Truetone Workhorse Pony
Truetone Workhorse Pony

Workhorse Pony, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Truetone.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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checkzeflo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent playmate"

Truetone Workhorse Pony
30W all-tube amp single channel without effects loop.
30W beat up the burn! I suspect the designers have wanted to keep a clean sound even at 30W, where a huge reserve of power.
There is a setting spring reverb and 3-band EQ efficient hyper.
Little surprise, output 9V power effects pedals.
The speaker is a Celestion 12 inch high quality.
The amp is solid, well made and seems reliable.

I is 7 because there is no effect loop and that there is a channel. It is "forced" to put pedals for all sounds desirable. This is certainly a drawback but basically what guitarist does not have a gaggle of pedals today?


Easier you die a first! But it is not so simple then.

the amp is mono channel has been designated to accommodate effects pedals including the famous Jeckyl & Hyde comes with the amp.

We obtain easily a clear warm and vibrant thanks to the 3-band EQ on the amp.
Saturated and crunch sounds are insured for their pedal via J & H. The latter is just fantastic and very versatile. The overdrive (Jeckyll) provides access to light or crunches furibards for blues, rock and hard rock vintage trend based (or copied) to the tube screamer Ibanez who has nothing to prove in this register.
Disto channel (Hyde) significantly increases the gain for leads and impetuous rhythms while power metal.
It also has a bass boost on the overdrive channel (switched in my case) and two modes of channel distortion distortion from "normal" to downright angry and aggressive!
Interlocking the 2 channels at the same time we find ourselves with a new sound boosted and compressed but workable especially lead.

By setting against the 3 channels requires time and attention to detail including volumes and EQ for each channel. This is why, starting with a disarmingly simple amp we find ourselves still huge opportunities with versatility and settings via the J & H.

With all my guitars (see profile), this amp and this pedal associated sound very well. I became a fan of downright overdrive channel.


It is suitable for all styles of music as long as you add the right pedals. I plug my Fullbore metal to the big metal stain, Jeckyll channel for blues and clean Crados etc ... everything is a matter of fact pedals!
The clean sound is beautiful and clear I sometimes added to GE7 boosted my solis clear and change my tone a little ...
Whatever sounds are very good in all config I tested.


I use it mainly for a few months to play alone at the moment but it has already made a repeat with Battery.

It is obviously very powerful for home use but still sounds good even at low volume (since its purpose is to clear the remained, it minimizes the lack of ability to spit lamps in my view).

I would do without this choice problem and wonder why this amp is no longer made now.
La Sentinelle05/13/2009

La Sentinelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Truetone Workhorse Pony
30W All tube, 2 6L6 power.
1 guitar input
1 output power supply to power an effects pedal
A 3.5 mm input jack for connecting an external audio device
Settings-simple: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass + reverb.

Other significant features were also strongly influenced my choice when purchasing:
- The ability to adjust the bias of the lamps or even thanks to LED indicator on the back and a small screwdriver supplied. We can do without a technician.
- The front bezel hp whose role is to disperse the sound so much wider than a conventional amp. This is very nice when playing in bars or small rooms without being transplanted.


Plug and play: one branch and there's sound.
The output power supply for pedals can be very handy when playing at home and you do not want to leave the PSU boss.


The dynamics of this amp is quite impressive. In my opinion, the Celestion Seventy-80 is there for something.
The clean sound is fairly neutral, but not cold. It is very clean cons, that is to say it does not crunch (well I have not tried it with the volume turned ...). Therefore, it allows pedals very well do their job. My boosters are much more dynamic and efficient than my other amps.
This amp has the sound we want to give him. For my part, I put him in a blackstar distortion and it sends severe. Rendering with the Jekyll & Hyde provided is obviously great too.


I've had 2 years.
The sound and the various innovations proposed by Visual Sound amps are ideal for small venues (bars, clubs) and for those wishing to put their pedals value.
That's what I was looking for when I bought it, and I have not found better.

Seeya007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Truetone Workhorse Pony
Amp full "lights" a terrible simplicity 30w, 1 channel point :-) At connectors and knobs in the trs is simple: volume, bass, middle, treble, reverb, between a guitar, between one to an output and an HP supplmentaire 9V pedals for Djekyll & Hyde. That's it!
Small BMOL SUBJECTIVE, Visual Sound, very small scale human Socit dfend philosophy "hand made" ... shame that the amp is made in China! It's good quality but it's not The finish irrprochable. Nothing, I mfie Chinese products ...


The configuration could not be simpler, it's essentially plug and play.
The manual is well torch but there's not much to learn, but may be the rglage of bias when relamping. At this point, Visual Sound has ProCD prompts the user to change lamp itself. To help such chih, there is the rear 2 p'tites loupiotte that change color depending on the rglages.


