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All user reviews for the Vox AC4TV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 32 reviews )
 17 reviews53 %
 11 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

lyoko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

1 Tone, 1 Volume = gain, volume = 1 Level (4W, 1W, ¼ W) 1 x 12AX7 (preamp) / 1 x EL84 (power) 1 x 10 "Celestion about 9kg
So Simple + effective.


Using single-channel: gain on one side, the volume of the other, not to mention the pick attack + the knob of the guitar in +: This is not modeling, everything is "touch", but all sounds sound good ... but better 4W!


Very good clear sound lamp crunch quickly especially with double thickens amount gain, pushing it became a reference, without typing in the distortion either.
Reserve, the sound is too compressed to even 1/4W 1W, and takes its full extent 4W: sending it severe, forget in an apartment, this amp is not made for that.
Also I find the sound very distinctive vintage, you should play with it.


This amp makes perfect tribute to the reputation of the VOX sounds: it is strong it is typed, it's too good. Cheap, not heavy, very sensitive to pick attack, I used 2.5 years before selling ... as typed too (I wanted more versatility)

lyoko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound Vox"

Controls: Tone, Gain, Volume (4W, 1W, W)
External speaker output 16-Ohm
Celestion 10 "
2 lamps 1 x 12AX7 (preamp) / 1 x EL84 (power)

It is a single-channel with gain rglage + volume and a 10-inch HP quality so not much wrong in this CATEGORY.


In fact the gain is called "volume" and volume "OP Level" but they work well conversely: for a clear gain in mini, 4W volume for a gain distortion at max volume 1 / 4W. .. the house, and yet it is limited, and frankly not advisable in the apartment. The very bottom, it is possible in a group we played the "kindly"
Everything is done ear: you choose your level of saturation between a clear crmeux (not clear) and a stamp well rpeux ZZ Top. In all cases the sound is immediately good.


East blues rock, it saturates very quickly, aussitt humbuckers with my lag roxanne (air norton / air zone). 1 / 4W sound is frankly s'claircit compress it and becomes the top 4W attention to the ears, has already sent a lot!
Point sonorits stiff, straight or modern here. Vintage veil covers the heat lamps that whirring sounds like a Harley: it is very very typ.
You play must live with it.


Play on any lamp is when even top, especially for the distortion. (I had a transistor H & K edition blue) But the house is something else, it sounds really good ( even very good) that 4 W. This sound has forcment enchant you one day, so many groups have played on VOX. But you do have one, it is not at all versatile (compared my H & K 25th anniv.) And did not aim too my pedal Boss OD-3: l I 'So have resold to play more varied.

jertio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Without more ..."

Lamp 4 W


The sound is a bit "narrow" over my Pathfinder 15r. Much less space for clean sounds, but warmer and Introduced for crunch sounds.


It sounds good but not great. In addition there was an unpleasant snoring.
Dshabill at my rparateur technician and it turned out that the low-end electronics is the cause. Not a failure but a structural default so.
I sent back and made myself remboursbr />


J'conomise for an amp lamp used by components in terms of what we can expect from this kind of amp.
Better a good transistor amp amplifier means a lamp.
I play a little every style, and in this context the Pathfinder is better as more versatile.

Mikawbee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" SOUND VOX for 200 €"

Lamp: 3 power (very handy) 1/4 W, 1W 4W with a celestion (please) 10 inch ...


Simple configuration, with a tone knob a volume knob: it is not very clear after that saturates and go!

It's so simple that VOx of humor is on the manual ...


I was looking for an amp to play at home with his lamp and without going deaf: it's perfect! I usually played at 1/4 and that's enough!
A friend passed me the field of 600 fender and I could compare the two before purchase: the VOX is far more versatile and punchy!

It must be said that the HP 10 is THE advantage of this amp, I'm not sure the mini version is as well.

The sound is clear VOX: With a Strat, it's a real pleasure to play up top Blues Rock AC / DC after I do not think this is the ideal amp ....
Adjustability is very basic as there is only one tone knob, but personal enough for me ... A little spring reverb would have been nice but ...

One day I will try to mount a Greenback to see ...


here will be two years that I use it: the sound is perfect for me: the only fault I find is its plastic handle a little cheap: it's saying!
if not with his little old-fashioned look is crisp and once connected: there is!
To play Blues Rock without having problems with its neighbors and without becoming deaf is perfect!
It is true that this is a super versatile amp but that's because he loves good music!
If you're more british blues and you like you plug in and play right away: it MUST try this amp in version 10 '.

