit just right. The ex-marshall engineers definitely thought this one out well. Yes it's made in Korea which shouldn't deter anybody as everybody knows the QC in Korea is GREAT. Just try out any Korean-made guitar!

I give the overall rating a 8. One point due to the clean channel being limited with just one knob, and the DI not sounding that great. In my opinion, DI outputs are the one of the most ignored things for amp makers. So why put one in? And if you put one in, why not try to make it sound convincing? Though most of them are not usable. The HT-5 is a stepping stone to hopefully one day, finding a GREAT DI out in an amp.

bobo280's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Avoid at all costs!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
lamp and transistors and integrated circuits. A dangerous mix!
Power: 5 watts
Basic settings (3tone, 1 volume)


The sound was good at first, until a horrible hum come and disturb.
The hum is present at power filaments! ! !


His oriented "metal", which suited me well, on a strat.
Without too much saturation, rock and countermelodies with "bottleneck" went well.


After less than a month of use, this amp broke down.
The pattern is not found, the lamp power is a rarity unparalleled and the two transistors "drivent" are fragile and not found, and the capacitors that isolate.
Despite my skills (not to brag ... I have 20 years of experience), it is the trash has ended the beast. (150 € to get a speaker!)
I am disgusted! How can we risk the cohabitation of transistors and lamps also taking some precautions perspective isolation (a simple capacitor when slap made damage) and how can we provide materials without pattern?

jacqn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Helpful"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Enough said
Very complete the connection level, headphone useful


Yes, it's easy to get a good sound, provided it is suitable for what you want
For me, it's almost tjs on boosted channel


I play blues, rock and electro-rock and with suitable
Played with guitars equipped with HB, with its saturated, it's powerful - it can not even pull badly if pushed
he readily accepts modulation pedals, it goes already less with TS9


Because of my purchase: I repeat (blues, blues-rock) once / week on the 2nd floor of an old house (very high stairs) and 1x week in a tiny cellar (electro-rock)
Briefly, lugging my Blackheart HT15 was impossible, and do not talk about my stack ENGL :)
suddenly I went on a small 5W who could help me in again and I came across this cheap Blackstar
I do not regret the choice, what I in fact it works very well
however, it is far from the feel of an all-tube as Blackheart, lots more natural and organic and accepts pedals much better boost and OD
it is also very convenient to record using the headphone output
in short, everything depends on the use: it is a good amp, practical, lightweight, which take up space and not powerful, but I could not satisfy me to live for when I play the blues, it's too steep why

fafaontherocks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ca hand very well but problem ..."

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
5W tube amp (do not believe that it's small, it's already hard good)


Pretty simple configuration, a clean channel and an overdrive channel.
I never look at the manuals ... (incidentally, that still does?)
Quickly a great sound sharp obtained


Being a fan of AC / DC and the Hard Rock Year 70/80, this amp is made for this. but he can do well on full else (see the video demo on the net)
included the distortion does not play guitar hero, it will associate the pedals to boost it all. sound allows a good rhythm fat.
I play with a Duesenberg D-caster (see Review) and the amp responds great to play with the volume on the guitar.


I use it for 2 years
what I love most: his power / performance ratio which allows for bite without the walls of the house down.

What I like least: at his record and it will never replace a 40 amp minimum or 60W all-tube (it's still a working amp)
The cabinet is 10 "which breaks much bass.
Amp no longer produced by the moment (it back without reason), my clean channel to failed, apparently on the forums, I'm not the only one having problems with this amp (could this be a defect of a series or design?).

In conclusion, just because of the failure, I will not repeat that choice, but I will on the most powerful brand models (20/40W) or even their series one (not the same price!) that do not have the problems mentioned above (at least on the forums)

kam2626's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A nice combo!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Amp 5w lamps. I refer to the data sheet or the manufacturer's website for more details.


Not really need a manual. One branch and one seeks the sound!


I use it with a SG. I find it rather difficult to get a "crystalline" sound. Nevertheless I find rather precise clear sound, everything will reside in the attack or the volume settings of the guitar.
When it exceeds 12 on the clean channel it quick crunch with humbuckers, never tested with simple.
The overdrive channel is the overdrive (the coup!) Has an almost hi-gain distortion, typical metal. This is not my thing, but must recognize that it sends.


This is my first tube amp. I hesitated with the Vox Valvetronix series, more versatile but less racy to start in my opinion.
I think the blackstar really good for rock, blues and even venturing metalheads field.
Some pedals will be a wise investment!
A good / q ratio of p to any lamp, it has to initiate particular sound, although I guess it sounds a 10,000 miles a Marshall or HIWATT!

mick_mc_charby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
The characteristics we were already fully described.


this is a very simple configuration, no brainer with everything and anything as n switch. just what it takes to make a guitar sound.

the setting are effective, there are good clean and light overdrive to large distortion.


this is a great amp for bosser at home and able to do a few Repeat '(a condition not want to play like a deaf)

I play blues to metal through the rock and hard rock and it goes pretty well.


