Laney L20H
Laney L20H

L20H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the Lionheart series.

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All user reviews for the Laney L20H

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 2 reviews20 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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iamqman's review"It's ok"

Laney L20H
Laney is a great company feels high quality amplifiers and equipment very low and ask inexpensive prices. This amplifier is a great little 20 W amplifier that has a clean in overdrive channel. You also get a little bit extra features such as the bright switch as well as reverb an effects loop. You have any general EQ global passes bass, middle, and treble control knobs. You also have one high input guitar input as well as one low input guitar input. You're granted three speaker connect so that you can choose the different type of impedance that you so need.


Laney Lionheart L20H All-tube Class A Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

Power RMS: 20W
Inputs: One High input, one Low input
Channels: Clean and Drive
EQ : Passive bass, middle and treble
Bright Switch: Yes
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Output Tubes: 4 x EL84
Reverb: Yes
Footswitch: FS2 (Included)
Speaker connections: 3 x jacks
FX Loop(s): Yes
Impedance: 4, 8 and 16 ohm
Baffle: Marine-grade plywood
Cabinet Design: Marine-grade plywood cabinet with retro banding strip, leather strap handle
Weight: 17Kg
Channel controls: Gain (Clean), Gain and Volume (Drive)
Master section: Global EQ, Reverb and Tone controls


The tone of this amplifier is very good and it feels and sounds exactly what you expect have a high quality British sounding amplifier. It has a great warmth in almost in vintage tone due two EL 84 power tubes. These are the selected power tubes if you would hear out of amplifier such as a fox or other small wattage vintage British amplifiers. This is a great little amplifier for someone he needs just a little bit of low wattage but a good groove tube tone.

This amplifier sounds good and pretty much any setting wetters to clean for the overdrive setting. It's not could be a very high gain amp but it's going to excel at the medium to low game in the clean channel. The distortion overall it's kind of blah to me it doesn't really inspire me to play at the clean channel is very good worth the price.


I would only recommend this amplifier someone who enjoys Laney amplifiers likes the voice mother hips. The distortion channel was a very unique one and it's not exactly the typical British town. It has that British feel invoicing but it's very thick almost like a buzz distortion box.
Le Jack02/11/2013

Le Jack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" No regrets"

Laney L20H
So this is a tube amp head (4 * 3 * 12AX7 and EL84) for a power of 20 W (carefully weighed) connections classic standard jack.

Level settings: 2 channels (one clear and saturated). The clean channel has a function "Bright" which gives a clearer sound, sharper, great if you want to funk. Channel is saturated it can no longer classical one dose saturation level desired by a knob, adjusting the volume with another ... Nothing special, but everything works.

The EQ (3 bands: low, mid, treble) is common to both channels (which is not my case, but good amps with independent EQ for each channel are expensive).

A tone knob that I always leave up because I prefer to play with the tone of my guitar. And finally, a reverb, which is not the reverb of the year but not disgusting as I have sometimes heard.


Everything is very simple, it is not flooded with possibilities of sounds to the point that eventually do not use the amp to its full potential: you branches, you play and it sounds (if you play well obviously ).

The head is connected to a Marshall cabinet 1912. I do not know other speakers (it has convinced me with its price I found used) but it does the trick (especially when I switch on the saturation).

Manual: I've never been, and frankly I'm not chasing.


Given the versatility of the amp, yes, it suits me perfectly: blues, rock mainly and sometimes a little funk. Well, it's not going to metal, but for that I have a preamp Kettner TUBEMAN II is very good.

Types of sounds I get according to the settings are so vast that I will not mention them all, but basically: plain with the "Bright" was something that would bring clear sound, without the "Bright "was a more bold, with more bass (but low property set). When I get on channel saturated, it is not to have a crystal clear sound (and this is where the common equalization bothers me: on clean channel, I push the treble, but when I'm on the saturation, I prefer a stronger presence of low and midrange, so I'm an "in-between"). But beware, it still sounds fabulous.

I play without effects. Level guitars: a Schecter C1 Classic (mahogany body, so if I want a fat sound, I'll focus on that one) and Lag The Blues (which I do not remember the wood of the body, but that gives me a longer sec).