Overall rating 9/10 (for the handle!)

bert'nortt''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" And EXCELLENT TOP"

mini / lamps / class A/...4W..1W...1/4W
for the rest everything was already said
On lamps, I would simply add:
power SOVETEK/EL84/6B05 (1108). A pr / amp Ruby/12AX7AC5...1H/P Celestion '10 "16 ohm, voracious / decides THE TRUE VOX! beautiful presentation, very classy ... neat and well étudié.le internal mounting weight of a mini 9Kg.


tou'petit manual saw its simplicity .... knobs of reagents in a manner that meets Ultra / fine!


Already having a mini Bugera V / 5 so nice that all the world to me "pique", saw his meers and to have peace I decided to buy another mini ... the famous Vox ac4/tv, (by coores'livré in 3 days ... ha! say that 35 years ago could have wait 4 to 5 months in the province in dealer ... we waited ... was expected .... religiously and fervently ....).
For once the positive review is the height, whether on Telecaster (terrible!!) ... L / P...ou a good ES/335 (sublime!!) ... (Passive pickup, active and autres...p/90 and 57 '....) Made for the English rock ... "hyper british!" and the blues ... (The Jazz, there are better, but he defends himself well clean)
Some stick him a 12AU/7...comme them I did it but you lose all the appeal of his English ... The 12 AY7 reduces the volume slightly less than the 12AU7 ... It is a compromise and I can not help returning to the original RUBY is excellent. (The Ruby in ... veiled lamps that are beginning to talk about "the powder we accept more and more ...") to emphasize at around the 1/4 watts, it's still "hefty".
Beginning of the crunch with the volume knob / noon (see just before) and 3/4 for "overdrive". Note typed quite a good clean too.
Just a nuisance when receiving his infamous one .... I had to open the closed cabinet and has to call all my skills of amateur electrician ... bad ground, the jack "Jack" was also very badly "strappée "in a soft armor to annihilate the electromagnetic waves. I took the opportunity to control the masses.
From: the great annoyance only lasted a quarter of an hour. Since no background noise ... I think it does not heat up too ...


To use this petit'VOX we understand very quickly and better, and why small Amp Cambo are fashionable, especially a lamp ... Their quality is growing ... They have it all!! .. And their prices will still kiss may be that we are on the verge of a mini révolution.D a few years rather than considering the high versatile range of course .. but very expensive and complex to use ... some will opt for the purchase of several amps switchable between 1/4..1 / and 5 to 8 watts. "... Vox Marshall Fender .. ... Peavey ... With successive purchases spread over time of 6 8 years 10 ans.Meme see the "Class Marchall / 5" you will be around 1000/1200euros! your two to three pedals "vintage", see more ... will do the rest with transplanting to pro '.
I 'used for 4 months ... lack of versatility: YES and that's okay, I prefaire warn you, this is an amp excellament typed! To find our 20 years, to discover what other was sound and the Golden Age of Rock (and Blues) English 60/70!
Yes I have tried several and I have several mini 'transistor and lamps .... More any other, sometimes very large old ... I keep them all!
I love this sound VOX ... he did not fault except his 1/4 watts it sends almost too flat for it is better to be in a villa ...
Rich experience of V5 "BUGERA" I knew it had to be good and acceptable, however I would never have contemplated such a performance, more than just a study or cambo chambre.A advisor but to consider a fare available 180/190 euros.Sonorité VOX guaranteed! nothing to do with a simulation! ..... VOX is not fucking **** g of the world!

franfranky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top (once hacked)!"

4w Class A tube (EL84 + ECC83).
correct finish (no particular defects). However, the focus seems fragile Tolex (no protective corners).
an external hp output, no headphone jack or effects loop (damage).
volume (gain) and a tone attenuator 4w/1w/0, 25w (I'll).

brief a simple amp.


to use no problem, you plug and play.
tone looks inefficient, after changing lamps you can hear better.
the volume is on the floor of the preamplifier (amplification of the triode a triode of the ECC83). plain, the more you shoot the more you mail u signal to EL84 (output stage) and it is strong. Passing the output stage saturates quickly (around 1/4 volume) is the deient it interesting ...

the attenuator is used to limit the volume a bit. However, in an apartment in 1/4 volume of 0.25 w is already very strong. This is the main concern of this amp: volume management. difficult to exceed a crunch sound without waking the neighbors.
Fortunately there is a simple solution to DIY attenuator to operate 100% of the amp at any volume (see "trick").


