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All user reviews for the Vox AC4TV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 32 reviews )
 17 reviews53 %
 11 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

jerem's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real bargain!"

Well, j'me decides to put an opinion!
Everything is already said (4w class A all-tube integrated with attenuation of 1W and 1/4W), a 12AX7-ECC83 in preamp and an EL84 power.
Tone of a knob, one volume (which is the volume and drive) and that of the Att.
1pt for me I remove the single 16-ohm connection to external speaker (I do not care I have a 2 * 12 to 16 ohms, but it may be too restrictive for others) and-1pt because the level design (I open to see!) is a little cheapies (the famous carry handle but especially at the PCB and metal poles holding lamps inside), although for the price one can hardly ask for more (on the internet is nickel, mag in France the quality / price is already so good ...).


As mentioned above, config ultra simple, no need for manual (except perhaps to clarify that the internal speaker is cut when it is plugged into an external cab ... and again!)
The sound is very natural and true to the guitar plugged in, it has a really strong momentum for a small amp of this class and at this price.
The tone is rather "open" the next sound attenuation, it does not change much EQ to be that given by your guitar pickups. We'll have to (re) learn to use the knobs on your guitar if it's not the case!
For the clean sound at high volume drop, but for the crunch (playground legendary Vox) it's all good.
Wholesale crunch (13-14h to 15h to see the next volume guitars and microphones), it could almost follow a group (to be tested according to the volume you are playing).
Note that the rendering of the HP 10 ", which has rather good news is really good. I do not think the versions of 8" and 6.5 "are worth the shot under the price difference perso ... Nickel


to play at home or small beef between guitars, I play it at 1W or 4W, I found him in 1/4W little interest, too, because the sound chokes HP does not work enough in my opinion.
Very good first impressions with the original lamps, I still tested changes (especially an old Mazda NOS EL84 and JJ EL84 in place of the Sovtek baseline) and after ... well, I did not could return to the original config so it was better for me! (Less messy, less muffled and more beautiful) music.
If you want a pile of clean and more beautiful but keeping crunch with the volume, in a 5751 Sovtek preamp (instead of Chinese origin) with JJ EL84 power gave me sounds more Cool.
It is true that it seems a little better with single mics, but with good lighting inside the ring less humbuckers can really dark and muffled.
So far I like the cleans that cleans dirty and big crunches with my guitar (a Fender Stratocaster U.S. limited edition Big Apple with 2 doubles and Seymour mounted original split-singles of origin). I have not tried pedals (sound is already top like that), but I think he will eat, like any self-respecting Vox, my Trouble Booster!


Used for nearly three weeks, I was hesitant with other models (including the special VHT 6 but apparently the HP is rotten, but the blackheart, fender etc.) but were more expensive.
I was looking for a small amp to boost my head Orange PPC212 Rocker30 and to bring anything with me easily!
I did not want something that goes too far in saturation, so I have not thought about Class5 I wanted qqchose light and portable for carrying around in rehearsals and small cattle, with only 9kg, it succeeded!
I tried a Blackstar HT5 in the past, provided more connectivity, but also more expensive, and the mitigation side is really a plus for the house. In addition, except in saturated fat which is his domain, I do not think the sound of the HT5 is better ...
Brief 200E, a real bargain for this little amp functional and passes across its really great, I put that 9 in overall rating for the reasons I said and also because we can not know whether he will aging well (despite the attention that I have for him) and support small trips for which he also designed I think.
In any case I regret it's all for now!
To be continued!

logan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Power 1/4W, 1W or 4W choice.

1 HP port. Caution is of 16 ohms. Do not grill your amp by plugging the wrong HP above. It's a shame because most speakers are 8 ohms, 4 ohms or even for very good speakers.


Config very simple: 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 choice of power

Manual useless.

you plug it sounds


Sound saturates rather quickly. To play very clean sound that's not the amp for you.

on the other hand to play its a little crunch is staggering. The lamp works well and quickly, the sound is magnificent. I had a compression pedal, it is good to throw because the compression of the amp is there.

In 4w, I would not be surprised that in ca enough to play with a drummer.


1 week and satisfied.

Value for money unbeatable. The sound lamp for less than 200 euros in your room.

