Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature

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YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Signature series.

4 user reviews
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Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Marshall
  • Model: YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
  • Series: Signature
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 01/14/2011

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Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 4 reviews100 %
Oliver Sp@rk05/15/2012

Oliver Sp@rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
see below.

we can just blame that there is no connection twelve o'clock as possible if you connect with a multi purpose noon (even with such gcx switcher or gizmo, you can channel switcher ...)

for the rest we appreciate the power reduction for playing at low volume, super efficient the noise gate, effects loop, low noise ...

tears the look, the nice goodies (red cover, malmsteen interview, certificate etc. ..)

we only regret that it is nowhere mentioned settings yngwie ...


this is my first 'plexi' old ... super simple ... no more hours of twelve o'clock preamp settings (I know some who are fun to set an axis-fx ...) .. here in 30 sec stopwatch was THE sound!

a clean channel ... a boost channel, and you plug it plays!


* 80 amp typed ... I'm a fan of that time (europe, maiden, malmsteen, etc.) ... and I'm ready!

* Palette of sound is incredible! wow I love this amp!

* This is not to play the Korn or Meshuggah ... (Tjr what it is possible to add a pedal ad hoc ;-))

* I just use a flashback tc delay in the loop ... it's really crying so beautiful :-)


I use it for 2 or 3 weeks ...

This is the ultimate amp! neither more nor less :-)

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
marshall 30th anniv, Marshall Valvestate 8280, rocktron prophesy2 + brunetti silver bullet, Line 6 Vetta 2, H & K Trilogy ...

I wanted a return to origins, without any tweaking or simulation of the new processor generation xth with 6 months of time to be on the waiting list (one month and to understand its operation) ... here, we get a 30 sec sound old-fashioned that captures all the nuances of games ...

thank you Marshall! yngwie thank you!

Play Loud!

Tripleinside's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" RAAHHH LOVELY!"

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
Amp full lights, 5 4 ECC83 EL34, 100w switchable to 50w.
Embeds a power attenuator (EPA), noise gate, boost, reverb digital.

Series FX loop (foot switchable) and of course the ad-hoc connectors for proper connection with respect to the impedance for all types of cab.

The amp has a self-bias semi-automatic (génial!!) And notified when a lamp has a problem = 50w mode, it automatically shunts the lamp, and go on one of the other two power tubes available!


The manual? what for? ;)

The configuration is as simple as a plexi 70 years, the EQ is shared by two (false) channels, bridging the old can color the sound basis as desired, then refines the EQ

The sound!? = The first agreement, one begins to Angus, it's simple! A crunch to fall, the amp is a flexible and dynamic unbelievable, a little shrinkage in the volume knob on the guitar and it is clean.

The reverb is correct, the boost a little loud, I think it is really designed to break through the mix (not tested yet as a group)

EPA works beautifully, and finally a Plexiglas that you can use at home!

Mode 100w to my preference, I find the sound a bit more body than the 50w mode.


I play in a cover band Thin Lizzy, who played on superlead. I find the sound input!

Fuck a fan of metal, go your way, this amp is destined to rock / hard rock of 70/80 years. The clean is OK without (it is the volume of the guitar, the old if you have the pre-amp to the bottom), the crunch is the best I've ever received, even compared to my JCM 800 83 ', and the desire to lead is creamy thanks to the boost integrated adjustable gain and volume.

Level because I am still in a period of "testing" is currently in a Les paul wah directly in front, and a chorus and MXR EQ in the loop.
I rely on the integrated boost to the amp for solo parts.


I have had many amps, with the aim to play this rock end 70 years: Engl Blackmore, JCM800 2205. The only really approaching sound I'm looking for is the YJM, without any dispute.

I love the look plexi, its crunch, its very effective EQ, the integration of EPA and boost / noisegate directly into the amp.

I like its size and less weight. The firm's head is the same as the head "Major" of the era, and it's 24 pounds! Negotiate physiotherapy sessions at your local Marshall at the time of purchase ...

I would do this choice easily ... for now. Remains to be seen the reliability of the head over time.

Woodstock1969's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Still in shock ..."

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
So it's a 100W tube amp switchable to 50W (my favorite mode).
Level connectivity can plug in any baffles, there is a effects loop and a plug type jack for the footswitch.
Good to go see the simple marshall site or notice before.
Important point when even if I bought this beast because the reviews on the plexi heads were all in the same direction that is, the amp is not usable without attenuator and the lack of effects loop. The YJM has resolved all these worries!


I come from a ENGL powerball head and level configuration, bah I understood what it means plug and play with this head. The manual is useless except for the explanation of the bridge when it was not used here is the rest and be it simple attenuator with a single knob or sufficient overdrive with these two knobs but aurra tone was welcome. The noise gate is cool Frenchies and the fact that snaps at the same time as the overdrive and can also be cut. Negative point of access to the rear is not practical when the head is cut and put in 50W mode must be switched back to the ignition. But the face of the beast is not changed so it is a sacrifice to make.


I have a good strat 50TH birthday I'll say it Frenchie gets a slap in the face. The shades are to be enormous fingers or knobs. Its sounds blues, rock, finally what is vintage 70's to death I'm a fan of Hendrix Bonamassa, etc. bah we are in after that to attack his groove with the dynamics and it's huge! There's no words! When I went to look for I did not know if I agree to an amps is singular and not go anywhere it is relatively versatile without being, it is versatile in style mentioned above and the feeling of respect musicos.

