Marshall DSL100
Marshall DSL100

DSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Marshall DSL100

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 24 reviews )
 10 reviews42 %
 11 reviews46 %
 2 reviews8 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/The Mr Chris Sven11/01/2005

MGR/The Mr Chris Sven's review"Marshall JCM2000 DSL100"

Marshall DSL100
Been playing in and out of bands for 15 years (wow that long!) mainly metal from Iron maiden to Joe Satriani.

Off e-bay, I bought two, most expensive was £350, needed a few minor repairs (carry handle, tolex, 1 cap blown)

Outstanding warm clean channel, 1st stage overdrive is amazing, the harmonics just reach out at every opportunity, pinched harmonics are almost too easy now, you can over-do it!

Not much really, would be nice if it had a 50/100 watt selector for home use.

Superb, everything is on individual PCBs which simply unplug so you can solder new components if you know what you are doing 9I worked it out with a cheap multimeter, its not rocket science here!), even the PCBs are cheap direct from Marshall, the main one that hold all the valves is only £74 + VAT @ 17.5%. Oh and you can easily swap valves to get you own custom sound, without breaking the bank!

Great amp head, goes one step further than a JCM900 but to be honest I don't have much use for the extra gain over the JCM900 s the extra distortion means you loose some of the intonation of your guitar, (and yes I do play thrash and crave deep distortion), its an amazing piece of kit, well put together and puts out enough volume for any venue.. do what I did, get 2 and run them in stereo off Boss chorus and delay pedels.. it'll blow you away!

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dadav's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good power amp"

Marshall DSL100
100w lamps
2 channels with a gain classic (clean / crunch) and an ultra gain (lead1/lead2).
an effects loop with level control switch output (pedals / racks)
rverbe one per channel.
Deep switch (bass), and tone shift (dcalage spectrum mdium) acting on the legalization (common to both channels) and a global prsence.
footswitch jack for reverb and channel change.


one branch and we play
you can have fun with button deep and ultra low tone shift, but there is a sound faster.
same eq for clean / distortion, shame!


size for the rock 70's and 80's
it's ACDC and Led Zepplin


qqs used for years I found trs powerful.
My Les Paul Standard sounds great with my Gibson / Bill Lawrence "The Original"

There are better as Plexi or Mesa Boogie, but it is more expensive.

This is the Marshall's what they say and it stands even with closed eyes. APRS, there are several catgories Marshall sound, and with more dollars I would lean towards the Plexi. Bcp but it too expensive.

The 2000 dsl is a perfect compromise for sound rock bottom and your wallet. As against less like the STL because I'm not Metal but Hard.
Each riffs!

trilolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"head very good ... Once settled ..."

Marshall DSL100
100 W
2 channels with a gain classic (clean / crunch) and a super gain (lead1/lead2).
an effects loop with level control switch output (pedals / racks)
reverb per channel.
Deep Switch (bass), and tone shift (shift of the spectrum medium) which act on the Equalization (common to both channels) and a global presence.
footswitch jack for reverb and channel change.

IMPORTANT: Setting bias apparent in the back of the head feasible with a voltmeter and a small tournevis.Très simple and that changes everything about her! The bad reviews are probably done wrong in this setting at the base. FC complement to end ... with the before / after


simple configuration when you understand how an equalizer and reports medium-tone shift. The good sound does not come right away on the ultra channel, but immediately on the clean / crunch.


The head is played on a Framus Cobra baffle with two greenbacks and 2 g12T75. The voicing of the amp is not dark.

Classic gain clean channel: very clean and round with great dive on the notes (think of sound as a picture coat-coat). A lot of bass at low volume is the presence at high volume. The tapping its going very well so clear dynamic sound. 100W is not a lot of headroom
Well its very clear that exploitablable crunch later.
channel gain crunch classic: crunch good bill that goes up to a ac / dc max gain. It is always clean which remains in the bottom of his notes with all audible. The volume of the clean guitar is very usable, is the sustain, grain heat and nuances well transcribed.