I prefer the sounds are those that sound good to my ears and those that hate are those that do not sound good to my ears. And it should be the same for you: you have to test the amp before buying it because I do not know what you like or not. But clearly, if you want to have at your disposal a full range ultra-sound: rock, blues, jazz, funk, hard (if you push hard saturation level), test this amp and it has all the chances of you please.


I use it for May-June 2012 so I started pretty well know the beast to be operated much of its possibilities (an amp like that, we never really finished it out).

The feature I love most: the quality of the finish, really perfect. The one I like least: the common equalizer (I think you begin to understand).

Before purchasing I tried a Hughes and Kettner Statesman (my old amp: I traded against the head). Kettner is still the most straight forward, but with less versatility although it leaves a lot of possibilities.

Value for money: Because I exchanged against the Statesman which I believe the value used between 400-450 € price and the nine head Laney is at least € 550 (on the Internet, but I do not trust the Internet for this type of gear), or more than 700 € in the shop. For me, the quality / price ratio of the head (not necessarily easy to find) is more than adequate.
JB Lrgt01/04/2013

JB Lrgt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A true rock amp!"

Laney L20H
20W Class A
2 EL84
2 channels
3-band EQ
Switch "Bright" to accentuate the treble
2 inputs "Hi" and "Low"
Master Tone
Effects loop
Here ...!


Very easy to adjust
Use low volume is not bad for those who train at home.


This amp is a blues / rock very comfortable with clean sounds and crunches.
If you want to push the saturation a bit much, you will not flirt with metal.
I plug an SG Junior or Classic (P90) in the entry "HI".
I only use the Lead channel that I do not push too hard in gain (3/4) to have a slight crunch that I can "clear" with the volume knob of the guitar.
From a very personal opinion, I do not really like the clean channel of this amp. Perhaps I find that hard to adjust. I would rather use the Lead channel that allows me to have a more velvety and warm at the same time or by reducing the volume of the guitar but also adding an overdrive.
For a more dirty, I switched my "Bad Monkey".
To be even more messy, I boost with "TS808"
The receiver supports very well here and it's great for a good sound punk / rock is dirty but accurate.
The head is plugged into a 2x12 cabinet with two Celestion homemade (a Greenback and Gold).
I play sometimes with SG Std, a Telecaster or a Stratocaster. With the SG, we must review some settings because here grows stronger. With both Fender is just as good.


In fact this amp is not for me.
This is the bassist who lends me when it comes to playing in places where my normal configuration (Mesa Boogie MarkIIB & Fender Bassman) would be far too powerful.
I love this amp, as if the sound is totally different from what I usually use, it is still great. It complies with the sounds of P90 which I am a fan.
I tried other power amps equivalent and this one is really good favorite.
Be careful though because it lacks versatility but if you are really sure to be in a register from blues to punk to rock, then this amp may really surprise you.

PapaHet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Class practice"

Laney L20H
You know that ...


Easy to find a good clear sound with crunch or full shade.
The crunch is magnificent.
For large distortion, it is not something, but he eats well the pedals. I use it as


head to do anything and she always comes out well.
The sound changes at all while using the loudspeaker that it sticks. Quick


simple effective, class ...
I regret nothing.

jimilu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" RINGING"

Laney L20H
20W All Tube Class A, two inputs, two channels, one EQ common to both channels, reverb, a footswitch to control reverb and channel crunch.
It is perfectly finished, it exudes quality, components used are of first order (according to the manufacturer!) But why doubt it, eh?
The Tolex "navy" that dress is very pretty, it changes from black, it has a pretty face, more fitted to the matching 2X12, it's beautiful!


The configuration is simple, one branch, it settles the equalizer, his reverb, volume and play.
Everyone knows how to use an amp, not rocket science, to find his favorite setting is groping a bit normal when you do not know yet by the craft, but once found, it sounds very good.


