Peavey ValveKing 112
Peavey ValveKing 112

ValveKing 112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Peavey ValveKing 112

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Drikxe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very well after a few mods ...."

Peavey ValveKing 112
Tube amp 50W
1 reverb, Gain! and a knob to change the grain of the U.S. / British (ditto Blackstar)


The config is very simple, the manual I have opened by acquired conscience before making lamps and HP


Personal I need a large range of sound, light fenderien the cleaner through the prog rock, punk, metal see so I struggled a bit to find an amp capable of fulfilling these conditions for a price very reasonable.
Originally this is good, even very good, but it is so subjective ... I'm a perfectionist and I chose to go in search of the Supreme grain ....

I changed the lights for a grain a bit more flexible but very biting, I had the Mesa so I am not deprived. HP missing for my taste tolerance in high and low frequencies, I cracked my uis a CELESTION 100 € (yes ... anyway)

And then it sounds graaave .......... I put 10 after my original mod but already it was worth a good 8. I can live and breathe the beast, it vibrates, it whines, it sings, it feedback .....

PS / I wallow on Fender Jaguar HH (grose saturation) and an Ibanez quarter average fund range
PS2 / the selector grain U.S. / UK, well it's still subtle eh, do not be surprised, Blackstar better managed this find.


I've had more than a year, I had the Bugera Marshall (lamps and transistor), the Crate, Fender (but nothing to do, Fender knows nothing about the distortion that rips off her pants ! lol) and VOX
Even config origin, quality price ratio is very good, it's tough, it sounds and you can play with at home without a good sound without flatten the neighbors wall. For rehearsal or small concert is also nickel, the guy does not let p'ti dismantled over other instrumentals and password bnickel frequency, not boiled anything ...
It is oriented for those who want to gain but again, the clean channel is a pleasant surprise
The footswitch is cheap, I thought it would be six months but it is actually super tough ...

mcolin22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference price / quality!"

Peavey ValveKing 112
Under 16 Ohm 50 Watt
A speaker 12 "ValveKing
Lamps: 2 x 6L6GC and three 12AX7 x
Two channels indépandants (Footswitchable)
EQ thomann separated by channel
Lead channel controls: gain / volume boost (Footswitchable)
Output for external speaker
Adjustable reverb
Effects loop
Resonance switch
Amp simulation class A / B
Dimensions: 464 x 543 x 260mm
Weight: 21 Kg
Optional footswitch


Operation is extremely easy! 2 channels with two different equalizers and checking feet, we would not have been happier for that price. In addition, the manual provided the setting that offers to find her close to the limit quality of the amp fairly easily.


The amp excels on the clean channel, it has no identity as a Fender or Marshall for example, which makes finding a sound that goes from slamming (with BRIGHT engaged) in his very fat. On the lead channel, the receiver allows amplitude of its lower (it is impossible to get such extreme saturations screamo) but it is very good for saturations less extreme kind rock n 'roll. The resonant switch and unnecessary and choice class A / AB quickly forgotten by the fact that he has the back of the beast. A gain boost and volume can affect the channel but will saturate quickly banished by the precision lost by their activation. The presence of an effects loop is noted as an optional footswitch unfortunately very expensive.


I use it for a month and I'm thrilled, of course we saw the ultimate in sound but the price was also a world of difference! I advise anyone who finds the lamp and to those who make the scene on a budget. Unnecessary to take such power to play at home, a 15 W suffirai ample.
That choice I will ever share the quality / price competition that literally explodes.

flegmatize's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
50W all-tube, clean channel, channel saturated reverb spring (not top), an effects loop.


Conventional configuration, plug and play.


It has its own personality, overall sound rather aggressive
Clean bright and round, almost slamming.
Saturation to crunchy metal, but in the hard-rock/heavy it finds the best placement in my opinion.

Anyway it sounds a whole lot better than most of the transistors at the same rate, it has all the dynamics of a lamp.


I use it for about 4 years, mainly to play metal at the start (it does very well with a good distortion pedal), I use it now to register a more rock / funk.
This model is for me a reference for money in the combos in this range, one lamp while the price is just excellent!