With my ESP rise emg I thought is was not necessary to the enmener, I was wrong. By attacking well and drop granted and the overdrive engaged there is a way to ring on Suicide Messiah Zakk Wylde, etc ... is to say I did not sell my ENGL and I said that he did much left for that I am not too extreme metal etc. ...

The attenuator overgrazing me because it keeps the identity of the same amps by reducing the power of the only significant distinction is made in performance of the baffles.

The mode is 50W while the creamier 100W is brighter.


The price seemed high before to try it but after an hour and a half I turned to my father to tell him the putin's worth.
I try: Engl Powerball, ValveKing, Valvestate, class5, JCM800, JCM900 it is not the same price gammse I grant you, but there when you know what you want because it's huge amps has a strong identity!
Repeat the choice ... to tell you if I still had the gold coins I buy a second stack with 1960tv!
Le Taz09/24/2011

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A Marshall, finally!"

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
All lamps (4xEL34 power). For details, take a look at the site of Marshall.

This is a SLP head, with the same appearance, but with many changes quite interesting:

switch 100/50w
reducing power (which acts as a master volume for the kick)
effects loop (switchable)
Integrated Boost (gain and volume, switchable)
Noise Gate (switchable, s'enclanche automatically with the boost)
Reverb (switchable and adjustable)
4-way Footswitch
But all this is the back ... Not necessarily practical, but preserves the classic appearance, outside the tiny and simple YJM noted next to the present. We thus find the classical setting, with four entries, and the patch that allows jumper channels playing volumes one and two.

I would say we still would have liked at least one of the settings "back" on the front, especially the reducing power.

In addition, a beautiful protective cover ... Much less discreet this time, with its beautiful red Ferrari.


The first approach is not necessarily intuitive, if not used for this type of amp. Patcher, estimate the volumes I and II ... Not easy, but opening the same control palette, and therefore sounds quite impressive. All the sounds you've heard this type of amps are there, available at a volume acceptable in a civilized neighborhood. The power reduction is particularly effective, it still has a lot of body to 25%.

For those unfamiliar with the single channel with 4 inputs, the manual (succinct) may be useful. Otherwise, we are in modernity, has become almost commonplace today with the amps in this range.


We will put the record straight right away: I do not like Yngwie Malmsteen masses, although I appreciate his sound. More importantly, this head, before a shredder head to come from the cold, is primarily a Marshall "operatinginstructions". It is extremely versatile and can, against all odds, much more fill blueseux of rockers and hard-rockers as metalheads. If you are looking for big sound compressed or three tons of gain: discription!

This amp is single channel, I will not dwell on the infinity of possible settings. Can be obtained at the limit of cleans to crunch Hendrix with simple and send the ball as Marshall of the 80 with a humbucker in the Inrush boost. According to the guitars plugged in and the settings, you can "redo" as well as Made In Japan, Led Zeppelin II, Highway To Hell, Jimi Hendrix in the live of your choice, the ZZ Top 70's and of course go to the flower Mister Malmsteen bands. Vintage sound, clean to fuzzy, sounds cleaner type 80 years is feasible. Could not find her slender or discrete, it is always extremely high, both in the harmonics in the dynamics of the game So, the amp is much less easy to play the hi-gain current. But he is a slap in terms of body, presence in the mix. The sound is spatialized as (whatever the speaker), who come from the Hi-Gain basic it seems to move from 2D to 3D.

So, friends, metalheads, you may be surprised playing this amp, it does not forgive anything, any inaccuracy in the attack, legato fair game, any jurisdiction. It will ask you to play more physical, even if the boost helps a bit.

The little reverb and more friendly, but do not push it too: it is longer than deep. Practice, not great.

The noise gate is very effective and musical particulièrment. Taken to the extreme, it will be convenient for staccatos sliced, but 50% can be from solo without fear of being eat the sustain.

Personally, I do not really like the way 50w, which I find a little "fuzzy", but it will appeal to fans of Page. I think, clearly, you will do the jumping, not for his contribution to gain, but it gives the body and the fact that it opens the possibility of adjusting your sound. Also, do not be afraid to put the treble on 2, depending on your guitar, for a softer sound to the ear. The set is balanced, even with extreme and unusual settings. I did not see the benefit of touching the presence button, unless you want to create ultrasound? The grain is naturally open.


Friends rockers, blues-rockers, hard-rockers ... you can go there eyes closed and do not stop the signing. Malmsteen has many faults, but guitar issue, it does not kidding and do not cares of the mouth of the world. Here we have a very versatile amp, although you must adjust some settings by changing the guitar. It can be binding on Live, but by rewarding a presence, a grain and distribution that will make you believe that a speaker is actually rotten excellent. It took 20 from the end of 800, so that Marshall finally offers a true Marshall, it's not so new in the end, but with completely new functions relevant and very interesting.

Steelworkers for: station! Despite the signing, it is not, in my opinion, a metal amp, by the sounds it produces and how it is played.

I had seen in a critical US, "the best Marshall overdrive that is never heard." This may be a bit exaggerated. But a "new" Marshall who can compete with the JCM800, JMP heads, SLP, Master Volume, it's not every day. Basically, Malmsteen fans may have trouble playing it, but every scratch of the universe rock, from blues to hard, will really be in their case. Quite frankly, this is one of the best amps I've played.

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[NAMM] Marshall YJM 100 Video Demo

[NAMM] Marshall YJM 100 Video Demo

Published on 01/14/11
New Marshall YJM 100 Video on AudioFanzine

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  • Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
  • Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
  • Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature
  • Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature

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