I was from a can about 1 year and I am very happy. I remake that choice without hesitation it is reliable, it rings, can cheap, versatile and has a lamp.

element1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good amp for 5W"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
Amp 5W lamps.
Two lamps, one 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp and 12BH7 power.
Celestion GT10N40.
Outputs 1x8 and 2x16 Ohm Ohm.

Traditional setting of an amp, except that it has a TFR setting with sounds rather American or English.

Bass, Mid, Treble, common to both channels.


Super simple setup, very clear manual, at the same time no 300 buttons, plug, turn the volume and go.

The amp comes with a footswitch to switch from clear channel saturation.

You can easily find the desired sound, settings respond well, and the ISF is a little something that allows a rather flat side and American English side much brighter sound.


The sound works well in all my style considering it stops at the Hard Rock.
Playing the Maiden, Metallica, Green Day, Guns and others made with the amp is more than correct.
The power is impressive for a 5W.
As on many amps, it depends on the material with which we play.
I play it with two guitars:
- A Washburn X200 Pro-e with EMG.
- A Gibson Explorer with Seymour Duncan.
The audio is completely dispute with two guitars, I need a lot more bass with EMG, the sound is so clean light that saturated the sound is excellent.
The cleans sound with Gibson are fine, at least for me they suit my style of music (I have not tried a multitude of amp difficult to compare).

To play metal, the saturation of the amplifier is not enough.
I acquired a Okko Dominator and there you can clearly see the difference.
I also changed very quickly lamp preamp with a Tung Sol and the change in sound was radical, more heat and power. Next step change in the power tube.

In the end we can all play with this amp, except metal. It still lacks a reverb in this amp that would have given him a big plus, but is present on the HT5-R.


I use it for only two years at home.
The power is more than enough for the home.
Before I had to Marshall Valvestate series transistors, this is my first tube amp, you feel much compared to the contribution of these lamps on the Blackstar.
Excellent value for money, it would have been perfect with a reverb and further saturation.
With this rate, do not expect either the sound of a Marshall stack to a lesser volume as shown in the manual. For the price it is very good, it does its job.
Like any amp or guitar, going to try, each with its own idea of ​​the sound they want.
With hindsight I would have taken either HT5R for reverb, or is the HT Studio 20, but I do not regret buying the HT5 that enough for me for now.

blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very disappointed!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
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Really impeccable finish

Connections very well thought


Easy and complete


Major problems of this amp: not always a very musical sound medium that persists despite the settings, Lead channel that saturates too quickly and is fairly rough, clear channel fade without personality that not Crunch! effectiveness of corrections rather limited, ditto for the ISF

Strangely the headphone, it's almost better!


Despite finishing top, connectivity very well thought this amp disappoints me every time I plug ...

No clear sound nice (even my old '93 Bronco transistors plain sounds better), Lead channel fast draft which saturates too quickly preventing any Crunch, a medium not musical (very boxy) accompanies all the settings and I still looking for the sound "lamp"!

Sorry but a small Fender Mustang 1 100 euros is more realistic settings with Bias and Sag ... and much more versatile live or line out!

Anyway very disappointed especially for the price bought! I will look closer to a head NT2H Vox Lil 'Night Train that looks very nice in this area "lamps"

cj0875's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I wanted a small lamp ..."

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C
all this was a topic I have the combo version with 10 inch greenback emulated output, effects loop, no reverb


a good snooze fifteen times with a strat Jimie Vaughan in a register cover pop rock (U2, greenday, cure, nada surf ...) I put a ToneLab SE (with amp simulation off) in the loop and a Biyang TS like in boost.

issue no power problem drummer had a battery on the electronic sound I never exceeded the volume and gain a half to a quarter on the lead channel the clean channel has 13 hours max

I may be like to have an additional 10 inch cab I like the sound if I m ^ ca broadcasts more "directive" that my aure 12 amps


THERE are a ton of magic in this box,
the clean is a bof dry without an effect on ts left to play to boost knob and you find the character, a slight reverb transcends but otherwise have to spit in the hand to make it "glittered"

the lead channel is very very well but settling a crunch is a dillemme with all these knobs because the isf is very effective but the EQ allows you to refine in brief never tamper with a single knob without touching the other and you grope til find what you seek but must take the time to know what you want.

It sounds great it is especially a nice preamp, I plug in a time loop with the ToneLab plug into a Tech 21 Power Engine 60: the lead with the gain to settle quarter coat in the first third of its travel guitar and settle in a light mod delay stereo sounded fabulous and this without the edge .... Buzz is you the


Complete ring of hell (try a buddy with the emg Hz I put all afon and isf Rican side ... the slap o) super versatile
Prtic not back down connectors, knob unreadable in the dark ...
Very directional in the diffusion
We can not rproché him but sometimes it's hard to find the right adjustment because of its versatility especially in groups but if you have to change color you turn the sound isf, I tested with another guitarist in 3 sec c 'practice was settle ...
I preferred the gain knob is more progressive because it beyond the half I did not use sound with as much gain.
Okaz seen its price it is a very good buy, if it was a remake version I will head with reverb and tone on the clean channel and separate cab.
The output is emulated but with headphones I préfre the sim vox and marshall my Tonelab has a mixer trvers berhingher like what?