Lycaos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Peavey ValveKing 112
• - 50 watts (rms) Into 16 ohm
• - Two and Three 12AX7 tubes 6L6GC
• - Two independent footswitchable channels
• - Separate EQ For Each Channel
• - Footswitch gain / volume boost on lead channel
• - External speaker capability
• - 12 inch ValveKing (R) speaker
• - With Reverb level control
• - Buffered effects loop
• - Resonance switch for "tight or loose" cabinet response
• - Patented Texture (TM) variable Class A simulation control
• - Footswitch not included
• - Unpacked Weight: 41.00 lbs (18,597 kg)
• - Packed Weight: 46.00 lbs (20,865 kg)
• - Packed Width: 14.25 "(36,195 cm)
• - Packed Depth: 25.12 "(63.8048 cm)
• - Packed Height: 22 "(55.88 cm)


Really it is super easy to use, just read the manual, but must speak English = /
The configuration is simple to share knowledge to properly use buffs and lamps.
We get it fast enough sound really big! It


agree perfectly with my folk metal!
Sound can be fat and heavy, but also more precise, and with him forget the distortion pedal, it will be too violent sinn.
Ptite The reverb is really appreciable, its Chalu HERD lamps is beautiful!
I can do much heavier than the specific distortion.
As it is very clean claquand even if we put the treble boost, and volume too high (over half) it tends to have a cruncher.
But frankly I find it a lil defect is sometimes too heavy, but otherwise I love it with my Cort X2 (and I would love it even more with my EC1000 LTD) since


Use 1 year and a half I tried marshals, engel, mesa boogie line 6, kustom, but my favorite is for him!
Like not just weight, difficulty of transportation, but I like the sound it out myself!
Price impeccable quality, yes yes yes! I would do this choice!!

yannou56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my first all-tube"

Peavey ValveKing 112
all-tube amp, 50w, 3-band equalizer for 2 channels + reverb. 2 entry hihg and low. footswicht is in the surplu but alas (like me) your tradesman the stock, you can do to provide


the front is one-do-simple. there are only the essentials. regarding the manual, I did not even open (as you say this amp is simple. for the sound, the clean, I had no problem. I found the sound suited me very quickly. ca been saturated for another story. but it was largely on my guitar and microphone treble. for me the 498T the les paul is too powerful and too rough. I then put of ESP LH200 and magically in 3 minutes, clean as saturation, micro bass and treble were set. good must say that even as we speak of a whole lamp is 450 euros. do not expect either the sound of the century. but with better tubes and a better hp, this can become the very good.


my style of music is blues and rock. but luckily for me I do not listen that ca. regarding the different sound we can get, I alas can not help you. I'm not a fan of Dufait tweak the amp to get the sound of a particular group or person. I uses a les paul studio connected directly. I'm still not good enough to have an absolute need for a particular pedal.


I use it for a year. he came to replace not a bad marshall mg15fx. since I've heard a lot of amp but when you want an amp with a lamp while good value for 450 euros (except in the 4 or 5 wattt) you do not have masses of solutions. and therein lies the advantage for me vk112 principle. in time for the same budget I would do so this election.

zigrou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
Tube amp 2 channels + boost.
Footswitch not included (available on some sites Teutonic)


The amp is very versatile, we can find a sound that fits on this machine, since it has a true clean channel with two sounds (with or without the "bright" on), and a channel saturated covering still a lot of possibilities, with a boost bonus. It has four possibilities, not bad. The footswitch is not included, so bought the amp as it obviously is a little way, and it is not clear that the shop that sells you the receiver has the switch in stock (live Germany) . Count 50 euros extra.
Once this gap filled, it is a delight to use.
I put 8 because of the footswitch to buy separately, I personally do not find relevant to put the pedal option to lower the purchase price is rather cons-productive, since it is cheap to me , adding the 40 or 50 euros needed ... M'enfin ...


The strong point of this amp is the versatility. It has a range of quality sounds very broad. Personally I found the sounds that I agree on 2 channels.
Now, I do not consider that the sounds are delivered the most beautiful I've ever heard, I will just never put double or triple to get the clear sound of a Fender, for example: I love the sound a Twin when I hear someone make a good solo on it, but it's not for me. I can not play on a Fender is like this. I am better playing on the clean channel of the Peavey. What I say is valid with a Classic 50, I feel more at home on it as a Twin or Hot Rod ... And more saturated it is downright better than a Fender! So I will not compare with any brand either, Marshall, Mesa and other, this is not the purpose of the maneuver. I just want to explain that crashes sometimes stubbornly want this amp, amplifier type can also pollute your sound, keep you from moving forward. Extensive debate has its place rather in a forum, at least if your repertoire covers many styles, if you're not obsessed with Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix (Random), better get an amp like ValveKing seen its price. If you have the dough for a Mesa Boogie, take the Mesa.
Small clarification: the weak point of this is the Peavey HP (but originally it usable), mine is expecting a Celestion very soon, to be continued.


Versatile tool for those who spend so heavy funk to Led Zep through the blues in its price range the ValveKing has no conccurents, considering what it proposes.