Ultra Gain channel LEAD1: channel big crunch will lead to heavy way black album (studio) it is not present but not harsh grainy (except extreme settings of presence). The sustain, warmth and above all a very good sound that pierces rock 'n' roll (think gary moore and other hard 80's). Good percussion with deep tone switched with the shift + activated the medium of the equation is reassembled in touch crunchy thick less sharp and punchy.

channel ultra lead2 gain: gain compression and gain relative to a lead. This channel enhances the low frequency range, which thereby becomes less accurate (especially with the deep set). The leads are very good, many hairline marks the game is accurate, the report severe acute is good (as a means palm mute a note with a very high pitched sound at the scorpions. (I give the simple sound cues) . The sound loses accuracy with gain climbed too high and really serves more lead in this case. The lead will be a more rhythmic, the lead up to 14h also two gain beyond that of pure lead


I got the dragon and Framus Cobra, cl 50, Splawn Nitro. I tried the mesa single grinder, engl fireball, peavey classic 30, classic VHT (I pass those played some time in mag ...)
The dsl 100 is its price when:


Let me explain

When I recovered, I told myself I was going to check the bias. Given to 90 mV per pair on the Marshall site has a lot of forums suggest 82. There were 84 on one side and 98 other ...
The lamps were also those of preamp origins, Chinese marshals (grateful to the structure Pi inside the lamp).

The basic sound was very very grainy and harsh, and the gain set at 15 became a slurry with low fuzz imprecise slobbering. I could not put the treble beyond the presence of 4 and remained at 3. So grain loss and gain down with EQ to sound muffled or sound of bees are aggressive choice.

After adjusting bias of 82 mV (3 min to do) and test lamps preamp (ten combinations tested) the amp has changed completely: the crunch is clean as if I went past the volume of the guitar from 6 to 10 but still with clean inside and percussive bass became tighter with a grain and warm.
The gain of leads has become exploitable in its entirety with a much finer natural fuzz (grain, no more unpleasant metallic presence) and I can now put the attendance at 14h and 13h and have a sharp sound usable.
The winning combination lamp preamp is for me: a Chinese with gain in V1, a Groove Tube R2 in V2, two dd sorted V3 and V4. The EH and Sovtek lps are in horrible!

The grain of the amp is more vintage than the two heads Framus (the crunch of the dragon is not far) and the VHT cl 50.
The grain on the marshall is tighter than on Leads of Framus (less gain than the cobra which is out this category for extreme detail and equalization), but less tight than the VHT. It is more raw and organic than the VHT. The gain is more manageable volume of the guitar that vht remains steeper.
The volumes are working well although there is no master volume channels are just as well as the VHT.
The volume is that of a 100W ... But it usable basement room of the house.

negative point: the crunch of the clean is much stronger than the clean and change everything on this channel as LEAD1 and 2 is not feasible at the foot ...
The equalization can prevent common to find its sound on both channels by finding a compromise to make it sound (a bit too bassy in clean if you want big sound in lead). if a channel is used mostly no worries.

The award opportunities is very low and it really deserves that one is interested! Also if you have not put your nose in it set it is really worth. If you want more details PM me!

Pierrotneverthink's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
Everything has been said, some interesting details:
- Marshall wanted to treat their product and to ensure full compatibility with nearly any loudspeaker: 3 speaker outputs and several impedance switch, only the connection of two 4 ohm speakers is not an option. For all other combinations, there is just plug and go! (With the proper impedance to select ...)
- This amplifier should be used to play in group: 100 Watts lamp in an apartment or house with the volume to 1 / 10 is the mess in sound ... both move to the dsl 50 tube combo or if it's for home, you will look better because higher level of saturation.
- The settings are fairly accurate and sufficient basic and widely: some argue that the equalization for common 2-channel lead 1-2 and clean / crunch is a failure, I tend to say that it is almost an asset. .. matter of taste ... and its purpose is not to repeat the perfect amp but just to make an objective.

cl: the characteristics of a true Marshall, no frills Electronics: a simple but effective setup: 10/10


- Simple setup, no need for manual
- Preheating necessary, the amplifier is at maximum capacity when the volume of the amp is pushed at least 2 / 10 in distortion or 4 / 10 in the clear after a little playing time No need for heating in the same room temperature's rising!


- Depending on the settings, the sound is very good and sharp, which will not please everybody, but ... when you buy an amp at this price, it is necessarily what we know s wait if it's really a big risk expensive ...
- The sound is beautifully clear right from the reputation of another Marshall
- The crunch is very characteristic, nothing is to prove its quality
- The sound a lead results in an overdrive and distortion sharp, very precise harmonics fuse is dynamic. A gain pushed (8-9/10), trashy sound. This is the most successful channel with the crunch and satisfy rock fans like me.
- Small problem: the lead channel 2 is I find not particularly convincing: a channel is saturated for a modern sound (néo-métal. ..) but you lose a lot in cutting edge and dynamic to acquire a heavier sound but less I find beautiful: much push the lead by pushing the lower one!
- Shift knobs and deep tone are especially valuable in its clear, seem less necessary in the other channels I prefer digging in the midrange EQ, matter of taste.

cl: 9 / 10 for rock, a sound authentic, real Marshall, only the lead channel 2 is a little disappointing.