The lack of reverb is not very serious so the sound is musical.
I'm personally a holy grail branch + Prorat solo before and it's a killer!

It is the ideal pocket amp I was looking for 15 years. Incredible

Fozen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little heat at home"

see previous description ... everything has been said


Using ultra simple.
3 power to choose, 1 / 4 W, 1 W 4 W
One volume, one tone.

A manual? ah? ... I did not read:)

They quickly come to play with the parameters volume / tone.


The sound is warm without coloring the sound of my guitar that stays clean ... great.

It is possible to identify the sound brighter or quiet crunch, and add fullness that you want ... I use it with an Overdrive EH Français Muff'n and there it is more a vamp, I miss more than that a fireplace with a wood fire and "Winter can spend as it wants). I play it with a Fender American Special Start. I sometimes add a little more reverb and a holy grail wha, all that input amplifier and the fact that he accepts full of serious stuff coming in this nice little Vox.


I use it for 4 months now

A little retro look beautiful!

Ideal for playing at home, before I had a Fender Frontman 15R transistor, I can tell you that the shock was brutal when I went on a killing ... Vox, my ears and my heart fell in love lamps this little amp.

I think it's an excellent value for money (245 €), to make the difficult I would say a small headphone jack would have been more interesting. Maybe a standby well. But then I become difficult. :)

SupaD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exactly what I was looking for and I'm demanding!"

What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
A lamp of course, otherwise what else?

What is the power delivered?
1 / 4, 1 and 4 w via a selector which allows to have fun at home and be able to repeat with friends if they are not too upset.

What connection?
The basic and simple: a guitar input and an output 18 for a large cabinet Hom.

What are the settings, effects? ...
The very simple and that's what makes it strong,
A power switch, volume to cruncher and a tone control.


The setup is simple?
Yes and yes, that's why we choose it, far from Valvetronic we are here in its basic vintage tube par excellence.
Do you get a good sound easy?
With 3 pots do not pan +10 to understand.
We choose the power you want and we play with the volume to have a clear or crunch to VOX.
For its clear we are far from the fender, but the AC4TV is not made for that.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
2 pages in Arial 15, but it's so easy to use as the doc is more than enough. Your dealer will have you explained everything in 5 minutes.


Will it fit your style of music?
I play vintage rock and soul / blues. I search for organic grain well and I'm widely used.

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play a Epiphone LP Ultra amended with Seynour duncan and a push-pull to switch from single to humbucker.
I get to finally pass a clean sound has a very organic sound to VOX, I love it!
I am equipped with a pedal Maxon OD-808 overdrive to make the grain even with 1 / 4 w. with that I can train at home without disturbing. I think the association with AC4TV this pedal is very good. Advised by my local dealer, I do not regret at all. Even at 4 w pedal strengthens the grain when solo.
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
With the push pedal pull and I pass easily sounds clear Crunch. This is true at 1 / 4 to 1 W but when you shoot at 4W to play with other, more hope to have the sentence sounds clear. But that's not why we're going to turn this amp.
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
What a question ...


For how long have you been using it?
3 months

What thing do you like most/least about it?
The simplicity and the sound of vintage Vox.
The overall look is superb.
Ultra light weight

The -
The handle is cheap plastic
The single output 16Hom
No carry bag available from vox which is a shame

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Ho yes!
I quickly turned to a simple amp with which I take pleasure in playing. Far from the Fender / Roland / Line 6 Vox and others with hundreds of different sounds that ultimately do not lead much against the pleasure of a good tube amp.
I really hesitated with an Orange or a night train. Finally is the possibility of playing at home that has prevailed and also the budget. The tinny Terror will be soon.
What is your opinion about the value for the price? Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Very good value for money and yes yes yes I would do the same choice.
El Bruto01/02/2010

El Bruto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Small lamps 4W amplifier equipped with an adjustable power attenuator 4W, 1W, and ... 1 / 4 W! Very handy for playing in the apartment, even very late.
Level controls: volume, tone and hop ...
Looks great ...!


Config arch simple, two knobs ...
Manual? I think there was one, but honestly, it's useless
To get a good sound, it will play with the guitar volume and tone of the amp. But hey, not complicated at all!