Edit of 06/04/2010: I changed the HP and put a Celestion classic 8O. The sound is clearer, sharper as well as being less aggressive, battery hair what I wanted, and the 2 channels have clear and lead change. Start with my marriage is perfect. With a good Les Paul (which I construed, sniff), it is hell too. So after changing, I would say value for money always interesting (340 euros + 120 euros amp for the switch and the HP).

Eiwar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
50 W tube amp
Sold without footswitch (40 € extra)
Made in China.


Very simple fix. There is little time to warm up.
Some knobs and away!


The clean sound is superb. I play with my Fender Start or my ESP LTD KH-603, this makes good. One senses the difference between the two guitars. I found him a nice little side vintage.

The popping sound of the amp is great with the stratum (with a seymour duncan bouble rail). I have a sound Rock'n Roll cunchy nice.
But to the metal: not worth it.
So I use an overdrive Vox Joe Satriani. The sound is excellent for Heavy Metal. Those who would make Death, should avoid this amp is limited to this function.

Finally, the asset, this amp is that it has a potato in hell! Sound! It covers the nags of drummers!

The disadvantage is that it sounds too low: the sound crashed.


I've had 2 years. I troll for rehearsals and concerts ... Moreover it is very heavy .... too heavy ....
This is an amp that suits me fine, I am the Blues, Jazz, Rock and Hard Rock. So it is very versatile. Then, I would advise the amateur guitarists who like me are passionate about music but who do not live, and who need a powerful combo, with good sound and versatile.
I had no problems with reliability.

I would do this election if it would be

dameuhien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
All Tube Combo, 50W clean channel / saturated with bright and boost, respectively, in 2 inputs, effects loop, footswitch between channels to control the boost in more saturated output for sending sound from speakers .

APRS is classical, we can rgler bass, mdiums, treble, volume, gain, reverb ...

See other reviews for the rest.


Ample for all, an amp, not a factory gas rgler.


Well, the a is complicated ...

Ok, it's just a lamp, but it does not delight everyone.

Basically, I bought this amp a year ago, to OCCAZ, original quip. In clean, no problem, it's clean, beautiful, warm, round, ringing a lamp, is the 10/10.

In distortion has to gte, if one goes too gain and volume, a sound again, if you push a little bte, there's nothing more than "it's ugly! "

This amp in orgine configuration is made for the blues / funk / pop / stuff trs low distortion, for mtal / rock big sound, we forget for a year, I really suffered.

But because there is a but, there are 2-3 weeks, I inquired more about the Valveking and I Discoveries and why and how ... Basically, the lamps are not gniales without being corrupted, and above all is the HP which is cool.

So I changed there is a short week for the HP Eminence Wizard 12 '/ 16ohms, and all the lights for Tube Amp Doctor (for REFERENCE contact me by PM I remember l. ..)

Rsultat, I have the same amp ... It's another world is more povylent Finally, for me, I can finally kick the big distos, I finally saturated channel worthy of the name, and I speak not even boost , which boosts finally dignity!

Ms. pushing the balls its bottom, the notes come out in note and not pure pea is net prcis it is beautiful that's all.
So original, it is good but basically sound. Reman is good at everything. I put 8 because if I played the blues but I put 10 as his rather large bah even when I can not put 10.

But even when trs good amp!


Acquired over more than a year, trs good opinion of bte, considering the price for the whole lamp is bread bni.

APRS see what I say in sound. Sounds is fine, unless you want mtalliser, the must prvoir some modifications.

APRS, with modifications, it is doing with an amp out of proportion to the original version that rivals some I've experienced marshal.

Some good huh, because a will still not a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier or Soldano.

But look the other way, today I have the sound I expected, while a lamp for less than 500, the ball!

TBeary's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
Type-amplification: All lamps (2 + 3 12AX7 6L6GC)
-Power: 50 Watts, but it sends a lot more than for the same power transistor (logic)
-Connectors: Input Jack -2 guitar, High Gain and Low Gain
A-2 FX Loop with Jack Connectors (Send + Return)
-A jack on the rear panel for Foostwich
Note, no headphone jack, but in theory it's good not to play in the room!
Settings: 2 channels, clean and lead, with each channel EQ Bass, Middle, Treble + reverb common to both channels. Note that a boost of volume and gain is available for the Lead channel and a boost for the Bright Clean.

Nothing to say the above 9 because of the headphone jack (must be a little difficult ein = D)


The configuration is relatively simple, we get a good sound easily in the équializer tampering and playing with the boost.

The manual is clear, no complaints.


Ah, let's go in the thick of it!
I should point out first that I mainly play a Epiphone Les Paul Studio and soon with a Fender Telecaster Deluxe, I would do if I think an edict change ^ ^

For style, I play mostly punk rock Californian sauce Blink 182, Green Day, etc ...