Is an amp that sounds "British" so to speak, in the spirit of Marshall and Vox. Attention I do not say this as a Marshall or a Vox, or I do not see the point. I say this in mind as opposed to his "American".
Clean sounds very nice, not at all aggressive, with a compressor pedal and a small delay, it's magic.
For crunch sounds like it, it sounds very creamy, without being aggressive. I also play on the Marshall JTM 30 with a 12-HP celestion heritage. It sounds great too, but more acute, it is more aggressive in tone.
The Laney sounds as good with a Strat-type guitar that Les Paul Standard, it is vintage (the EL 84 I think). We should be able to try this with other head-mounted cabinets with different HP, but the house speaker suits him very well. I actually left a review on this subject. To use


I step back because it's been a year now I use it, always with great happiness.
It's a good amp with enough power in reserve and a very good momentum, we can use it without worry rehearsal ', in a small room or on a large stage (transplanted in the PA).
It is safe to play metal that is perhaps not the best, but for blues, rock, pop, etc. .... it does my friend.
The price has dropped nine, you can find it by hand around 400-500 €, I found the value more than respectable.
A little link for you to hear what he gives and convince you if you are not yet fully decided.


zefox57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Heat lamps"

Laney L20H
The 20W bulbs are not usurped, it gives very strong.
- 2 between Low and High
- Qualisation, GENERAL AND tone bright switch for the 2 channels
- Volume + gain on the Lead channel.
- Effects loop


Easy Setup.
I think it must first rgler TMB and then the tone gnral - Permit noon in the first place - that plays more on the cot light / dark rendering.
The tone darkens gnral the sonority in the low value, and adds the acute high position. I used to be "bigger" sound (rock fatter) or to give more acute low volume.

It should not be hesitating between fiddle among low / high, the bright, gain and tone, you get enough varied sounds.
Well its very easy to get, as long as you remain in a style "classic" old.


I play blues, rock-hard rock 70/80, with a clone strat SSH (Suhr SSV + FL) and a clone LP (KCPI in the heats, Suhr SSH bridge).

This amp is very warm, the sound is bad enough low volume. I find it really gnial with the stratum, as it makes the quack, the DEFINITIONS, but without the cot "glassy" cold, Fender, nor the medium rather high cluck Marshall. Very bluesy. One can obtain a more glassy with strat with bright playing on the TMB and the tone gnral.

I do not know if the lamps age (4-5 years), but APRS 1/2h heating the grain is much better!

Clean channel: not so clear that a Fender, it's warmer, and you push ds has s'paissit is done! Very nice clear sound even when,

Lead channel: del at the 7 / 10 gain, treble, and presents are not as good DEFINITIONS. Beach 4-7 of gain is very pleasant for crunchy blues, with its vintage.

Amateur its modern grained do not choose a Lionheart. Rglage noon with lots of gain and a G12H, I found quite a voiced VOX.

The gain goes to the bottom of a del ACDC classic, but without the edge of a cot marshall, it will always be with a warm, fairly pais, no piping treble.

The sound is more severe among the low. I use it with the LP sounds vintage. I use Gnrale between the High with the stratum (more brightness), and with the LP when I want to type in bold.

Xotic BB preamp with the 1 / 4 gain, and Laney 6-7/10 gain, you get a cream that grazing and fat dmnage svrement.

With TS (my TS808 clone) was obtained with medium rather classic rock buffs. I lack a true clean boost to the panoply tutorials.

The clean channel is my Son of Hyde carefree.

Cab: I stopped playing I knew Vintage 30 with this amp. I stayed on the G12H (the cab Laney is G12H Heritage) with whom we have a very good mix for LP / Strat in blues and classic rock

I then test with a G12M Heritage Greenback: the sound is less bassy, gave a cluck more aggressive and sharp, but happiness

I'm playing right now on the mix G12H / Greenback on my 2x12.


I use it for about a year, the lamps may be changed by the way!
I played regularly on Vox AD50 Valvetronix, Peavey ValveKing 112, Tiny Terror used a few weeks, tried a Vox Night Train, played on episodic Diezel VH4, Splawn Quickrod CAA PT50.

Quality terrible price if you like the cluck vintage, very good rendering blues / crunch.

