Edirol UA-101
Edirol UA-101

UA-101, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
Audiofanzine FR11/29/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Edirol UA-101
(Originally written by cyrilcliment/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
My setup:MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB Ram


Mic and bass or bass plus 3 synths. I use it to replace a mixer + patchbay because it allows me to freely route the signal to the sound card via a small, latency-free software. It's a great advantage compared to the FA101, which requires you to route the signal with the sequencer of your DAW.

So it allows me to process my voice with my Micromodular without having to turn the computer on!


Very easy installation. The monitoring software makes a mixer needless. It's great to mix several synths or to route the signals freely between inputs and outputs...

The user's manual is clear and the product is easy to use.


I use it with LOGIC PRO at 24bit/44.1kHz. with a 64 sample buffer size to record and monitor (via software) eight tracks without crashes or unwanted noise. More than enough for my needs.


I've been using it for six months. I previously tested several Firewire sound cards, which didn't work properly with Leopard and my Lucent chipset. I bought the UA 101 to connect a mic + a guitar or a bass + 3 synths. Great reliability and latency even though I'm not confident about USB solutions...

Very good value for money. The manufacturing quality seems to be good, the sound is excellent (no buzz or hum except with preamps at max). The front Hi-Z input is very convenient. You can use it as a 10 in/out standalone mixer/patchbay!!

It's a product you can forget about, it has no useless features, it just works. I won't buy another sound card in a long time. I love the small routing/monitoring software. This sound card replaced a mixer/patchbay/sound card setup. It's exactly the tool I needed and I love it!!!
Cola verde04/19/2014

Cola verde's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
used for monitoring of multi-channel (it works well and the sound that comes out is good). I thought to use it to make the sound but the analog-to-digital converters (audio input) are not good and have disappointed me.


used with FLStudio and Reaper particular drivers are good and some reach a low enough latency (7 ms) on the other hand it consumes more CPU with high latency (35ms)


very simple and works flawlessly


used for 6 years, the audio outputs are good and the monitoring function is convenient (via youtube listening Reaper who gets the "monitor" output and dispatch to my 2 speaker systems)
HOWEVER AN converters (ADC) are BAD and respect me, no recording (mic or line) with this card.

bbhack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Robust & powerful"

Edirol UA-101
Originally I chose this card to the number of I / O and routing capabilities, but also because it was one of the few cards "semi pro" in USB 2.0 available at that time.
Also add the fact that, relatively new to capture audio gear, I was reassured by the fact that it was therefore deemed Roland gear solid. Six years of daily use have given me because at this level.
Originally I was shooting with Cubase on Windows XP. For three years I use Mac with Logic with the same happiness.


The drivers are very stable, at least I never had to worry about either of the two configs.
It has already been pushed into a corner with a record 8 tracks simultaneously. The small notebook of time (a P4) morfler a bit, but it will be out. Re-iterate the experience with a newer PC and carefree, I think the concerns of the period were rather soft and even the little USB Controller piercing and quite comsumption resources ...
Having no live project since qq time I use it in config home studio, for both models scratches / low that "mixing desk" for my audio devices (amps, preamps, drive).
Latency is imperceptible and the direct monitoring almost perfect.


It could not be simpler to get started.
The online manual is useful for understanding the subtleties qq internal routing. Otherwise, it works intuitively.
It works fine on a Windows or Mac OSX. Linux is not supported and probably never will be.


Six years of loyal service without flinching!
At the time this acquisition represents a relatively tidy, but time has proved me right, as well as the strength of the relevance and authorship of the USB (Remember that time when 90% of AFiens swore via firewire ...)
+ What I like:
- The quality of converters
- The robustness
- The routing capabilities
- The number of I / O
What I like -:
- Lack of a dedicated channel to the headset (the volume works on the outputs "pregnant" and headphone, impractical to move from one to another)
The value for money I think is great, especially considering the robustness of the equipment.

OSR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good product"

Edirol UA-101
the number of input and output (10 and 10) is what I needed for my config live


the driver is stable and low latency
I utillise Ableton Live (I use the 8 output jack at the same ten for hours without any problem and I also use it with virtual dj (for vinyl timecode)


installation and simple configuration


I use depui 3 years
I had the ua101 before (which scorched due to an error on my part (firewire plugged in upside down))
what I like in a RAPORT AU 101 is a small software to configure it is convenient (there is not the ua 101)

RAPORT the money is correct

I do it again this choice!

Esprit-Libre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
What characteristics have motivated your choice? : The simplicity of all, it's roland, solid, and good quality ...
On this sound card is plug an I sonic Cell Rolande, keyboard S90XS Yamaha, Zoom A2 for a Taylor 110CE ... Monitor output, two HS80M Yamaha ...
All audio cabling is doing by hand by a pro at home, so everything in the quality ...


Drivers side, I collect these problems, stable ...
The software utiisé, sonar8, acid pro ...
I record six track 24 bit 96Khz with no problem
My latenceje not feel it so I never see if there is or not ...


installations without any problems following the directions of jobs ...
Configuration easier ...
No problems whatsoever in 64 bit or 32 bit for OS ...
Manuel simple and clear ..


more than two years time I think of this card issue ...
try another card, yes, and frankly I stay on this one ...
the most simple to use that card, usb2 sound quality and stable ...
Least not find, oh if output monitor, it would have been in good taste to put two stereo XLR and jack ...
Value No complaints, it is not perfect but for the price nothing to repeat that good

MaxiMoog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" AU-101 works well with Hauptwerk"

Edirol UA-101
The multitude of inputs / outputs and main outputs separate monitors have motivated my purchase, and the optical input and output.

