Laney L5T-112
Laney L5T-112
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All user reviews for the Laney L5T-112

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 10 reviews77 %
 2 reviews15 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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houbavst's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" cool"

Laney L5T-112


No, the filter is very surprising. It is believed that the standard adjustment is at noon, and n is not, c is a fund right that must be started and then filter by removing the treble ......


Crystal on light
Jazzy muddy on the saturated
No strong saturation

Shoot a fund volume it changes personality and great crunch!


4 years
Great for home, small Repeated, and recording
Cheap secondhand

f.i.t.n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"I dreamed ..... Laney did!"

Laney L5T-112
- Made in England
- 5 Watts RMS all-tube (3x + 1x 12AX7 EL84) Class A
- HP: 1x 12 "Celestion Heritage G12H Made In England
- 2 Channels Clean & Drive
- Equalisation Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
- Controls: Gain Clean Drive - Drive Volume
- Master Section: Global EQ, Reverb & Tone controls
- Bright Switch
- Reverb type 4 spring
- Inputs: 2x Jack, Hi & Lo
- 2x HP soties
- Effects Loop
- Selector of impedance 4, 8 & 16 ohm
- Caisson Birch quality 'Marine'
- Handle Leather
- TiltBack system to tilt the amplifier
- Footswitch FS2 (Included)
- Weight 19 Kg
- Dimensions (mm) 420 x 559 x 250


While it is advertised as a 5W tube Class A, but it's just amazing to hear the reserve volume it below the elbow. In an apartment home, I pushed 4 MAXI order to play good volume without alerting the neighborhood (I have very accommodating neighbors too) but it sends severely. For standard use, do not exceed 2 or 2.5. I insist on it because the amp is just monstrous. And its dimensions as it is not far from a VOX AC15. So we immediately forget the comparison with the FENDER CHAMPION 600 or GRETSCH G5222 which 5w but also do not play at all in the same court, both in its size and power level.
My model is used and equipped with lamps Tube Amp Doctor that the former owner has taken care to put in place of the original lamps. So just on that, my opinion is a bit biased because I do not know the sound with the original lamps.
If not for the look, I love the old blue vinyl, it has a very vintage look and really feel that it is an amp built to last, the building looks really great. To see in time, I've had three days but I'm not worried, I play already Laney at the base.
The tilt system is very welcome too. A small + compared to the competition, you really feel that Laney wanted to make a beautiful piece and do not forget anything.
on the other hand, 20kg wholesale for a 5W, as saying that the watt heavy.
In short, beautiful and complete, we forget the weight of the blow.


While the sound,
Well say that even if we are dealing with a very amp plug and play 2-channel sounding vintage, the control panel is already well supplied and we can find carefree sound that fits. We have two Hi and Lo inputs that differ in their level of output. Personally, I prefer to connect me Lo, the already substantial volume for 5w, it helps to manage. Moreover, the sound is better, all shades of games are better transcribed I think.
The clean sounds very creamy I must say, it is far from the Fender slap sounds, we like it or not. I love both but I have a soft limit for Laney, ideal for jazz among others but not that ... I'm pretty rock orientated and clean going really well in this registre.A also know that the more you push the volume, the more it begins to gently cruncher. Finally must still be 6 or 7. And given the mess he made 4, we do not want to go away from home. The BRIGHT switch is very good too, it accentuates the high frequencies. With my Les Paul, I leave engaged.
Equalization is effective, it really is possible to cut the sound, but there is no exaggeration, for example, in the sense that the bass are not too far back or too accentuated if ever the knob is rotated left right. ditto for the mids and highs. the effective range of each frequency is not super wide but sufficient and more, with the Tone knob, which actually makes the final color equalization, you can really do what you want. Equalization is common to both channels, Personal does not bother me at all. The reverb is also attractive, and progressive music. I'm not too fussed on it but it suits me for what little I use it.
The crunch channel is really excellent and also progressive. It starts cruncher from 2 of the gain and we can go carefree tickle good heavy rock, but not to the metal (the same time we do not buy it for that). But for anyone who wants to play, jazz, blues, variety, funk, rock Beatles Foo Fighters or RATM, this amp is really doing well. It sounds british sure. Arpeggios crunch still very defined and the amp has a huge dynamic. Even with the gain to 7, if you attack the strings, one always returns something "almost" clean, a little dirty. The amp responds very well. After in regards grain crunch, I would say that is between VOX and with ORANGE on the other hand, something good vintage. But hey, I do not like these comparos because for me who loves this brand more, sounds like LANEY LANEY point.
From my side, I also added a pedal MOJO JTM I intend to let light into a permanent base sound, the gain set to 1/4, it allows to have a clean crunch that just as soon as an attack little. And to the crunch, it makes me a mini headroom and more. Happiness knows more when quality pedals MOJO.
HP 12 ", and although it is just excellent. I did not much point on it by comparison against, but it fills me completely. Moreover, it is rare to see a Bowl 12" mounted on "small" 5w tube amps. Generally, it is 8 "or 10"