- I use it for a year and I am 100% satisfied: it fills my expectations. it is used to play rock / metal 80/90/moderne years and shows quite up to par.
- The lead channel is a really excellent and allows fleurter with sounds of the type of trash Gun'n'Roses up Metallica.
- I have not tried hundreds of tube amp before buying it but I do not even try to learn more because I wanted the sound vrément.
- Nine is so expensive, but the lamp of a quality unmatched by any transistors / modeling. Other benefits: influt guitar on the amp and the amp influt the amplified sound of the guitar ... This is not the case for modeling: if you plug a guitar and a low end gibson: the same will be made for the amp models the starting signal: it spoils the sound of the instrument. With the lamp, you get distorted between the perceived quality of your guitars ...
- I used is identified at 650 euros with 1960 AV cabinet, I thought it was a joke when they saw the price ... and non-bah! I had a huge chance that I took from the hip! So at that price, it is clear that it is totally unbeatable!
- Even if I buy the amp new, I would without hesitation.

innocent.moon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
Marshall 100W lamps above the only effect is a reverb (this is not a multi purpose I wanted ...)
(What you want to note as a description?! Go as it is I who have described I will put a note, it goes back my average!)


The config? you can not get any easier! TREB pressure med bass gain volume for good sound it took me about 5 minutes, as long as the amp heats ...
my old amp was a warhead (very well too) and there's more crap bcp to settle for having the sound you're looking for ... the manual? There's a manual? I've had in the ass while OCCAZ the manual, but I do not see what he could tell me beautiful ... ^ ^ I'll have to ask ...
with respect to the rest of his ca marshall's, must love


It has completely agree that I play, I come from the metal and I'm starting to lean towards hard rock with blues trends ... then yes of course that pete ca ^ ^
I played with a Washburn Dime at the moment and in a few days a Gibson Les Paul (it should do so I think)
What types of sound I get? in clean ... of clean, crunch on ... crunch (her cunt or what?) nan seriously but the gain is fat crunch of the guitar growls manierre very pleasant, and even with distortion the sound is precise is impecable

Rectif - Gibson was the shit, It sounded good but it's a shovel, ca ergonomic all this, I play the same apli a Dean with SH13 and SH1 in acute 59 'in serious It sounds really cool ^ ^


So long ago I had a marshall AVT 100, it was a disappointment because I was playing metal, the gain was still at the bottom which resulted in an impressive breath, I opted for the Randall Warhead, but too complex to settle for me ^ ^ and the sound is very cold and synthetic ... The Marshall 2000 is impecable I play it for a month, what I like most about it is the sound it gives off no matter the channel ... I like the least? his face, I find it too bad a marshall j'aimme bcp the aesthetical There's so Randall's compare is not the same kind ... (After you like it or not ^ ^)
value for money? I got a € 900 so I think it's impecable and I would do without this choice hesitate with the experience (I put nine because it is damn ugly!)

Grosgui's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
Everything t said:

Headers 100 watts all tube (4 + 4 lamps ECC83 EL34 tubes)
HP 4-output, 8 ohms in Stereo (to put two speakers) or 16 ohms mono
-Effects loop + switch
-2 Between footswitch (channel and reverb, handy for those who do not use reverb, footswitch one little tote)
-4 CHANNELS rpart in sections 2 (clean / crunch and ultra gain gain 1/ultra 2)
Accutronics reverb-indpendante for each section
-Equalizer 3-band (bass, medium, trebble) + + CONTRL presence of tone shift
Deep-function (IDAL prsence to strengthen or to have a good sound very heavy low volume)
-No effect on-board (except the reverb)

The only weak point is the 3-band equalizer for the 2 sections. It is impossible to have a DIFFERENT SETTING THE tonality between the channel (less insrer an equalizer in the external effects loop and activate the tone shift).
For me, it is not a default but a quality because I like my sound and overall tonal does not change between clean / crunch and distortion.
This is a default for some quality for all guitarists who likes to have a sound and well homogne Dfine one channel to another.


