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Diezel Tube Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Diezel VH-4

    Diezel VH-4 - "The Diezel VH4 may be the last amp you'll have to buy."


    The Diezel VH4 is an all-tube monster amplifier that can deliver between 90 and 160 watts of power, depending on what tubes are in it. Over the years the amp has come stock with different tube complements as owner/designer Peter Diezel worked through…

  • Diezel Einstein Head

    Diezel Einstein Head - "All in one"


    The Diezel Einstein is an amp to be reckoned with. Sporting four distinct sounds captured perfectly between two channels, it's the versatility you'd expect from a Diezel in a simpler and more compact offering. The einstein is available in a 50 or 100…

  • Diezel VH-4

    Diezel VH-4 - "German Awesomeness"


    The diezel VH4 is a magnificent amplifier. Featuring 4 channels and 100 watts of 6l6 power, it can cover a lot of sounds. Each channel consists of a basic tone stack and it's own gain and master controls. Channel 1 and 2 also have bright toggle acces…

  • Diezel VH-4

    Diezel VH-4 - "First Impressions"


    After a few hours with this amp, here are my initial impressions: The Diezel VH-4 is a versatile rock music beast. The VH-4 has 4 completely independent channels, 100W of power with 4 power tubes, lots of effects loop routing options, and it is mi…

  • Diezel Herbert

    Diezel Herbert - "It's like a vh4 but not really...or is it?"


    Model: Herbert Output: 180 W Channels: 3, with second master and mid-cut up to 6 voicings Loops: 1 parallel, 1 insert loops, 1 switchable insert loop midi in & thru / phantom - power Equalization: gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel …

  • Diezel Herbert

    Diezel Herbert - "one of the best portable amps out"


    I have used the Diezel Herbert to pump up the volume of my acoustic when I play in church. I blow the roof off of the place (actually I fill the space up very nicely) with this . I love the fact that the batteries last for hours and hours. I own two …

  • Diezel Herbert

    Diezel Herbert - "High quality metal amp"


    Mine is the older Mk. I version. - 180watt, 6x almost any type of power tubes, EL34, 6L6, KT88, 6550 etc. - 3 completely independent channels with EQ, gain, treble, mid, and bass control - Additional gain +/- switch on channel 2 - 1 insert loop…

  • Diezel Schmidt

    Diezel Schmidt - "Diezel sound in a vintage package"


    Diezel amps first became known in the industry in the mid 90s when they started showing up in the back lines of many big name metal players. Now they are most known for their super high end high gain amps. This amp has more of an old school feel to i…

  • Diezel Einstein Head

    Diezel Einstein Head - "great buy!" has images


    This is the kind of amp that gets you familiar with the brand that eventually if things go right allow you to move into the flagship amp that amplifier companies sell for higher profit. This is a cool little amp that has some versatility but will alw…

  • Diezel Herbert

    Diezel Herbert - "Dream Amp" has images


    3 completely independent channels with: - Gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel - (+/-) Gain switch on Channel 2 - Switchable mid cut with adjustable volume Tubes: - (6) 12AX7s in the preamp - (6) Octal power tubes of any configuration, as lo…