Randall RM 50 HB

Randall RM 50 HB

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RM 50 HB, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Randall.

4 user reviews
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Randall RM 50 HB tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Randall
  • Model: RM 50 HB
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

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Randall RM 50 HB user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %

crankyrayhanky's review"Excellent Gigging Tones"

Randall RM 50 HB
This amp is running on tubes...the choice of tubes is totally versatile due to the external biasing controls. I have almost zero tech skills, but with the use of a $20 voltmeter from RadioShack, even i can make the necessary adjustments. I usually ran 6L6s, but played with a variety of tubes including el34, 5881, 6v6, and even 6v6 with my yellowjackets. Plenty of other choices possible, so the world is your tube oyster. Note that this particular mts amp has only 1 bias control (unlike the rm100), so it is best to install matched tubes fro optimal performance. The wattage changes according to the tube type, but basically a 50watt head. Presence and density controls are excellent additions to the power stage. I usd the loop sparingly, but it sounded excellent. Modules to install are vast; i recommend modded modules to really vault this amp into a high boutique stratosphere. Stock Grail, Scary, and KH1 are excellent choices and would give most players the variety of tones needed for gigs. this amp really sings with the fender based modules and would rock on a blues gig. I own several mts heads and oodles of modules, so yes, I LOVE this head.


Pretty simple to get a good sound- put all knobs at noon and the sound is decent. As stated above, modded modules are the way to go. I personally love Salvation for modern hi gain and gigmods for clean and Marshall-mid gain. Jaded Faith h was come on strong and offers excellent tones, as does Sacred Groove. Voodoo and Racksytems are well known for their work...I've played modules from all of the above and really love them all in different ways- it all depends on your playing style and needs.I'd keep away from modders not on this list as the quality may vary.


I use many guitars: Gibson, Peavey, Fender...I literally get any sound I want out of this system. The module availability is extraordinary, but watch out, it can get costly!


I love the modern hi gain tones; that is where I usually reside. But the Bluesy clean tones are extraordinary, as are the cleans and mid gain rock. the 3rd party modders are what sets this system apart from any amp on this price level. If you intend on staying with stock modules, you may want to shop around...stock is decent, but I imagine there are plenty of amps that could compete and do better. But the modded mods are truly a boutique level.One strange criticism concern the "boost". Plug a single button fottswitch and it may boost you right through the wall! The boost essentially bypasses the master volume making it equivialnt to pumping it to 10. If you set the master voulem high and the modules lower, you can get a nice boost;but if your Master volume is set at anything less than 2 oclock, that boost will scare the crap out of you!

Mattfig's review"Excellent Amp! VERY versatile..."

Randall RM 50 HB
This is a RM50 tube amp...It houses your choice of power tubes....From 6550 to EL34, and all points in between- it can easily let you drop them in and , get this, EASILY bias them yourself with a simple multimeter...It also has three preamp tubes (12AX7)...One is an input tube, one a phase inverter, and one a loop buffer...Then you have two module bays to play with...Choose any of the 20+ modules out there from Randall or Egnater as well as a sea of amazing modified modules available now...The sky is the limit...Want Marshall grind but Fender clean? Done....Want Mesa chunk and Vox chime? Done...You get the idea...You choose the modules...Each module has 2 preamp tubes as well...

Inputs and outputs are standard 1/4 .... No MIDI ... Footswitch included...


Sound quality is amazing...You can choose any combination of amps you can dream of....Right now mine has a Jaded Faith EV Trilogy (5150) module along with a Jaded Faith Super Clean module...It delivers squeaky clean to bone crushing drive...Perfectly....The manual is easy....Power tubes are easy to change to try new ideas...


The best sounding line of amps (MTS) available...I use an RM50, RM100, and 5 RM4s! Always room to add more and the sounds available are both excellent and plentiful....There are guys that make mods to your specs so this amp can be anything you can dream up!

The EQ is all based on the modules with the exception of the useful presence and density controls...

The tone is second to none...It's the best kept secret in the biz as far as I'm concerned....

There is also an active forum of users that share ideas, sell and trade modules, etc....So you're never alone and will always get questions answered....

If you've read this far, just get one...If you know anything about good tone, you'll keep this one around for a long time...Mine isn't going anywhere!


I love the versatility of the modules...There are some breakthrough modifications that include Orange, Mesa, Marshall, Vox, Matchless, Framus, Peavey, Fender, Krank, Cameron, it goes on and on and on...

The value is tremendous as the mod are dead on in many cases...A la carte mod making is available so it's all in your idea of great tone...

I've had many (still do in some cases) of the amps from the makers above and have found the modules to capture them in every sense...It's all tubes and analog circuitry so it's no Line 6....This is for real!

iamqman's review"Two preamp head"

Randall RM 50 HB
Randall has really taken a hold on the module industry. Them and Egnater have really grabbed the preamp modules and owned the entire market of this industry. You can basically put any type of preamp sound you can think of in this unit, because there probably is a preamp design out there that will do any sound that you want. Now there are builders strickly just for modules.

Honestly this has been such a breakthrough design in recent years. Since there is no much musical influence nowadays , many guitars have influences that go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Finding and amp that can do all of that is pretty much impossible. Well until now it has been impossible. This is a two preamp holder head. Which means that you can fit two of your favorite preamps in the slots and you get 50 watts of power. This is the only different from the 100 watt version which can hold three preamps at one time.