English sound, although vintage ...
the sound is clear simpa although very different from his fender.
between 1/4, 1/2 volume of the crunch comes, nickel for blues or rock oldschool (its very "beatles").
spent half the volume we enter the overdrive with a damn good saturation typed (requires EL84) vox. So its very fat, rappeux, all the opposite of a modern high gain sound.
I play with a Strat, it rocks a max of harmonic distortion, a treat.
The tone can change the texture of the disto: fully open, it is sharp, the sound thickens and becomes rockier, closing (for a perfectly edgy blues rock).


bought a month ago, the amp itself is quickly limited by its volume (too loud). However after a small modification it becomes 100% usable and there is the feet! clear sound, crunch, overdrive rock well. All for 150 euros and 20 euros Cygnus craft.

Since this is happiness.
I had a Fender Supercontrol xd before, malgrès lamps, the sound was to my taste too "synthetic", probably because of the modeling, sounds to me convenais not saturated. with the little vox is certe less versatile but to really sound good live goods (good dynamic, rich in harmonics, extremely sensitive to the game).

in short, a good buy!
Oscar the Grouch03/09/2012

Oscar the Grouch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simply right"

This is an all tube amp 4W.

It has a switch to reduce power was 1W and 1/4W.

Side settings, it is very simple. It has three knobs, one for setting the tone, another to adjust the volume and another to adjust the power.

I might be added a knob for gain, but hey it's a good thing.

He's handsome as hell.


We easily get a good sound, just plug and play.


It is perfect for my style of music, I play blues / blues rock (by adding a distortion pedal for the latter).

It has a warm and enveloping.

I use a Boss BD2 for the overdrive, it goes very well with.


I use it for six months, I had tried other models, but too powerful to play in an apartment and I did not want to amp transistor or tube of questionable quality (Harley Benton), so I'm back to Vox.

The special feature I like most is the sound, hot, very hot.

Value for money, excellent, I got it for just under 200 euros. There are few all-tube amps in the same range at this price.

With the experience I would do this choice.

saturax08's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It will cross the ages!"

Amp 4 watt lamp. 3 position selector for power.
very good hp that sounds great on this amp. It is really a success.


very simple. If you want more crunge or distortion at lower volume you choose a lower power with the selector. Otherwise we rule more or less acute or rather shine.
Note that the power of 4 watts is more than enough to play in a bar or repeating without any problems. It is well worth a 50 watt transistor.


A marvel. It sounds really vox and roots. His part a little "boxy" works wonders. The sound it gives a good complement as the most powerful amp night train. It's also nice to have the sound of AC4 them because it is very special.


I love it and it's an amp that I would keep all the time I think. In addition it is super beautiful. A really successful at Vox. It changes what was produced just before. The full range of amplifiers to the sound emulation and more impersonal and were ugly.
Vox also did well to take a 180 ° turn to give us back the amps cool at all points of view. I really like the AC4 and also the Night Train, but it's good to have both, for the boxy side of AC4.

surfy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lamp with an amp between Jack, a gain knob, one tone knob and 3 power (1 / 4 watts, 1 watt, 4 watts) output HP
It has a vintage look that is all the rage and love.
Small easy to transport!


We can not be simpler. Eventually use only regret that we can not rgler power with a switch between 3 power levels. In fact, a simple SETTING THE volume would do.

But if a crunch with the gain fairly quickly.
Note that nothing seems to have power, but I personally have never used the 4 watts, even on a small scne. It's not bad pte.

The same 1 / 4 watts if your apartment, you will not play muted.


The Vox sound is trs type, which goes well with my Gretsch. It is all because my style of play
Attention all the same it's a bold plutt and lacks a bit of flexibility (that is typical as I said).


I use it for a few months, I am delighted.
The report qualitprix for me is excellent, especially the pleasant surprise that I can use it without problem on scne. Since it is easy to transport, it's pretty gnial actually.
At that price if you like the sound typ Vox, do not be GNER
Maurice Gentil03/18/2011

Maurice Gentil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" small disappointment with friends"

Vox AC4TV, lamps, 4W, volume, tone


Simple, manual downloaded from the net, its very proper for the size, price


Generous, but it heats a little bit too, crystal clear, bright, light background noise, buzz, it lacks a headphone jack. To work the arpeggios is perfect, and its small size makes an amp that is kept next to you constantly. I have several effects pedals, compressor, Analogman, a disodium + Mxr a phaser 90 Mxr a Dime Mxr, a GT-OD Overdrive MXR and Keeley. I like to change according to his songs, moods, etc..


for 6 months, he just fell down suddenly.
I like color, shape, size, sound, simple settings.
The price is very affordable for a tube amp, you do not want to see the amp transistors or integrated circuits.
I was convinced by his appearance and weight. The speaker 10 "provides a sufficiently rich and warm sound. I use it with cans of effect when its clear to me tired. But to work in an apartment is ideal.
Except this problem down, I do not know how long he will remain under repair, but it is still under warranty. It is neither of lamps and fuses ...