Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]

Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]

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JTM310 [1994-1997], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JTM30 series.

12 user reviews
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Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997] tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Marshall
  • Model: JTM310 [1994-1997]
  • Series: JTM30
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 11/25/2006

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Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997] user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 9 reviews75 %
 3 reviews25 %

ericthegreat's review"great with live playing"

Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
This is a 120 watt solid-state amplifier, open-backed combo with built in effects. It has twin 12" speakers. It has two channels and a switchable reverb/effect pedal. Connections are made through standard 1/4" cables and has an extra speaker out to connect an additional speaker cabinet and a headphone out. It does not have a means to easily disconnect the speakers in the combo, meaning it would be difficult to connect a talkbox.


The sound is pretty loud, and not too bad. It is better at being loud than it is sounding good, although it's pretty easy to keep feedback under control on this amp. When I owned one, I used a Line 6 POD for my tone and played through the clean channel.

I can't ever remember needing or even using the manual. It is a pretty simply to use amp, and the effects are easy to engage, disengage, or switch through.


I used this with my Line 6 POD with FBV controller for all my effects and distortion needs. It is capable of playing a decent sound on its own, but with only two channels, there's not a whole lot of room for switching between crunch and heavy lead. It's more like clean and crunch, or clean and heavy lead.
The effects are kinda cool, but kind of useless in a live setting since the user would have to constantly set up different effects for different songs. I could be cool to have such an effect in a studio, but again, it's kind of useless because any decent studio would have better sounding effects rather than built-in amp effects.
The effects section is a little strange to have, because this amp is way too loud to be a practice amp, yet those kinds of effects would be suitable to have in a bedroom practice amp.
As for the tones, it's a low-end solid-state amplifier. If you're looking for real tone, you'd have to step it up to a tube amplifier, a higher-end solid-state manufacturer, or at least an amp with some amplifier modeling on it.


It was a good first live amp and I did keep it for a few years until I eventually sold it. It never went down on me and for the price was the best and loudest I could afford at the time.
I play a bit more seriously now. If I were in the market for a similar sized combo, I'd probably go after some kind of Mesa Boogie 2x12.

iamqman's review"Spacious amp"

Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
This is a great little combo amp that features two 10 inch speakers and 30 watts of power. It has the same great tone and features as the 60 wattage version but just half the power.

Back in the day when Marshall made amps that sounded good and took the time needed to build high quality amps not just fast quantity amps they build this little combo. This amp is a big surprise to me because I generally don't like the combos that Marshall has come out with. The sound is very sterile and boxy to my eras. However this amp sounds just as good if not better than many boutique amps out there today.

It boggles the mind why they decide to stop making amps like this and think that the MG series is much more worth the time and effect. Well the real reason is they make more money off the trash amps that fit to more people's budgets rather than sticking with quality amps and keeping their integrity.


JTM 60 310 Valve Combos Features

Twin Channel
Speakers 2 x 10 inch
EQ for Normal and Boost Channel Common
Emulated D.I. Output
Series Effects Loop
Speaker Outputs
Foot Pedal
Pre-amp Valves (Tubes) 2 x ECC83 (12AX7A)
Power Amp Valves 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34


I love the way this amp sounds with a nice Gibson Les Paul or Gibson SG guitars. It fits the rock tone and compliments my playing very well. This amp sounds amazing with a solid classic rock tone that can get anything from the 60's and 70's rock tones.

The tone is warm and rich full of great harmonics. I like the tone especially playing songs from AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. This amp nails those tones without any problem what so ever.

Another interesting thing about this amp is the effects loop on the front of the amp much like some amps from Peavey. To me this it too much going to the front especially if you are micing it up.


Marshall has seriously got down he tubes in recent pun intended. Their amps has a bland cold tone that sound harsh and flat whether its in your bedroom playing or even on stage. I have played most Marshall amps that are currently in production and only a few amps sound anything like the old ones.

These are not new amps so you'd have to find them on the used market. I have no idea what the going rate for one of these amps are used, but I highly recommend picking one up.

moosers's review

Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
The Marshall JTM 30 is a medium sized guitar combination amplifier. Like the name contains, the amp will deliver 30 watts of power, so while not suitable for live shows in larger venues or with a full band, the JTM 30 is great for practicing, recording, and smaller or stripped down live shows. The amp is valve based, and has 1/4" jacks for input, foot switch, and for a send and return loop. It has both stand by and power buttons.


The make up of the Marshall JTM 30 is a very simple one, but still maintains access to a good amount of control over your sound. The amp contains a volume knob, and then three sections of parameters. The first section is for boost, which has knobs for volume and gain, the next is for tone which has knobs for bass, middle, and treble, and the last section is a master one, containing parameters for reverb and volume. I think that anyone who has even the slightest amount of experience with guitar amps, will be able to figure out how to use this amp quickly and without the assistance of a manual or any outside source. The parameters should certainly be familiar for experienced users.


The Marshall JTM 30 has a very full bodied sound for an amp on the smaller side. I've used the amp for recording sessions, and although I was a bit weary at first, in the end I was very happy with the results. It turns out that even if you have this amp up only about half way, if you close mic the speaker using a good mic (like a Shure SM57 or Sennheiser MD 421) and run it through a good pre, that you can get some very professional sounding results. I was extremely happy with the crisp and full warm sound that we ended up getting with the JTM 30, even if it might not have been my desired choice at first.


I don't believe that they currently make the Marshall JTM 30, but you could probably find one used if you so desired, as they didn't make these all that long ago. However, if you can't find one I wouldn't stress too much about it, as although it is a very good sounding amplifier, there are definitely plenty out there that have a comparable sound quality of this size. Having said this, the Marshall JTM 30 is as good of a choice as any in it's class of amps, so if you come across one definitely don't over look it.

awks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
Contrary to what is written in another post, I'm not sure that there is a version in two 12-inch speakers (there would be no place to put them, in my opinion).
However, there are indeed two versions, the JTM30-312 with a Celestion G12 Heritage and JTM30 version with two HP 10pouces (not 12) mounted most often with Eminence Heritage 10.
And in my opinion, that is only my opinion, only the amplifier section is interesting, and they had the good sense to an outside cabin output 16ohms rear


And in my opinion, that is only my opinion, only the amplifier section is interesting, and they had the good sense to an outside cabin output 16ohms rear


And in my opinion, that is only my opinion, only the amplifier section is interesting, and they had the good sense to an outside cabin output 16ohms rear


And in my opinion, that is only my opinion, only the amplifier section is interesting, and they had the good sense to an outside cabin output 16ohms rear

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  • Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
  • Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
  • Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]
  • Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]

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