Laney CUB12R
Laney CUB12R

CUB12R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the CUB series.

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All user reviews for the Laney CUB12R

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
Audience: Anyone
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Amcasci's review"Laney Cub 12"

Laney CUB12R
I purchased this amp because it sounded great and the price was right. After a week or so the power supply would go off and on. I returned it and received another and the same thing happened. So I went with a Fender Super Champ X2. If this problem has been fixed I would rate this at 4 stars. It is a fine sounding easy to use amp but two strikes and out for me.

jimale's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My amp Laney"

Laney CUB12R
One channel with two selectable inputs: 15 watt or 1 watt (great for playing in an apartment)
HP 12 "
All lamps: 2 and 3 EL84 ECC83
From left to right: Reverb, tone, volume, bass, middle, treble, gain
The reverb can be switched via a switch (not supplied)
Effects loop (silent :)
8-16 ohm output to connect an external firm.
Can slightly tilt the amp with a removable metal tab located under the amp that is very lightweight (11.5 kg).
not stand by, damage. (- 1)
All course details Laney site.


Manuel brief and useless. The amp is very simple to use. Finishes and cosmetic appearance are impeccable.
However, I had a small problem with power supply (-3) with at the beginning. The store was immediately traded me without problem. Perhaps the lack of standby there is something (?). Or components. The seller assured me that the distributor had hardly ever return this model. I trusted him because he is a very professional and very nice guy.
So I got used to all the knobs to zero before turning it off and turning it to avoid any incident.
RAS since.


Initially I had the idea to buy a Junior Blues to offer a little brother to my twin reverb. But I found it difficult to deal with a very fast aggressive sound performance. So I tried this little amp straight from China. My faith and he seduced me immediately. Good clear sound, nice reverb. We can do cruncher fairly quickly however, which is not necessarily displease me. Pushing the gain and lowering the volume we get a big crunch see a beautiful saturation, perfect for blues, rock and very big rock, very fat. The tone control can be very useful for fine adjustments. The volume is amazing, even with 1 watt input he surprised by its performance. I thought that the use rehearsal and finally I'm already served in the bar and I was not disappointed. Big plus: it loves pedals in front (boost, distortion or modulation) or in the loop.


Aside from the small problem starting, frankly for the price what more? It really is a nice little amp and endearing. Ideal for beginners as for experienced guitarists at home, in rehearsal, bars, small scenes. I think he will accompany me for a long time.
I put 8 in overall score (and I note severe). I did not know Laney and suddenly it gave me the urge to try other models of the brand.

baxbrin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the famous "tone" button"

Laney CUB12R
Everything has already been said except that I want to clarify.


There's no easier, You just have to use their ears and fingers ... it is great.


Perfect for the full range of clean to crunh. Maxi with a large micro spitting: AC / DC debut. There must be a choice, now the pedals, it does exist and there everything is possible (without the pedal = more like a channel).


So to wring the neck of those who say that the tone knob is useless: try a sustained distortion (for this beast, I mean, gain beyond the half) and you will discover that it changes color the distortion significantly.

However, it is true, if we stay in the clean / crunch small, this knob has no utility.

For the rest, I take my foot every time I use this beast. I put an Eminence Legend HP (it returns to shoehorn and a little heavier gear) result nickel. In two years, relamping, I'll stick him more serious lamps, it should be perfect. Only problem: the electronics can not balance the lamps.

chavilbus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money for this all-tube amp"

Laney CUB12R
All-tube amp (2 x EL84 and 3x ECC83), see the description for which patterns. Remember: the HP 12 inch, digital reverb, two inputs and one 15W, effects loop. 15 watts are there, input 1 watt is very useful for recording or playing at home, the reverb sounds good, effective and progressive equalization for the tone control I do not see much use but I do not mind. The little crutch seems gaget but it is useful when it is placed on the floor for sound projection. The weight is reasonable in relation to power. Cons: only 1 channel, no standby


very simpla to use, no need for manual once we easily get the desired sound with three bands of EQ, I still do not understand the usefulness of the tone.


I made a little demo with my 4 guitars that better that long speech: (in sequence: TV bridge, strat neck, sheraton neck, Les Paul bridge). The sound is classic rock and blues rock, overdriven overdrive style, balanced frequency serious doing well with 12 inches. It is difficult to have against a crystal clear sound, especially with doubles. With the gain at 3 ca crunch already a bit. As against that responds well to blow mediator.


I bought it used 6 months ago, for the price of a transistor amp low end I have everything I needed to power and sound level, suddenly we can pass on the light defects: only 1 channel, not really very crystal clear sound. For blues and classic rock, the stones to AC DC is really perfect, I do it again the same choice again. I tried the fender blues junior but he was too strong (not limited entry) and not much better for a double budget. The black star 5HR is more versatile and with two channels, but much more expensive and more "modern", the lionheart 5W Laney is excellent but not all in the same budget

sonofanzinedom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Light amplifier, ideal for playing Blues Rock everywhere!"

Laney CUB12R
This all-tube amp 1 or 15W (but true!) Depending on the input used is now well known, weight 11kg can carry it around, especially that it will support a 15w drummer too lumberjack.


Very easy to use! with effects loop


Its pretty dark, but I have not felt in acute shortage, anyway it's a rule, good saturation.