Amp very musical. Every time I plug in the stratum for a little blues, I tell myself that I have a very good sound. I advise the Greenback and G12H for HP.

My only regret is not having a second amp for metal spit sauce with a more modern kind JCM800!

Some videos on Youtube under jonizefox.

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a great amp that sounds very sober!"

Laney L20H
then we have a guitar amp head with tube, the meter, 20 watts of power.
for the connection, it was on top, 2 Inputs LO and HI (for low and high), 1 button "clean volume", switch 2 position "bright", 1 button "drive" button and a "drive volume" , 1 switch "drive" a button "bass", 1 button "middle" one button "treble", 1 button reverb, 1 button "tone" and finally a switch to start run-standby "with, above, a red LED to show he is running.
behind, was on the left, a 2-button "power" with 2 digits, 1 and 0 (1 walk and 0 for off), the right of this button, there is a cache-fuse, and the right side panel, it has 3 outputs for 3 types of speakers, 4 ohms, 8 ohms and 16 ohms, after the section was added for effect named "effects loop" return with 1 input and 1 output "send" and then, finally, the entry for the footswitch.
Note that there is no built-in effects.


For me, there's no simpler, 1 volume knob clean general, a switch for a more banging and 1 other to the overdrive channel, reverb and controls a low, mid and treble.
for the manual is pretty clear and there is even a section dedicated to specific settings (clear sounds, jazz, metal ..) and there was even a blank to write your own settings.
readily obtained a good sound, because the dashboard is simple and the amp is good to see very good!


should be very well that he asked to play, from clean to distorted sound!
for settings, you can play everything as long as you know how to set an amp! (Actually, I do not want m'éttendre on the subject and there are too many to say!)
I play it with an Ibanez RG style guitar and I still have not tried my pedals over saturation! is to say ...
can play jazz, funk snapping well, and rock to hard rock!


It's been two weeks that I have and I play with regularly.
I have tried many combos and stack (head + cabinet) before you buy; Bogner Alchemist, mesa-boogie single correct (too expensive and too metal for my taste!), Soldano Hot Road (great, but too expensive and frankly, where is the value of having such a machine at home?), Laney LC-100 (an amp with incredible dynamics crazy, but too many watts under the hood!), marshall haze ( its pretty clear, but not great popping sound!), Marshall JVM (really good, but I'm not a fan of the marshall!) and of course, that face!
the quality / price is, for me, very good, I bought it at € 511 woodbrass and, frankly, you're getting your money!
with experience, I am very happy with my laney head and I'm very surprised at the same time the rate at which it is sold Sanchez has not been manufactured in China but in England and it delivers a saturated really good contrary to what I tested in store and what I heard ...

on 03/10/2010: well, after 5 months spent at home, I'm still happy though, recently I wanted to sell to buy something more modern.
meantime, I bought a parker fly deluxe (see Testbed my profile), I discovered that, on the "tone", starting from 0 to 10, we add more acute when I tend to always put at 8; well, after 8, we have them, these acute and I was looking for a more defined!
I rediscovered an amp that I liked a lot already and there, I hope I would keep still for a long time!

on 20.01.2011, in fact, which is a shame; was not saturated with metal frankly, is why I think it add a tube preamp Rocktron gaignac style, JMP1 marshall mesa-boogie or TriAxis .

crosby2fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L20H
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? Lights and lamps
What is the power dlivre? 20 watts Class A
What connection? HI and LO jack, jack HP 4, 8 and 16 ohms, jack in / out effect
What rglages the effects? ... the standard volume, drive, low, medium acute Tone reverb, bright switch and standby switch


The configuration is it simple? Ultra simple, it connects, and you turn in before the zoooouuuuu Zique
Do you get a good sound easy? It's really good trs. In addition to the output volume can really play anywhere in the same apartment. Buttons Tone and volume of the microphones in my Les Paul back to life ... and nothing but good sound in all cases.
The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Fully yes .. I had an English version of the manual but it is very simple and concise.