Randall RM50HB 50-Watt Modular Tube Amp Head Features:

* 50W of power using Ruby 6L6 tubes
2 modular channels for plugging in Randall preamps
Master volume, master density and presence controls, and front panel mix control
Tube-buffered parallel effects loop
Series effects loop
Slave out
Rear master input (for volume pedal)
Rear bias test points
World voltage AC input selector
25"W x 13"H x 10"D
32 lbs.


This is really a preamp shell. There are no tones at all in this amp. You must go out and buy from Randall or Egnater the preamp voicings that you want. You have three options to put in the slots provided.If you don't like the preamp module you can always dump it and try something else and a minimal cost. Guys on the internet are always buying and selling modules to find that sweet spot in their guitar rig. Randall has built just about any preamp module you can think of. So it can take come exploring and trial and error to find the right one you want for your sound.One of my favorite modules is the Mr.Scary from George Lynch. I really love that module a lot. It is thick and fat sounding and turns even the most ordinary guitar into a shredder.


At new you can pick these amps shell up for right at around $900. Not a bad price for two channel power amp shell that fits two of your favorite modules. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple amp that can be ultra customized to fit your tonal needs.

blazed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Randall RM 50 HB
2cannaux head lamp 60w (2 * 6L6) but compatible with KT88 6V6 therefore ~ ​​20 to 80W
designed by Bruce Egnater Egnater on the model of M50
CHANNELS of the preamps are interchangeable among ammovibles a current choice of 18 "modules", more compatibility with the brand Egnater modules.
September 12AX7, floor buffer to driver input and two per module

back cover super complete: two effects loops, one parallel and one series not affecting the signal selector impedance of 4/8/16ohm, an extension hp, voltage selector 100/120/220/240 (not fool yourself ..), external adjustment BIAS ultra simple, a slave output, an input for expression pedal controls the master general (never tried).
front: one entry, a push button to change channels on the right controls four modules: density, Presence, Master General and Effect (level injection effect in the loop / /). Modular: Treble Middle Bass Master Gain, a Bright switch and a push button very occasionellemnt voicing.
Inside: good is not made in the U.S., the components are standart, welds a little light .. but very well designed, it's not a horrible gas plant, lamps and circuits breathe well and are sturdy tranfo.
Appearance: You may have noticed the, very briefly, the Tolex poorly bonded, the minimum service to those who want to pay to have the looks to boot.
dimensions / weight: 18 kg cm 26/28/64 (alleluia!)
amp happened with jj12ax7 jj6L6 and (not very well unpaired), a footswitch just very strong, Accutronics reverb and a plugged in the loop / /
8 / 10 because it is not an amp shop in 4000 balls


Then use use ...
the configuration is simple? Yes! everything is simple on / in this amp.

the manual is clear? not. He mixed all the data series MTS, up to a dimension you ground lift button does not exist .. not very clear either on the voltage selector so I warn you, do not unscrew the plastic rectangle, the small black square with a central triangle as an indicator to do jumping by lever in the notch edge control. if this is your first tube amp, have experienced one explain the safe way.
Do you get a good sound easy? that's on your experience on this amp category. forcing you fumble for your sound, make recordings, change lamps, and finally there is not a bedroom amp is a tube amp the scene.
11/10 for a regular, 8 / 10 for other


So I use it with cash in a 2x12 Celestion CL80 and Vigier custom exca
solo repertoire for a prog rock to metal industrial, and especially speed.
My modules are not first generation Egnater Randall but then only one channel per module 100% with the range of Randall (see Egnater.com)
modules are mostly known for emulations of amps vox fender marshall mesa and Bogner, but also sounds typical Randall and Egnater.
Mine emulate a vintage Vox AC30 for clean to crunchy overdrive leger, a Fender Bassman 50 'clean to crunch light, a Mesa / Boogie Rectifier with copious headroom enhanced, specifically I get a grain very similar to petrucci on "live at marquee" (the only live I had to compare it with the mesa not tampered too) and finally a module (very) "highgain" aka MHG with his scoop around 1.5/2.5k Hz typical distortion of the "stereo", to be confirmed in the vein of a Soldano SLO?
modules are higain refit TS 12AX7 reissue, the input stage and the driver in January 5751 philips. the master power module and the bottom quarter master brings much more dynamic than the two halfway. Similarly, the presence and density functions are vital to Detern treble and warm up / degrease low I turn the ~ 04h. next module, bass remains generally below 12, below 14h treble, middle above 10 and therefore, power modules and fully master at 09/10h
verdict: very good cam!
a priori 10/10 but I have only tested a few modules and some of the most popular.


I use it for ~ 7 months, the modules since last year
This is not the numerical modeling, but the emulation module. even if it's a little rough, grain quality, it is equal to that of the emulated amp

Well sit back though: no new module € 615 all costs included, I will have taken just for the power! Poweramp in a grinder with 6L6 BIAS ultrafast designed by a master of boutique amp 600boules you believe you? and this time my preamp section tappe in the high-end! unequaled value for money, thank you weak dollar, thank you Patience, no I have not made a pact with Satan, that you Hotez of the head


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