I used to play with a classical organ of 1952 (that I converted in MIDI)

The firm has an original sound speaker sub-woofer and 2 other 15 inch 10 inch is also connected with the UA-101 through my Rotel amp.


I am very happy with the DU-101. I use the Hauptwerk software that runs it well.

If you experience problems in 64 bit ASIO driver, I suggest you install the ASIO4ALL driver who is 64-bit and physically adjust the potentiometer to 48 kHz.

Because if you do not use asio drivers properly with Hauptwerk and the UA-101 at 88.2 KHz and + ca could cause saturation (loss of polyphony and echo the original sample).

When everything is properly configured, everything is wonderful:)

I recommend this external card without hesitation.


Easy installation and configuration.


I use it since 2007 and this is my first external card. I never used other models for now.

carnaby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
Hello all,

I use this sound card with a pc .. Installation is super simple and the sound is really great! I am delighted to have bought this product because now I play live and I can take it anywhere without being cluttered and have a quick config is set up.
petit professeur05/15/2009

petit professeur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
My Config: MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo 2 gigabytes (I have changed recently, I now pass to the unibody MacBook Alu)
Works perfectly: Unlike Previous notice (the OS X drivers did not exist the era ..)
micro + 3 + guitar or bass synths to replace table mix + patchbay because you can route the signal as you want in the card through a small program (without latency), increased over the FA101, that ncessite routing software in the DAW.
So I can eg vocoder my voice in my micromodular without or even turn on my computer!


Very easy install, the monitoring software replaces a mixer, it's cool to mix multiple synths or to route between its I / O ...
The manual is clear, all fawn is not a factory gas ..


Logic Pro in 24 bits/44, 1 Khz 64 samples buffer monitoring software (ie return in the computer) and recording 8 tracks with no problem or cracks. Sufficient for my use. I have not tried more .....


I use it for 6 months, APRS several trials with several brands of FireWire soundcard, which in severe lopard buggies with my lucent chipset, I bought the AU 101 for connecting guitar or mic + Low + 3 synths, stability and latency is at the top as I mfiais like the plague of USB ....
The report price is trs good quality, the quality of building air to the appointment, the sound is excellent my ears, no buzz or blown away with pramp bottom. The Hi-Z input on the front is nice. It works autonomously Manir time mixer / patchbay out 10 in 10!
It gives me a product that typically is forgotten, no frills, it works and that's it, I'm not changing prs card, I love the small routing software / monitoring, this card has replaced a mixing desk patchbay + + sound card is the card I needed, I love it!
EDIT: I use it with the new MacBook dsormais UniBody has turned toujors impeccable!!

Trashcomedian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
Many inputs and outputs (although when we bump with a mixer and a lot of machine hardware), good opportunities in terms of connections.
Sub-brand of Roland: proof of quality!
Computer Setup: Dell amentities: Intel dual-core 2.8 GHz, 2 gigabytes of RAM ... it turns easily!
In addition it is pretty with her blue dress ...


Installing child: one branch, it installs the software, you configure ...
Manual clear and concise


Drivers impeccable.
With Cubase, it slides alone, we do not need to touch the soft card, all is order directly from Cubase!
Latencies obtained with my computer config (rather heavy-handed: see above): 5510 milliseconds as input, output 3175 milliseconds -> a straw.
Not really tested the number of tracks recordable and readable at the same time, it must be pretty huge because of the limited activity of the CPU when I read a dozen stores and two!


I use it intensely for a month: no complaints so far
I like its discretion, its many inputs and outputs, its speed, look ...
The quality / price is final, I would do certainly did!

luckyluke58's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-101
It is true that there are not many reviews on this card, perhaps because there is not much to say except that it works as it should, without installation history, driver nickel, its just right ... brief but happiness ... but that's the side "face" ... now see the next "pile "...!
ATTENTION 1 to Mac users, this card does not work on Mac unless USB 1 and 2 channel 48kHz, it's not expensive for 2 channels?
2 * The limiter, it is better to pass, it introduces a distortion of 0.3% from -6 dB full scale against less than 0.01 in normal mode ... 24-bit there is just no way to adjust?
3 * She eats a lot of resource USB, no way to share a port with a USB2 hard drive for example, it will be another branch of hub available ... stuff to do with your PC
4 * and finally, 24-bit mode 192 is limited to 6 channels in and out, it does not matter because it's an unusual format in 2006 ;-) but you have to know and the doc on the Edirol site is unclear (as for compatibility Mac for that matter)

That is, a gap filled by a view that I believe in good faith if not comprehensive and stamped with the seal of Divine clothed;-D
That said, I am delighted me, happy and satisfied hugh


Installation without history, nickel driver on XP SP2 (required) on an old AMD 1900 with 1000 MB RAM.
Manuel not read, not useful


Perfect stability, no need to update if all goes well no?
Wavelab and Nuendo used on, or even Cooledit V2 ... it comes out as sound for Itunes, you worry ... just a detail, as a sound card windooosse, HP is not the little volume control on the taskbar ds ...
One step away, there is a knob on the map


Sound cards I've rubbed shoulders with some Digi001 between Mbox and, until recently was one of the best value for money market ... But things change quickly ds this world ... I saw a Hercules card to € 275 which is almost the same, and even tips and more ... If I win the lotto I also try to see :-)) promised