For value for money, in okaz, important not hesitate. A 400-450 € is a godsend. New, it is at about 750-800 € at the moment that can make a bit expensive watt but I think it is worth it because it sounds beautifully. I got mine to 400 € in almost Mint condition and comes with the footswitch and cover Lionheart, so what more. I bought it mainly to make the sound studio at home because I was tired of going through my computer which, while they troubleshoot, never replace a real amp plugin. I intend to do as small scenes (caf 'conc, bars, restau ....) and it will do well on PSN.
Otherwise, it is happiness. The only downsides are minis I think his big power which we do not operate completely apart and may be sensitive to its weight back.
Apart from that, FA-BU-lous
Anyway, I bought an amp ....

Don_Viviano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Laney L5T-112
Combo all tube 5w, HP 12 inches.
2 channels: Clean and OD.
Reverb and bright to clean.

Shared EQ for two channels.

2 inputs Hi / Lo, and a master volume for OD channel.

One foot in the amp to tilt


It is a plug and play amp, super easy to use.


The sound is typical british. Qd was even a very clean lens but quickly crunch (normal: 5 watt amp!). Impossible to get a clean sound for a rock band repeat example (with drummer bass singing etc ...).

But I never use the clean, I bought this combo for crunch: either clean thoroughly (10/10) on the drive channel 5/10, with adjustment of the master.

In 2 cases, there is a sufficient volume WIDELY rehearsals / concerts / big scenes.
The amp has a great dynamic, very easy to get a clearer sound by attacking less strings for example.

Grain crunch is quite open (not tight), but not as much as a plexi example. Presence is impressive, the amp does not sound dark at all, rather it is very sharp, typical british sound. In the amount of gain with humbuckers, one arrives at a kind of overdrive solo lead. You can also put a good OD pedal in front of the amp, cash superbly, and it adds a third channel amp.

He collects as well Octafuzz my and all my other effects connected directly in front.

There is in my view a video on youtube that shows quite accurately that the amp in the gut (despite the sound quality is not transcendent, it does not matter, I think we feel good about that video you feel when you play the beast. The beginning of the video is that the crunch was on its clean, more on the OD channel, we see that the grain of the clean channel, crunch when it is much more airy than the OD channel).

A true rock'n'roll machine.


I love this combo, it is exhilarating to be. Necessarily a bit expensive, like € 600 for nine 5w ... OCCAZ but it becomes affordable, and you can play in a group without problem if you are not attached to its clean. Otherwise, it will afford the big brother 20W (€ 1,000 new).

Before I had a Laney LC30 good amp too. The brand attracted me for its reliability, but the sound was a little too right, even if I kept it for several years.

With this one, I do not think changing amp for a while!

slimfingersfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Authentic!!"

Laney L5T-112
2 Channel


Very simple, the manual is very clear and fun. After a little research is readily obtained The Sound!


It is perfect for my style of music knowing that it will rock and roll through the blues to finish in true rock 70 '.
The clean sounds are to die with real bass and treble is crystalline wish. With regard to the crunch it goes without saying that it is not for metal but nonetheless will defend a style ac / dc.La reverb so often criticized is this concern is that it does is not progressive at all, must be mounted on the potentiometer 6 before enjoying it.