I like his sounds clean, really clean and well defined.
Very easy to cruncher, and this is where the fun side of the attenuator integrated: we can make this amp nicely cruncher, pushing the volume to 4, but with the Absorbed Power at 1 / 4 W, without disturbing anyone ! Extremely convenient!
Too bad the HP is so small, 2 "more would have been welcome, but, lo and behold, there is a speaker output on the back of the amp, which can connect a cab with HP greater dimensions (I have to try ...).
I play a little blues and rock 70, with a LP Studio or Telecaster, and it sounds hellish.


I use it for almost 6 months, and I'm thrilled!
The look, sound, and the attenuator are for me the main strengths of the beast.
Weaknesses ...? Pffff, nit-picking, the plastic handle in white cream that is really cheap and not very classy ... I aii replaced by a loop of leather Fender is really to be choosy, I know, but hey, it is even nicer that way!
I do it again without hesitation that choice, I think there are very few amps, see none, equipped with a power attenuator, and at that price!
And an attenuator at hand, it costs .... more than this amp!
In short, for me, this amp is a marvel!

Hotfirecaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Small combo, with 2 lamps, just to get the light LOL, a 10-inch Gammell to cook ...
A power selector (super cool) 4 watt, 1 watt, and 1 / 4 watt. 1 volume knob, one tone knob, and presto you are done!


Yes it's simple, you plug, it heats and we play :-) M'enfin here seems quite simple, even simplistic 1 volume and tone ... But neni! As I said SRV dream of an amp with a single button ...
So yes it is simple, but you'll see quickly that the combinations are numerous and effective, given that the animal reacts as much a part in the attack that will give us the ropes, but also the volume and tone of your guitar ...*
The manual is simple and effective with a small dose of humor welcomed.


So yes he should and should even seriously!! To be honest I was previously a Fender Blues Jr, not bad but 15 watts at home for home studio was too much. I always have a Peavey Delta Blues I like a lot but still too many watts for the home.
So this little AC4 did not actually clear sound of a Fender, and this is a feature that I like! Fender amp is excellent, but I needed something else, and I've found with this AC4.
The clean sounds are good, and the crunch and overdrive sounds MUCH more to my taste than the Fender! Brief with this low power (Yeah it's relative because the 4 watts are still wild!) Is to play little lamps background and I FINALLY the sound I was looking for, with an HP 10 "(c is top) to short the top of my shots in a home studio sound.
I own it for a week, and I play with my Gretsch, a treat!!
I hesitated with the Fender Champion 5 watts, but it was too much and too little watts Hp Eclipse for me ... also with the Epiphone Valve Jr. .. Not tested.


For a week, and I love it!! In addition, despite the limited settings in appearance, they are effective and many combinations. Moreover it is QUIET!! The above it blew me away, to note that this is a class A so it's good.
Finally 9 kilo, it's cool for small repeated as long as other zicos are cool and the drummer is not a fan of double bass drum and discography of Motorhead ...
Bein in fact I love it so much I want to buy plus version cabinet + head ....

phf1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EL84 lamp 4W

Tone volume, switch 4, 1 and 1 / 4 w


Simple and straightforward to use: it sounds with the guitar input line. No need for a myriad of effects to sound.

But used with gsp 2101 by example, we get a variety of sounds very acceptable.


Its clear warm low volume, we turn up the volume, clarity is lost, but we are already at a good volume.

With a Start, it's a real pleasure.

I think the limit is plsu in the HP than the amp itself, but nothing prevents using the HP port.


It's been 2 months since I bought it.
Surprising little amp, great for practicing and eventually enough to repeat with musicians reasonable

For the price it's really a good way to have an all-tube sound worthy of the name. Of course an amp to 2000 € just sound better, but I tried not worth such a price.
With this little amp, at least there is no risk of regret his purchase.

harald11's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

good for the technical specifications, I think everybody pig .. 2 lamps dlivrant 4 (gnreux) watt basis, which may be a ramen or 1 / 4 watt through a attnuateur power. One volume, one tone and output for a speaker supplmentaire .. into 16 ohms.

For the appearance, not too bad Russia despite some dubious connections of the coating and a fist nasty plastic .. but hey, it's much nicer looking than valbee, for example ..


