jimbojet 06/01/2010

Diezel VH-4 : jimbojet's user review

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I'll start ...
but not the features ... you'll find elsewhere!
I just justified the 9:
there is everything; effects loops around, almost tt controllable midi ... the top!
9: there is no scale on pots; boring to pass any adjustment or it noted some qq ... a detail

MUTE button: Extra! simple and useful

I do not like the 100W because I do not play at the stage of France but it is true that without bp low volume! I had a 20/20 + TriAxis (ie 20W) and less usable bcp has low volume ...

The head is large and heavy ... but hey!


sounds are tops;
config simple.
4 channel sound directly with ts pots at noon.

I have more difficulty finding me sound SOLO;

9 because the site I found Diezel sucks, not even pictures of the VH4 in your angles ... Thotho even that!
the user manual in English
and with full of humor but rather indigestible; not enough drawings or color ... a more detailed brief.


so here we go for 10!
I finally have the sound I was looking for.

1: clean slamming a clear desire (with my settings of course)
2: slight crunch to the blues
3: lead metal: it is monstrous, and the best I know
4: idem with a little over medium for solos; (some reverse channels: 3 solo rhythm on 4)


10 have again!
the best head that I had or could try!

just found a better clean in brunetti, and a better blues crunch in mesa (and little)
qd the "big" sound; heard anything better!

So unless he has three heads, I have my grail!