Amp is a old and very good. Handcrafted in Great Britain. The finish is very good, quite up to my expectations with very good value for money. The two weak points: its weight and attention to the power of 5 Watts because yes, but vitamin!

greell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real slap ..."

Laney L5T-112
Refer to other opinions.


The config is simple yet complete (three-band equalizer with joint knob tone, bright switch and reverb, all common to both channels).

In terms of sound, we need not look far, it's a question of balance but also subtlety because the knobs are reactive.

And the manual does not serve much, if not to give a few examples of interesting settings.


I did not honor the masses by playing on it with a Squier (question means ...), but it still makes me really well already! What heat!

We feel that it is not suited for the metal, its headroom is insufficient for this but it is very versatile in his style! (Blues / rock, jazz ...). The grain is beautiful ... :-)

It is very quiet when not played (even if the reverb seems to bring a slight hiss, but this must be my guitar ...)


I use it for a few days I have not been able to push very hard, but already at low volume it sounds!

What I find unfortunate is perhaps the reverb (I did not concentrate enough on it), but also the effects loop, which seems, as stated by Laney and experience some of its owners, rather optimized for rack effects and pedals not conventional, as a matter of signal level. Anyway, it seems advisable to place the pedals true bypass if you will be using, so you do not lose quality and / or have a blast.

What I especially like is the precision of its grain and character, really fabulous.

adperr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L5T-112
Amp 5W All Tube Class A
Little power but a big: 2canaux, switch to bright, footswitch included, 3-band EQ, reverb and parallel effects loop
2 inputs low and high
A general tone knob


Operation is simple but the manual is only in English
channel configuration is conventional but equalization is common to both channels is inefficient


The clean sound is fabulous and the musical reverb is not too envhissante
The clean channel crunch fairly quickly (requires 5W) and provides a very nice sound écrettage
The second channel is a slight crunch to a small distortion, do not expect big sound high gain is a class A
This is ideal for anyone who seeks a typed his vintage style blues rock


I have this amp for over a year and I bought it after trying several small power amp and it was the only one to offer as many options (reverb, 2 channels, HP 12 "3-band EQ )
on the other hand, for a 5W amp, it's the size and weight and the price of a 40W.

zicotik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L5T-112
Power: 5W Ben is just misleading, and this is my problem: too much for a play quietly in an apartment.


Can not get any easier as use.


Rather warm and velvety tones for clean, very nice. We can make it more brilliant that said thanks to the key Bright, and / or tone, plus of course the equalizer. So it becomes quite versatile. For distortion, I think it's great too, she has character and is not garish, it's like the clean sound, it is warm and musical. For more cons is a good overdrive distortion, because the gain in depth, especially if you can not push the volume too much, it saturates little much, for the really saturated, I am obliged to put the Gratt position dual microphone, and possibly even trigger the boost (I have a little boost on my Blade, which boosts the preamp gain).

! Attention because this amp has a feature that was for me a very unpleasant surprise: the effects loop. This one, unlike any other amplifiers in which I played before, only allows to add the effect on the signal, it therefore does not divert the entire signal. So it's great if you want to use it to add a delay, reverb, or effect of this kind, but the rest is useless. Example: my pedalboard with volume pedal that I always connected in a loop on an amp, it does not work, the volume pedal does not handle the volume of the overall sound, but only the volume effect. For compression, the same, it does not work, wah wah, bof, distortion, forget too. In short, it is obliged to connect the pedal line between guitar and amp, which has a lot of drawbacks.


Ultimately I'm disappointed because it was my first tube amp, and after using it all day, we must go to the obvious: this is not possible to have such an amp to play apartment. 5W Yet, we say that it is very small, and testing it at the store, it seemed playable. But no. Of course you can play at low volumes, but here, honestly, the sound is not really interesting, and I am sorry to say this, but it gets worse as a good transistor amp, it can not have fun; it must be somewhat the same effect as driving a Ferrari on the caps of the ring road (well, I guess) So if we push the sound is ok, we realize the full dimension of this amp, and this lamps that provide, but it must be solved: it will never happen in my apartment that serves as my studio man, unless I agree to kill my neighbors so they never complain, and also to become deaf in a few months. On stage there, ok, it must be the super good time, but since I play more often at home for fun or to save that on stage is not the right plan.
Added to this the fact that the effects loop is wired strangely and not suitable for my use, I'll make it tomorrow and see what cons I can exchange it, death in the soul ... Ultimately I thought I would make a great gift by offering me finally a tube amp, and although I was wrong.