The configuration is actually trs simple, but even with three buttons, there are many possibilities and it takes time to find a hack or the guitar sounds that stick ..

Reading the manual donnejuste time to heat lamps, which is its main MRIT. (Well, I love lireles manuals, each with its flaws ..)

For audio, see below


So I test the bbte with a few different guitars trs Retailer and before it all there are 2 key points noted:

First on the same "quarter-watt," spent half the volume is high rev, I mean for use in apartments, at night, or his half trying to sleep in the cot .. pice
Then it is indeed a attnuateur power, and therefore lost a lot of gloss, which can be offset with the vaguely tonal and especially dynamic

Basically, you get the best sound on 4 watts, but not without cruncher annoy everyone still in the apartment hypothse ..
on the other hand of 1 / 4 watt, it is reasonable to push the volume noon, which gives an overdrive dja enjoyable, but later, becomes a perilous ..

With this kind of amp, it is the opposite numriques simulators tend standardize the signal, whatever the guitar employe .. Here is the sometimes day and night between two high rise MODELS:

With a standard-stratocaster 1996: clean sounds great in 4-watt volume and tone to 1 / 4, less than a crystalline blues junior, but many characters and dynamics and especially the SETTING THE guitar influence standard. watts in a stroke volume and tone between 1 / 3 and 1 / 2, one is in a register blues a little dirty, the scope of mdiator is fundamental, and we can start attacking some stoniens riffs and even some pieces of 'hendrix .. Finally on 1 / 4 watt with volume and tone to 2 / 3 (made even when the noise), down a little tonal stratum, we approach the woman tone Cream, for example.;

-With a Les Paul Standard 1990, I am less convinced .. Sounds clear enough whatever, and not really enjoyable saturation, a little "boxy" ..

With a Danelectro U2-90s, is new patant; big grimey rhythms, excellent slide in a little saturated .. the lipsticks rpondent perfectly.

With my SG, 1971, new small dception .. the new sound seems a little Triqui ..

Finally, with a team of four galaxy Dipinto simple, the Panard! Surf Garage, and even rockabilly riffs punkodes, everything sounds!

In short, and I think the perfect voxest with single coils, but lacks some extent with the double ..


Any new acquisition (hier!) and about 8 hours of use, has given an ide but not an opinion .. DEFINITIONS

I tried piphone valve junior, not satisfied, the valbee, blah .. the marshall class trs 5 looks good but no way to find one ..

otherwise I possde a Blues Junior (Fender), beautiful but too powerful for domestic use full capacity, a marshall JCM 600 paradoxically exploitable low volume, a Fender Super Champ XD, nice one trs l., and a Brunetti Maranello, I was looking for a small amp that would allow me to operate the home's lights ..

A priori, it's done ... After a few weeks to confirm use.

Le_reskapé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...) and what is the power delivered? What connections and what are the settings, the effects? * ...
so it's basic.
tube amp made in china
Sovtek 12AX7 and an EL84 in the same brand.
a volume knob
one tone knob
a selection knob power 4w/1w / 1 / 4 watt

an HP 10 inch with a 16 ohm output to connect a speaker


The configuration is it simple? Gets it easy to sound good? The manual is clear and sufficient? * ...

amp easy to use, you turn the amp, heat is allowed a minute, we chose the power, it adjusts the volume and the tone.

there is no master volume, so the only way to get a distorted sound is to increase the volume. over the volume will be higher the sound will be saturated.
while important thing:

aps do believe that we can play in quiet or with this amp, even in 1 / 4 of a watt to do so saturated it must push the high volume it sounds, the neighbors might scream.

is an ideal amp for studio or for a small training (no sound clear in this case), or even for a concert if it is transplanted. ca low power can push it to its limits compared to most amps 30watts and over who are unusable even in concert (who happens to survive a VOX AC30 that the tab name is ... <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> )

alotrs or house for use without shit person, to od pedal and go.
in short the amp is super simple to use but suddenly it&#39;s not what is most convenient. it&#39;s plug and play, it suits me perfectly personal.


Right for your style of music? With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? What kinds of sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat" ,....) what are the sounds you prefer, you hate? *
while in sound:

I use already uen fender telecaster classic player baja (ash body, maple neck and button, custom shop pickups and bridge brass). apart before I owned several amps, fender blues junior ltd jensen, orange tiny terror, Hugh & Kettner edition ac30cc2 blues and vox.