It is an ideal amp for the Blues and Rock that can be openly and easily improved by changing the lamps (personally I've put a Tungsram 60s (welded plates) in 1, a 2-I63 Mullard and Tungsram 70 3 for the preamp (12AX7) and two EL84 RFT 70s for the power section. (we gain clarity, good saturation and harmonics out great!)

But also and especially by changing the HP (Laney HH original on mine) for a Celestion Greenback a little thicker but much more accurate ... (25w model in my case).

After these two changes you can sing and cry harmonic guitar (Gibson Les Paul and PRS SE in my case) as on much more expensive and much heavier amps.
Note, my PRS has a single / split humbucker, unlike his is very sensitive to the level of the amp, very convenient to change its power and short song!

In short, a small amp quite accurate original but can play in the big leagues after some improvements, the sound is still pretty typical Blues Rock (me it's my thing) but it is possible to obtain a more clear very correct (be careful not clear though, it's still colorful ...)

Tamien913's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent tube amp in its class"

Laney CUB12R
Entire lamp
1 watt or 15 watt according to the selected input
Vol, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb and a contour knob.

It is easy to use no need to take the lead ...


Ultra simple, no need for a manual of 50 pages like some amps ...
The sounds are easy to obtain in terms of what we seek.


It is very oriented blues / rock hard rock. This is halfway between a Vox and orange ... Law suits me perfectly because it is less typical that one or the other amps mentioned and suddenly I feel more free while having its really good! (Not to compare with 1500 euros amp not eh ;) )
It responds very well to the guitar that plugs into it.


I've had two months and I'm very happy. I had a lot of amps before lighting it (Randall, Crate, Blackstar other laney ...) I really like these but this one is the nicest of all for me.

surfy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really complete"

Laney CUB12R
Combo 15-watt lamps (and an attenuated input 1w).
The buttons: reverb, volume, bass, mid, treble, gain, tone.
Inputs (other): an effects loop (send using the lineout) an entry for a sitch for reveb
Outputs: output to 8 or 16 ohm speaker.
HP 12-inch Celestion.

A little extra: the crutch to tilt the amp. We see that they care about the guitarist from Laney.

The 1W entered: that happiness to enjoy the amp at home.

NB: Cub12R and Cub12 are the same, the 12R with reverb (for 10 € more).

At that price, more difficult to complete. Go if I quibble, a stand-by button ...


Could not be more simple, one branch, it heats the rings. No need to book.
However it is very well done to explain the circuit of the beast and how to change lamps. Cool!


From what I've experienced is an amp that I would describe as more "neutral" than what I experienced. Depending on your taste is a quality (compliance with the sound of the guitar, good "absorption" effect) or a default if one seeks an amp "character" that colors the sound (this was the case with my Vox AC4TV) .

I prefer that he respects what I give, so it suits me perfectly. With the effects loop, we get the same one in which you can put a good reverb without everything being eaten.

In his clear is a marvel. It sounds light, I feel every nuance of my Telecaster G & L. It is warm without being aggressive.
The sound is pretty saturated "drooling" dirty. I think it's not bad but nothing more. On this aspect the Vox was better. But in a pinch I do not care, I have an overdrive (Vox Big Ben, creamier) and with that, it sounds nickel.

It suits me perfectly.

Note that the digital reverb is a nice surprise: many possible shades (discrete very pronounced). I do not use because I have a pedal, but I tested and is of excellent workmanship.

[Edit after 1 month of use] every day I rediscovered this amp. It is actually a little time to find the settings that come with his guitar and his tastes. I removed almost all low because not a dog, there are (but the neck pickup of my G & L is a killer in power of his grave).


The price / quality ratio is unbeatable. This choice I would do without hesitation.
I love its versatility, practicality, sound that respects the instrument and effects.

For me it is the best in its price range. A favor if you play clean or if you have your own effects overdrive / distortion.

lardoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" WOOOW! ! !"

Laney CUB12R
Any small combo 15 watt bulb (with an entry to play a watt)
2 inputs, therefore, (15 and 1 watt)
An effects loop, and an input for a footswitch not included with.
-Tone (like the AC30)
Medium-bass, treble
-And a drive!


it's ultra easy to use and very sensitive at the knob.
Not need the manual to use it on.


When I got it, I plugged my strat Blackone directly into the beast, with the right eq, drive and at least one volume donf ....
And there, the pure clear sound bluesy vintage, clear sound to Jimmy Hendrix, or John Mayer.
The reverb is far from a yucky integrated reverb, it sounds too good roots.
Then I mounted the drive and the sound was gradually grassifié course with everything I love the crunch much drooling ...
Note that the drive still sounds good to a certain level, beyond it, way too dirty and trooop drooling ... and God knows that I love when that drool!
That said, I play with the drive to 3 times as I manage my distos via my pedals (ibanez TS9, TS7 and a dist-AMT station).
Basically my settings, reverb at noon, at noon tone, volume depending on location and context, to 13h low, middle and treble at noon at 11 am and drive at 9am.
The pure clear sound, with pretty low, sweet midrange and treble that pierce the brain not ...
Sustain a splendid ...
I mainly play on a strat Black1 and deluxe. I've also tried the gibson with a 339 and it fits great on guitars that have a large output level.
And just to mention the 15 watts, I managed to cover my drummer has arms of Canadian lumberjack!


This is the ultimate class for lovers of hot sounds good ...
Purchased 270 of Thomann, definitely worth the cost not to miss out ...
Also note that in this class of amplifier, not many do have an effects loop ...
Go for it friends of the atomic bomb!