SonicPulverizer 09/03/2012

Diezel VH-4 : SonicPulverizer's user review

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The diezel VH4 is a magnificent amplifier. Featuring 4 channels and 100 watts of 6l6 power, it can cover a lot of sounds. Each channel consists of a basic tone stack and it's own gain and master controls. Channel 1 and 2 also have bright toggle accessible on the front panel. Global master, presence, deep control, as well as mix control for the effects loop. Each channel was designed as an independent preamp with it's own separate loop. I enjoyed the aesthetics of the amp greatly. The Diezel cutout grill and the choice to angle the controls diagonally lend the Vh4 an unmistakable image.


The 4 independent channels allow for dedicated tones for just about any occasion. You could dial in a clean tone, two rhythm tones of varying gain, and still have a dedicated lead sound. The build quality is top notch, I couldn't imagine the Diezel becoming damaged all that easily on the road. Having the button's to select each channel on the front panel is a great, convenient detail.


I played through the VH4 with a PRS McCarty Soap bar and a Gibson SG standard. Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab. No pedals.

Channel 1 sounded very much like a fender. The bright switch was too bright though, making single notes sound harsh and sometimes brittle. Channel 2 however, took the bright switch well. I could get a great Classic rock rhythm from this channel a la The Darkness. Channel 3 was great for high gain rhythms, but I preferred to setup the channel for leads, using channel 4 as my heavy rhythm tone. Channel 4 was capable of copious amounts of controlled feedback. I got the best results setting the gain on this channel at a comparably tame level and using it for driving chord progressions.


The Diezel Vh4 is a brilliant design. Never have I experienced an amplifier with so much natural ambience in the room. No reverb necessary. If you do not have a need for a 4th channel, you may find better value in the Bogner Ecstasy. While both are indeed world class channel switchers, the Bogner offers a much stronger feature set allowing you to fine tune your tone and playing feel precisely. It is also a $1000 less at the going rate of $3599 new. You can't really go wrong with either.