Say nothing of the cot it's Marshall.
It plugs, turn a few knobs of Tone earnings, volumes, we bypass the standby and off you go.
Ideal for live or studio if you have a rock sound without artifice, the head is not so heavy (21 Kg when same) and fits most speakers.
Moreover, it is a heavy duty head: it can accidentally fall from the cabinet when one of your friends is the clown on it, well it still works! Do not overdo it either!


To put in a clear, if you do not like Marshall's, go your way!

Only the clear sound appear different the usual false Marshall crunch:
with the JCM 2000 DSL 100, you can REALLY have a real clear sound, provided they do not gain too much push and play with the volume (at max gain of 4 and 8 of volume).
This is a good enough to be rare among Marshall said.

In terms of style, I play mainly saturated and my field is prdilection punk, hardcore and stoner mlo.

The ease of rglages allows a well Dfine, harmonically rich and incisive in any channel.
The clean is amazing, the grain crunch possde a pretty clean up mis-stroke win at the dj del is tilted in overdrive.
The ultra will gradually gain a style of hard rock AC / DC punk / hardcore fawn Rise Against and others.
The Ultra 2 is a gain dfferlante low (perhaps too be), ideal for the current type styles nomtal condition using a large speaker that supports low.

Understand that this type of amplifier used with a guitar powerful enough dowry microphones (Epiphone SG with Gibson pickups, LTD Team EMG) for styles that distortions j'voque above.

The dtraqueurs will tell you that Marshall JCM 2000 The series is sorely lacking in personality. This is not the case, it's just the standard set in the Marshall got the day.
The only Remde to judge is to try the lamps with good quality type Groove Tube and Marshall cabinet.
For fans of mtal (death, extreme, doom and go your way), it is important to consider the choice of baflle too.

I use this head with a Lead 1960, which is the IDAL saw my style zic. Understand that if your branch plutt distortion with low standards, it is a cabinet type spcial green back or v30 you need.


The very first time that I test I wondered if Marshall had been JCM 900 volumes. C'tait in a studio or RPET the amp was running 10 hours a day, so much tell you that the State has played on the lamps and the overall sound of the head .

Let me tell you that store is another effect. Mount it on a silent green back in the test, so a help to have a big sound, at least, has sent more than one volume with RPET probably less strong (the State of the lamps changes everything).

It is a sturdy amp with real and unique grain Marshall, it is both in the studio or live. And especially the report qualitprix is ​​standard.

Be well head if you have the opportunity to test it, the lamps and the speaker make a diffrence.

While it is not a grain inimitable AC-30 or a Plexi, but this amp is an all-terrain plutt rock saturated not just dot dnu of personality Sound Marshall (APRS UK we like the sound or not, but that's another dbat).
Meuhrian ze Karibou03/07/2006

Meuhrian ze Karibou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
It is a 50/100 watt head lamps, mine silent Svetlana tube, which may seem be a dtail but changes everything: p otherwise same connection and same rglage a normal DSL 100 ... for some small default: a single EQUAL ...

Note that it is a limited edition, only 100 copies worldwide, and is the ct of 1500 prs argus. it came out in late 1997 to fter the arrival of JCM 2000 ...


Ben is relatively simple, need to connect, then turn on the amp ... trs simple to find a big sound, versatile amp trs to its 4 modes: clean, crunch, distortion marshall old school classic, modern standard high gain distortion ... no man but not to understand something is to put his own ....


Ben is the .... beautiful ... to navigate between the lens clean and good clean round and fat, well, even if you can not compete with prtendre fender ... the potato crunch sends a normissime, big sound AC / DC with my SG hh ... the distal one is really good for classic rock, pretty color and vintage marshall block typ ... regarding the e od 2, l has sent something cute .... the contribution of the deep switch and tone shift is crucial in terms of really distos mchantes, they bring a darkness to his music really ... and low, low, low ... Note that with the lights do'rigines is good but not great ... the grain svetlana provide a much warmer, more harmonics, more dynamic, has changed the amp .... what a pity the production is either shall adopt! tested with a gibson sg standard, a Schecter C1 Classic, a Vigier Excalibur Indus and an ibanez 7 strings Di Marzio ... whatever arive, a ring. marshall, but rings.


