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nakedzen 10/07/2011

Diezel Herbert : nakedzen's user review

« High quality metal amp »

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Mine is the older Mk. I version.

- 180watt, 6x almost any type of power tubes, EL34, 6L6, KT88, 6550 etc.
- 3 completely independent channels with EQ, gain, treble, mid, and bass control
- Additional gain +/- switch on channel 2
- 1 insert loop, 1 series loop, 1 parallel loop, 1 switchable series loop, tuner out, MIDI in & thru.
- Mid cut feature, presence, deep controls
- Mute switch
- Channels and mid cut on/off midi assignable


It is very easy to get a good sound, I usually keep the controls near noon. I like the presence and deep controls fairly high and the mid cut around 10 o'clock. Using the midi is very easy, just push "store" on the amp, select the place where you want to assign it on the footpedal, press "store" again.


I play a baritone scale 7-string tuned to B. I mostly play melodic and progressive death metal. I like how smooth and clear the gain is. I prefer the channel 3 because of it's compression and saturation. The 2+ channel sounds slightly bigger and more raw which can be preferable for some players. The clean channel is bell like very bright and clear, probably more voiced with metal players in mind.


What I like the most is the ability to change power tube types, and the fact how clear it sounds with the SED =C= 6550's I have in it now.

I'd buy one again in a hearbeat for the price I paid for it. I wouldn't however pay full price for it ever. I pretty much bought it as an investment since I can sell it for more than what I paid but it seems that I can't really let it go anymore since I like it so much.