Fend. 03/25/2009

Diezel VH-4 : Fend.'s user review


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I have used in all conditions and level CHARACTERISTICS, has one of the very best, no doubt!
50w 160w power as lamps.
Compatibility with all the power tubes: EL34, KT77, KT88, 6L6, 6550 ...
7 Sterling effect, 6 programmable MIDI, and a parallle SERIES.
4 channel tudis superbly: a clean / beautiful light crunch, crunch trs dynamic overdrive typ his big lead and then compress well crmeux the "guitar hero"!
1 + air + EQ per channel gain
A deep and effective prsence trs trs!
a master, a mute.
Trs sending the big sound!


The manual is complete and trs gives lots of information, many competing brands should build!
The use is very simple and all rglages sound, so we obtain immediately a great sound. No decision-head!


The light is beautiful and has surprised many, trs dynamic, it can go up to a light crunch dlicieux.
The Crunch is an extremely dynamic and can go far trs gain without missing a beat! Impressive. The grain is tight enough modern typ.
The Overdrive channel resumes Previous carrment but compress to send big riffs, the sound Diezel par excellence! The grain is slightly open, still very modern. It roars!
Lead is trs compress well pais, crmeux and smooth. A Reserved for solos so, but in a very effective for this purpose!
All the channels are hyper prcis Defines and it offers a naturally hollowed not lacking for both mediums if you want to push them. The bass is incredible, there is a quantity standard and very easy thanks to Assayable tonestack trs efficient and always music (whatever the rglages, a ring!). And despite what you might expect, they are always super clear and Dfine! Hard to believe!

I jou with all kinds of guitars and everything suits her! In addition it is comfortable in all styles.

Warning: I have in my cabinet in jou Greenback at beginners and was not as good mnage between HPs orients mid-bass and a little hollow ct of amp I lacked top mediums. But with a baffle in V30 is happiness! I feel he really does tudi for V30.


We make an amp trs typ. REFERENCE for a lot of people. You can even hear it on albums by Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Tool ...
The trs trs premium.
It is more hyper-reliable and a quality manufacturing any evidence, however, a BMOL on the finish: the Tolex was dcoll the rear of the mine. I found a limit for the price! Anyway, the guarantee offered to the first Owner 'life will rsolu this ;-)

What I personally regret, but this level of perfection, it's got a story: the ct too modern grain, the incompatibility with HP Greenback (lack of high mids) and a lack of transparency according to him guitar industry. Nothing serious, since this amp fills me with happiness for 2 years!