I used it for a year before putting it in here must sell at my dealer: P (baba rock) the sound is really good, but does not match what is needed for my group .. . I wish to keep, but financirement things are not always possible ... j'espre that I find another one day when I have the means to have an amp from scratch but the hh is too ... Report Qualter price, it is really correct to compare what we out competition ... Just place the United States, in a store scratch, there's the radius "100w head lamps" and there are the same price as DSL at the fronts, such as what to thank you, Mr. Gaffarel! buy a good head, excellent head once retube with lamps height!

ouenesgain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
100 watt all-tube, a spit up!


Archi simple! You branches, a direct sound, or it must be the happy owner of a shovel shit!
The qualisation, although common, is quite effective, and quickly found a good compromise clean / distorted sound.
Anyway, I got, it's best that a good qualisation three bad ...
Reverbs are better than two, one per channel, all too well.


I play a lot of blues, rock, hardeu-rock, and especially mtal nag too much, and it suits me in every way. This amp fits the bill for any style as long it is pushed a little.
I play it with a Gibson Les Paul, and it's wonderful, it's a winning combination every time, and it's not slash and others who contradict me! Strato with my, well I was just allowed redcouvrir this guitar, sounds of a fire god!

Channel # 1:
The clean sound is really good for the trs marshall, it will be worth, however, never a clear and fender's good, it's not what you asked! That those who want a sound achtent fender fender! The others, by the good soup! (It's easy right?)
The crunch is uncompromising: MONSTROUS, a crunch of madness for a good old blues or old ACDC.

Channel # 2:
Disto 1: for me is the best sound of the amp, which is what I like the marshall, hoarse, dirty, trs "medium", even with a little bit of gain is wonderful. Fans of Guns, we start by two, this is a happening!
Disto 2: it is very well but much less than 1 prcise, then should not grow either! It will be perfect for the nanmoins mtal trs trs heavy.
Deep down adds a punch to the sound incredible, I am now almost more bass my bass!

As you can see, Marshall is primarily for the distortion that the achte!
PS: This head out normment gain.

Addition of 24/01/2006:
So here I tried this amp with other guitars, and what comes out of this amp is compltement Different.
We get along: with my Les Paul, you are left with the slip on the head in less than 2, with another kind guitar epiphone lucille (trs a good scratch in passing), there is much less potato and gain. The sound is gnial but the slip is a place, period!

Added 03/05/2006:
I offered a small telecaster WAOUW us and the slap!
The clean sounds are amazing! I do not know who said that Marshall n'tait not good clean sounds but had not tried this amp srement ultra versatile which is the dsl 100!


I use it for two weeks, I have tried other head, not to mention engl powerball and rectify simple mesa. It is clear that if I had more PPET, I am facing engl powerball, which is for me the best head of the moment, but good sailing with a few in your pocket, this t you marshall is largely the case.

I hear the DJ: "Yes, but it sucks marshall has marshmal and stuff is better, and everything!" Certainly there are normment amp 1,2,3 times better than the dsl 100, but cotent 2 or 3 times more expensive! The choice is quickly made, for the price there is no better. The report compared qualitprix is ​​unbeatable. Period.

10 So for the price but then that is WIDELY!
sorgen  :shoot:02/18/2006

sorgen :shoot:'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
100 Watt All Tube Head:
4 EL34,
4 12AX7 (Sovtek in the mine and Electro-Harmonix).

The connection is very simple, an input, an effects loop, two switches (for channel and reverb), 3 out Hps (4, 8 or 16 Ohm)
knob level, there is a gain, volume and reverb for each channel ...
Together, a 3-band EQ and presence.
The amp has two channels and two real modes per channel that is to say:
- A clean / crunch
- A lead/lead2

I put 7 EQ for common ...


Config so easy, as most of the time at Marshall, anyone can find his sound in no time.
Moreover, his level, I find it very good, but I got it with lamps different from original.
I bought second-hand 'is no manual, but anyway if I had I would have certainly not open ... (Ac annoys me that kind of stuff ...)