After it seems that there are reducing power, for example in VHM. A test then.

acromontagne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L5T-112
View previous opinions.


Very simple.
You plug it work or almost <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" />
There is a knob for gain, 3 for Eq, 2 for the Drive, one for brightness, 1 for reverb, a switch for brightness and one to go from light to Drive.

2 inputs Hi and Lo. I use the second with a Duesenberg guitar because it comes hard.

I do not use effects loops.


The sound is very typical for me but I think it's okay. I put a little time to tame it but now I love it. Very mellow, So British! It reminds me of the 5051 TLAudio I use for my voice. Truly sublime when you love that sound.

I have put my knob Duesenberg low enough for it not too Crunch. Volume at 5 watts it goes. I am solo on stage, on large trays I have a little in return, in small places, I must decline!


I use it for 6 months.

I tried just about all the small combo lamps. This is by far the one that suits me more. After that it should go to things bcp more powerful, expensive and bulky!

Yes I would do without this choice points. And then on top of his, what face ...

9 because I put that a bit more volume would have been nice ...

phooey's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L5T-112
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? What is the power dlivre? What connection? What rglages the effects? * ...

Amp 5 watt lamps, good sound output, regardless of volume, enough to make knobs mumuse.
Reverb for my part I find trs correct discrte certainly, but well made I think.
enter, HI and LO, but for my part, I only use the HI between dlivrer that allows the power of the beast.
Possibility to connect a speaker, and effects loop.
Well, I tried it a few hours now.

Aesthetically, it is really nice, good, must love the British style, but it has a pretty face. I like the knobs white, gives it a stamp.
Dpliable that allows the foot to tilt the amp, even if everything seems a bte, is apprciable.
Please note that the grip seems a bit feeble, too, I advise you immediately of being protected, by taping plastic around it.
Ok, was not terrible, but has no risk of damaging.
APRS, if you do not &#39;travel and keep it in the living room, this is not essential.


The configuration is it simple? Gets it easy to sound good? The manual is clear and sufficient? * ...
This is an amp everything from classic, two inputs, poatrd volume of clean, switch to brightness, volume and level of drive, adjustable bass middle and treble, reverb and tone.
In plug and play, no worries. If we add their effects pedals, requested a little time rglage. But hey, like all amps!
All knobs are sensitive and you can really shape the sound according to his wishes.

The manual, well it&#39;s 5 or 6 pages in English. At the same time, it is not really necessary.

just missing a tremolo!


Is it your style of music? With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? What kinds of sounds you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", " ",....) fatty what are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest? *

I have since last Saturday, I could test it for a few hours Sunday.

Hop, came home, my strat direct connection, clear sound fabulous (c&#39;tait a priority for me) the distortion really gniale English too, I really like this amp, besides its quality by the possibility to sculpt the sound!

Deuxime test, connection of effect pedals, compressor, MXR M102, a TS808, a Jekyll and Hyde.
Not bad, but I feel he resents the compressor, it hums a little time.
To see ... I found that to be cushy, it was good trs plug the jack under penalty of buzz.
I vir compressor, chang two cables with new ones, and no more buzzing. I&#39;ll go do some shopping the next move of cables.

Troisime test the effects loop. And well ... it&#39;s really not that good must admit ... I have just one branch fulltonedeja vibe, and it is clear that the sound of the guitar when using no effect DGRAD is not bad ... yet it is endowed with a true bypass.
So, I place in the chaining guitar amp, and looks even better when to go.
APRS to see, that tinkering may be well the knobs, you can get something good by using the effects loop ...
I have not tried with the delay, apparently, is a type of effect as the loop of Laney bear well (according to the manual).
For me, it&#39;s not too teacher, I use little or rarely trs effects modlisation but if you have a set of 5 or 6 pedals, you really have to test them before the offer!