In terms of its clean: Good clean sound, fairly round, it becomes very active when slamming the boost, but it has not much personality, there is enough going on everywhere (advantage or disadvantage for that matter). With stuffed my Les Paul bass, the boost is almost all the time on, and it makes really not bad for the arpeggios and sounds cleans at all genre.Pour to effects pedals on it's nickel, it even improves the sound pedals! I went from a Roland Cube 15 to Valveking too, so it's clear that it has nothing to do!

Drive sound: I was a little disappointed initially by the distortion of the amp, but must say that as the hours of use I was charmed!
This gives a sound with a nice grain, limited vintage, without being runny or type in the cold and the metal! It was one of my biggest fears before trying to have a metal type sound, but actually not, it is more versatile and built for rock than metal! (I wonder also how to play the top of the metal, after that probably comes from my guitar too ^ ^). The sound is rather rich media, not aggressive enough nor ca head off the kind Randall and others.
For my style of music, it suits me, it's pretty happening everywhere. Good is not the height of a very very good all-tube, but it starts to feel good sound lights, real sound, and just for that it is quite interresting.
The real plus bring a boost for solos, although it becomes a bit messy the gain past 3 / 4.
I rarely exceeds half the gain, that's enough, we get a nice little sound at the Green Day or Sum, without forcing on the set!
As against the past 3 / 4 it gets really very brouilon, so for the most accurate phrasing metal, it's not top top!

Sounds good in general, it enters the world of lamps, and have a sound of that quality for under 400 euros, is already a very good thing.


I use it for one month now, but I've already spent a lot of hours on it!
I bought it to repeat, and the power is sufficient for LAAAAAAARGEMENT repeated!

What I like most: The price! All lamps 400 euros, it's made in china but it's still nice to be able to pay any lamps that price!
The power of sound! It sounds, and it sends the puree in repeated! The drummer had better watch out! (Niaaaark!) against the other, for those who intend to buy it to play in the room, quickly forgotten, barely past 1 2 The volume ca shakes the walls, the neighbors will not appreciate!
The clean sound and distortion not too far! The clean sound is pretty versatile and lends itself to all the pedals, distortion and without being too far gives a really nice sound!

What I like least: The weight! It feels good to spend the 23 kg when to carry it!
The distortion too far! It is rough and not accurate at all, not for the metal! (Surprising from Peavey!)

I try a Randall 50GT, and it does not really suit me, too metal type!

The price / quality ratio is pretty good after all! We must not forget that this price was, the components are necessarily "cheap", so it's far from being the best all-tube amp ever seen, but for those who want to pay any lights without having to type in the 600 700 euros, go for it!

With experience, surely I would do this choice because in my Buget (max 500 euros) was one of the few lamps provide all the sound quality.

samiel59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 112
- What kind of amplification: Lamps (3x12AX7 2x6L6 +)
- What is the dlivre power: 50W
- What are the rglages, the effects ... : 2 channels clean and distortion.
volume each time rglage acute, medium and severe and reverb (common to both channels)
With, for the clean channel a button to "boost" the treble, which adds clarity what button is not a accesoire ...
And a distortion channel gain setting a button to boost the distortion (shown on the footswitch).
And a selector at the back Class A / AB and a button rsonance.


- The configuration is it simple as another combo, turn the pots of qualiseur, we increase the volume and go.
- Gets it easy to sound good: Yes
- The manual is clear and sufficient: OCCAZ purchased, so no manual included but this is easily on the peavey site. it is clear


- Is it your style of music I make punk rock, grunge, I used the clean channel with pedals and I completely agree.
- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) you play: a lag - Roxane, my effects are prfr mtal muff, and od - 2 boss .
- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages: on the clean channel I put low 8 / 9, Mid 5 / 6, TREB 6 / 7 with the treble boost button, I get a round and Crystal clear (a real clean sound a lamp) on, I put my disto and sends ca!
- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest: the clear sound terrible, you can add what you want. But the channel distortion and far too serious for me. AIM me I use this channel more often to enjoy the lights, but I have yet to figure out how to use it well ... if it can be used ...


- How long you use it: 1year 1 / 2
- What is the particular feature you like best, the least: As a 50w that price.
the least: the distortion channel too serious.
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir: yes, but with a budget ricrac.
- How do you report qualitprix: the best of the market.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice: Yes. and I recommend it to all the world.
Honestly, unless you have large jobs at home and wanting abatre Wall, 50w is more than enough. I play in bars, and festival without being taken on a sound, he always assured. He made kilometers in my chest and he did not move. I think can be added to a baffle for better dissemination ...