This amp should all styles of music as much as it adds the pedals adquate. It comes with pedals Djekyll and Hyde is a real bomb. The clear sound "basic" is really nickel, round, prcis. Personally I play the Rock The Edge and his tricked out some effects, I really what I want.
Also this amp has to be used t Designed with pedals and sincrement not a vain illusion: one connects and works right away. I tried the same on my amp Djekyll brunetti, with the same rglages and objectively, is not the same.
Ah ... it is also lightweight: approx 18 kg ... and comes with a bag of excellent invoice (drawback properly and with wide pockets latrales).
Just a BMOL, it is really powerful and if we play at home ... most of its ranges between 0 and 1 (above, way too strong), so you must handle the volume knob with extreme dlicatesse. I would have been 9.5, but there's no such note.


I've had two months and I'm really pleased. I bought the United States via Ebay ( ) to about 900. It is not given but it's really good quality ... so I would do this choice.

Totolight's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Truetone Workhorse Pony
The Workhorse Pony is an all-tube amp channel with a power of 30 watts, more than enough for small gigs and scenes not transplants.

The amp possde three strengths dmarque the competition and which are not only selling point. First, the "rim" to the HP that allows a true dispersion of sound, the only channel of its clear trs perfectly neutral host all types of pedals and finally the possibility to change their own lamps m my thanks to Systm calibration diode.

Dballage to the amp that inspires more confidence. The finishes are irrprochables. Amp all-leather, looks great (have to love the rim aluminum cot), more visual sound does not lsign small "cotquot, which are really fun. In fact, the amp is comes with a protective cover, a 4 m cable to connect his pedals, a point to calibrate the lamps and of course the pedals jekyll n hyde for crunches and furious distos.

The connection is complete for this amp to see avant-garde.
- An input
- A CD to plug in a CD or MP3 player
- A line out with HP will integrate simulator to connect a mixing desk, for example
- A plug 9 VDC 200 mA to dlivre to connect all its pedals. A really interesting option because the transformer is longer needed or the batteries falling all the time in port at the wrong time.

Rglages level, is simple. Volume, treble, and bass mdium and a little reverb but actually quite nice anecdote about this type of amp.

As you can see, Visual Sound has sought simplifies the life of the musician by providing a simple amp to use while seeking to innovate and for my part I think the challenge is Russian.


Regarding the use, no need to call Einstein to use the Workhorse, one branch turning the volume knob and fire!
The manual is nice even though it may be all in English, but it gives a lot of tips for the calibration of the lamps and the SETTING THE PDAL comes with.
A final point concerning the use of pedals. The design of the Visual Sound pedals is excellent, it becomes very easy to switch between the sound without having to do any gymnastics legs. Trs pratque guitarist for the singer that I must focus on several things simultaneously.


This amp is versatile like no other!
I think not to say BTIS saying that all guitarists should, because the sound of pedals that will dpendra joined the amp.
Note that the clear sound quality is great trs neutral but warm, he respects the game of the guitarist.

For my part I use the same manufacturer H2O, Jekyll and Hyde No. I rdcouvre my H20 as the workhorse fully transcribed all the subtleties of the pedals. Previously I was using a Peavey VK 212 and I must admit that this is the day and night. I redcouvert delay part of the H20 much better in Dfine workhorse. I spent more time settle the Jekyll hyde n but in the end I am more than satisfied. In the crunch I get a sound close to bands that I love (Queen Of The Stone Age to name my REFERENCE sound) and the bass distortion is simply the limit of Dante metal.

The sound quality is really at the appointment. This amp never get tired because if its no longer suits you simply change the pedals!


It's been a few days I use it but I'm dj conquered. I tried many things, marshall JCM 900, Fender hotrod deluxe, I possde also a lil orange transistor. All these amp possdent an own personality that is difficult to alter. The CRER's workhorse amplifier offers its image with the addition of his pedals prfrs with its hallucinatory quality. It's really the point that I find excellent, you do not buy an amp for its sound but your sound.

Report qualitprix excellent

This amp will become a classic no doubt!

Lolo123456's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Truetone Workhorse Pony
30 watt all-tube amp just one clear channel
adjusting volume bass mid treble and reverb
2 small holes at the back to calibrated lamps
Two witnesses to view the calibration
cd in an entry
a guitar input
a line-out "with integrated simulation hp"
HP and sorites
house transport
Pedal & jekgll hgue Visual Sound


The configuration of the amp is very simple just turn the volume and fire!!
the sound of this combo is pure beauty hot hot hot
the manual is very simple but very useful sourtout to set the calibration lamps
very well done ..


Sound, how to tell you I have a orange amp and I can tell you that it is superior
point of view of its heat and diffusion, the small rim as everyone calls it is not there to be sunny but dispersed sound.
is an amp that fits any style of music is his clear channel of extreme purity he respects the sound of pedals "for my part I had pedals that sounded dull and plugged them on the workhorse and then magically it sounds of hell "comes with the pedal, filled the Polivalente of this amp, it is terrible on this amp.


For me the best amp ever heard the sound sound sound
I think we came to nirvana!!
mesa boogie, orange etc. ..... have to worry about the
especially for the price it offers 900 euros for the pony against 2000 to 3000 euros for the concurrency
which is no better than this fabulous pony worhorse
I have one word to say try it and see .....
For my part I have already ordered a 2nd pony for a stereo furious
if we had one day that I leave this amp I think it would be like a bereavement
I'm in love for the first time in my life .....