Is it your style of music? Uh ... yes all fawns I have never had better. I had a dj amp lamp but silent too powerful to be playable, too sharp too ... The one is in another world, more musical, more human.
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? A Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty, I also have a Tonelab SE which I disables any amp simulation and HP. This delay pedals a good, good reverb and tuner Intgr why not?
What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)? All types of sounds and everything is well balanced and trs Dfine ... Of course the amp all by itself does not sound mtal, but a lot of dlivre sounds good tempers. The amp is connected to a speaker 112 manufactured home, while waiting for the possibility of getting this ddi Laney cabinet with 2 HP Heritage


How long have you use it? only a few days
What is the particular feature you like best and least? It is beautiful, lightweight, it sounds good. the least is the price
Have you tried many other models before acqurir? Not really: a few lamps and Fender transistors, Rolands, a VOX CC2, my old amp lamps, one lamp homemade amp (which sounds good but not great at all), and my ToneLab a tech 21 or the sound of the group.
How do you report qualitprix? It's expensive! But compared to other brands the report is excellent qualitprix
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ... this choice I made virtually ds leaving two years ago, and my only regret is having to wait that long to get it

millezotla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L20H
Previous to the notice complter,
3 out of 4, 8 and 16 ohms.
Fixing kit supplied on the baffle.
2 channels
No bias SETTING THE Necessary for the replacement of EL84


It's vintage, no numrique, or we must delve into the manual, a ring right away. It's beautiful!


I play with a Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul. Channel 1, the extra light, you go up and crunch. 2 channel, crunch and pushing the gain, a rock hard! I also ssay diffrent with pedals, TS9, Fuzz Face, Guvn'or, Rat, trs is good! You can do anything with this amp. The amp is plugged into a Marshall 4x12, I intend to take the baffle Laney LT 212 which must be extraordinary. An article on this set on the guitar from No 176 (Angus Photo from cover) and the great test of DVD guitar volume 14, all testing stuff with this amp! The Epiphone Slash, the Fuzz and testing of the whole. The sound says it even! Yuck trs speaks well (it does sound a guy!)
I bought the cabinet that goes with Aesthetics, and especially that made me a slap with 2 Celestion Heritage G12H. This set is a feast for the eyes and ears.


MODELS I have tried many, but this amp is versatile trs! I really SOUND!
I found it a default, it is the only, the price of cabinet too lev.
This is the beautiful sound, vintage, still pretty up in saturation, not by mtal cons. I have not tried the pedals again, it sounds so good without it. I'll try the TS9, a fuzz, the trs good taste my Marshall Guv'nor

MusashiChan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney L20H
It's vintage, no frills, just have a head Necessary for really simple and complements. Loop, bright switch; pdalier provided; out all impdances; 2 between ... and finishing TOP CLASS!

"Prampli lamps (3 x 12AX7) dual channel sound dlivrant a classic hot and Paisse

Amp Class A "single-output-parallle" by 4 EL84 matched lamps providing 20 watts of rich

Tone of CONTRL ddi supplmentaire to fine tune the harmonic content

Rverb crystalline spring type 4

Designed to be used with the enclosure extension dedicates LT212 (mounting kit available) "


Simple? Bah is lit, one branch and we play. A helping knob on the amp and / or guitar and found all the magical sounds whose head is capable of. And especially to find intuitively what was at the top.

So simple yes. And both, with exprience we learn to use it as an instrument by Entire. It Ragit so well all the requests drawn from the marvels of classic sounds like very modern and vintage works.

The manual is a MODEL of its kind; schmas, no big blabla, the minimum and all the info on some pages.


Jou a Clapton Start and a Gibson ES 137 and he gives as indicated above all we have at the top and opens up new ides of each new compound is discovering that one.
It can be as clear chattering, bright blues, jazz, rock crunch or trs trs (british. necessarily ... what ... that with the right rglages;) ).
I branch on a small baffle VOX V212 ... I guess on a good speaker: D


I work in a music store ... I had the opportunity to choose the head among many others without looking at the price. And I am absolutely in love with this t ^ te. I Discoveries sounds, his raction is so good in standards that I made new sounds, the game is really sensitive, amplified the nuances, and the intruments sound their best ... magic!