I susi a big fan of the vox but I sell my AC30 to buy a folk, suddenly I thought "why not try the ac4tv"

j&#39;apréhendais a bit. grown from a small amp "cheap" with a bowl of 10 when I was 2 to 12 HP ...

bah not this amp sounds great. we are really in the spirit vox, personally I find the clean properly without more, is not worth the ca clean of its big brother the AC30, maybe with the 12 bowls of it is doing better, but I n &#39;aps have had the opportunity to try "

regarding the sounds and saturated crunch I was really surprised. found the character really vox, a slight crunch fairly dry and sharp, at once precise and a bit runny (I do not know how to explain: S is a bit paradoxical), and when the volume goes up it starts getting thick fat, a bit messy, it&#39;s not the top for rhythmic to me because it gets too low and loaded it lacks precision, for filthy cons for lead is really terrible. the amp is very dynamic

with respect to the power selector is very effective, every time you decrease the power is lost in dynamic, clarity, brilliance and ca compresses, but the sound is all the same in EXCELLENT 1w and 4w. is 1 / 4 watts there is still a hell of a difference, the sound is much more compressed and less well defined, but hey ca remains pleasant all the same. The Tone knob adjusts the tone bah <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> depending on the selected power.
And then it pleasant for once to be able to push back an amp ca become deaf. (AC is still very strong)
ha yes I was forgotten, for an amp with a box of a size so small it does not sound at all boxy.

still an oversight <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" />
At the level of profit it goes further than the AC30


How long have you use it? What is so special that you like most and least? Have you tried many other models before buying it? How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? * ...
I use this amp now for a little over a month. at a low power amps I had the opportunity to try the epiphone valve junior, the fender champion 600, peavey I know what his name and the ibanez valbee. I think it&#39;s the best by far.

for the person who seeks his vox for cheap and do not want a beast of power is really the right thing. for the price the amp is really top quality. value for money is very good to me. biensur I remake this choice with the experience, I might keep it long.


- Finish: looks nice, it&#39;s not top quality, but it looks quite durable, and it is really pretty

- Portable: it is really small and light, I take it everywhere

- Sound: for the price the quality is top and it sounds really mind vox

- Simplicity: an advantage for a certain inconvenience for other

- The HP really very good, it sounds a hell of run-time. According to the size it according to taste, one of 10 hp is not less than 12 hp is different. j&#39;aprehendais a bit and eventually it sounds very good, it sounds a little more roots than a 12-hp.

- The power selector is very effective.

- Price

the -:

- It is very basic, no loop, no equalization ...

- He could add an external speaker output into 8 ohms.


Ulm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

For CHARACTERISTICS Retailer, see # http://www.voxamps.com/us/modernclassic/ac4tv/ page_specifications ( http://www.voxamps.com/us/modernclassic/ac4tv/#page_specifications )

4W lamps (EL84 and 12AX7 in the first power) of trs good quality ... BMOL a small possibility for output to speaker only 16ohms while some less prestigious brands have in 4.8 and 16 ...


The configuration could not be simpler ... one branch, is expected qques minutes as well, and heat lamps are sent and what the pt pt ... plutt foie gras! : P


The sound you get dpend lot of guitar and effects you use with
Personally, I connected a Squier standard tele, it's hot, it's round, it's full, short, beautiful!

It's perfect my (my) style (rock and electro psychdlique above)
I love everything about this amp, clean sound full of harmonics overdrive hyper prcis in pasant the bluesy crunch!

I use it also for taking homestudio, SM57 with about 20cm of the diaphragm and condenser microphone (sE Electronics) a little further, we can not RVer more ...


I use it for about a month of intensive fawn.

+ A great little amp for playing at home 'while keeping a good relationship Neighborhood' (quote from the manual! ^ - ^)
+ Perfect also taken for guitar studio
Price + cool
+ Design Class
+ The sound is VOX lbr /> + Accepts trs well diffrent effect pedals (BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz, and for my part -)
+ Possibility to use it as a baffle head bracha in output ...

- ... But only 16 ohms :'(... pourkw ????!!!!!!!