So there, we move on to more interesting ... I am the Black / Doom tends Sympho (and yes it all ...) and that makes it badly!
I was looking for an amp without the modern sound is heard everywhere at the moment (not what Mesa) and I found this a trying a Marshall JCM900 with EHX preamp in lamps.
I started looking for a Marshall to do the same mods and here is done.
I use a ESP LTD EC-1000 (in standard) and an Ibanez GRX "Custom by Me" in B.
In Clean, I find the sound quite banal, I put a p'tit chorus over and it goes really well (great for the Cleans ... One Metallica have never sounded so good!)
The crunch is not bad at all for the AC / DC with my EMG81 but hey, it's not too much in this trip. I have a lot of fun times with my Sex Pistols and The Clash on this channel ... missing more than groupies!
The lead (ahhhhhh), the lead1 is not at all to the rock with the appropriate EQ, I quickly made for Slash, I redo a Scorpions concert in repeat ... ROCK SOUND what.
Now what I love most ... LEAD2 the ... ca is not bad tears.
With the lights there is a dose of gain is needed on j'appuis Tone Shift to dig the sound ... Ch'tite a V-EQ in the loop and then I rediscovered my compos ...
The sound is precise, the low nickel pass, one arrives easily find all kinds of sounds:
Slayer, My Dying Bride, Anorexia Nervosa and I even something very similar to Dimmu Borgir ... Frankly not disappointed.


I've had four days.
I have been a retractor to longtemsp Mashall to the metal (I had a MG100, perhaps for that and I have tried a lot of new in the mags that do not believe me). .. But there's no denying it, with real lights, life-changing ca ...
I grain Marshall with the gain I need, and the Tone Shift (digging mediums) can really do Trash / Black, for it is not against the Death at all a fan of Cannibal Corpse, go your way ...
For the price / quality ratio, and although we can not do better, I got it for 500 euros occas'.

It is clear that I would do this choice, the amp is perfect for my needs is the sound I was looking for ...

Spanghy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL100
Everything has more or less t said before.

100w head lamps, one per channel reverb etc.

A major weakness: a single legalization common to two channels.

Another problem: a single button footswitch to switch between light saturated.

Strength: The button 'deep' trs enjoyable that can boost the bass when activated. According to the guitars, microphones and style, its use may s'avrer more or less useful, I use a systmatiquement scratches on my first team SD JB & DM Tone Zone, I use a lot least on my second scratch with 2 EMG.
I'm more skeptical about the intrt the second button that cuts mdiums in order to have a sound + Metal, same as me a Metal guitarist, I find this button gives a the clich & trs trs flat TRS dea of ​​basic sound. (Read: I never triggers)

Last positive: the button at Marshall Prsence traditional but still useful.

In the end, thanks mainly to favorable 'Deep' which allows you to forget the common problem of legalization.


One thing is clear: do not buy this amp for playing at home.

It really is the ultimate scne amp that needs a lot of volume to show its worth in the end & it has a cot frustrating in the sense that the volume Necessary for it to sound property is approximately the same maximum volume above which you have to put the caps.

Then, for what is easily obtain a good sound, I do not see how you can sound evil with such hardware, for simplicity I will say that transcribes Fidler that comes from the guitar, so s' there is a problem of his, think plutt change guitar.


Four sounds, two per channel: a clean, a crunch, a light OD, OD at least one light :-)

This is one of the strong points of the amp: none of the four sounds was put cot t compared to other, no weak point.

Forcment both gender Metall, I tend to abuse the fourth of four sounds deficits with much pleasure, but I'm glad the other 3.

The clean channel is chalereux it Ragit trs well touch your rope, your attack, be it clean or crunch, it might be a bit prettier, but is really the quality besides, it is sufficient and it's really not even bother to load the sound effects of all kinds.

The saturation is good trs, more type-Rock Hard Rock Metal that, but it's really a pleasure, the sound is trs prcis in the high end of the handle and also you have not 36 effects need to embellish the thing, there's a lot of gain, the sound is more powerful qu'aggressif.

The main strength: the amp retranscit trs well as the energy you put into your game, sutbtilits the attack, the mute, I was normment I like, but I think that a suit every game.

I think that beyond the Hard & Metal, if you have the blues rock that sounds to the SRV or ZZ Top or sth of the Lucky Peterson, the receiver can give you satisfaction because it is really versatile.

I will rpter but overall, qq is the style, you will find if you have a game nergique.


Well, I know it is customary today to criticize Marshall to say that it has-been and that Exceeds 46,000 for other brands, but you will understand, I'll go against the current.

This product I bought recently, my eyes is proof that the brand has to question, correct past mistakes and find a range of modern sounds while remaining what Fidler has made the brand.

It's simple, warm, powerful amp live par excellence.

When intgre price in the Decision, the choice becomes empty for me, this price can not be the best, and then 15w combo ;-)

"With the exprience, you do again this choice?"

My only regret is not having done more than tt.

In the end, 10/10 if one takes into account the price and sth more difficult to quantify: the pleasure is mine o when I press the big red button.