Lareverb seems well made, although apparently, not everyone soitpas agree on this point. It is discrete, but all the same Submitted. For me, it is of good quality. Sure, there are better, but even when a password.

I play blues, blues rock mainly, and is nickel for a. The distortion really trs Led Zep sound when you push it well. I considered not using it that crunch, but ultimately, I think I&#39;ll use it grows well, and use the OD of the Jekyll and Hyde for the crunch, the TS808 as my booster. The distortion of the JH trs going well too, not too pushed, it gives her a banging and aggressive, hard kind that crunch!

Apart from the effects loop, this amp lacks a tremolo to make it almost perfect!


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? * ...
I voualis a very versatile amp that can allow me to play first home and with my group if possible.
I have been using trs little time, but have tried twice dj store (once for over two hours!), And 2 or 3 hours at home.
I cum forums and advice for over a month, I tried several other 5 watts, which are generally incomparable in terms of price, quality or power ... (Fender Super Champ, vox ac4, epiphone junior ...)

What is nice is that you can take home a small volume without rveiller neighbors o girlfriend with great quality sound!
And at the same time, we feel that the BTE has in the stomach.
For a repeated &#39;I am sure it goes without problem (Checker in September) for a scne, may go but I think that the transplant of a sound (via a microphone to enjoy the HP celestion) is ncssaire, especially for his clean, unless you only play stuff zen of course ...
Or treat yourself to a baffle.
Anyway, if it&#39;s convincing, I dbar my VOX AC30 CC2!

Apart from the effects loop, weight (20kg), but it&#39;s bearable, and, as I&#39;m boring if there was a tremolo effect on it, it&#39;s almost a no-fault for this amp is hand England.
Ah, another little trick, when you switch the drive to the clean sound, if the reverb is active and the gain lev slap a little reverb for change. I do not know if I express myself well, but all fawn, nothing serious I think.

I think I referrer this choice, this amp is almost unique in its range, and if I had to take something else, it would be a superior quality amp, so much more.
Good qualitprix, although these can vary widely ...
A try at least and if you fall in love, empty the nest egg!

Edit: Ok, APRS a little practice, I admit that as some people say their opinion, how Laney was able to put a reverb as rotten as a receiver?

Lodja's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L5T-112
See site builder.
It has good and would almost prsentation for furniture dcoration.
Attention required weight: PSE is almost 20 kilos for just ... 5 Watts!


In simplicity (almost) child.


Its the English.
The 5 Watts ads, thanks in part to HP, 12 ", have made a convincing sound trs, particularly in terms of power.
Not really prvu for metal.
The rverbe, less artificial than many amps, trs is progressive and remains even when the music is potentiomtre max. It is quite quieter and prompts the user to learn the basics and master REALLY sound, true, without artifice.


I was looking for an amp lamps "small wattage" of quality for the home, while it takes several esprant DCEN without "stumbling."
I t tempted by Blackstar, but the quality seemed a bit tight, and HP 10 "is well below that of the Laney 12". That said, the templates are similar but the prices will double.
Before buying it, I cum opinions about this amp on the internet and it seemed to be flawless for Laney.
For my part, I must say I had enough of t with respect to the quality of some matrial utiliss: potentiomtres quality of plastics, quality of coating ( blue), the plywood used for the structure ..., which may suggest, I think that the indoor of the bte, prices have also to be shot (at least in part) even if in some cases, efforts have rels t effectus: it is clear that for just 900 (including 538-port-o on the site I have bought it can not ask for the moon, even for a 5 Watts of twenty pounds!
So the price quality ratio is good if you do not pay "full price".
It is clear that this amp compare those brands such as Ibanez, Peavy and company is not really wise, has not really see anything but the most prestigious brands compare like Mesa, Soldano, Matchless .. . is not, I think he no longer objective.
This is an amp that is between two worlds.
Still, if you're looking for ultimate quality in an amp lamps, and you have what it takes in the piggy bank, go your way, there are many more ... for more.
If like me, you just plutt your budget level, the coup attempt: I believe that for just 550, it is clear that we can not beat gure.