Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

Komplete Audio 6, USB audio interface from Native Instruments in the Komplete Audio series.

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All user reviews for the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 3 reviews27 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

kondwanikaphaizi's review"One Interface To Rule Them All!"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
The Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 is a USB audio interface which has a total of 6 inputs and 6 outputs. The front panel has 2 XLR/instrument inputs each with a gain control, a headphone jack, a monitoring control which has the option to switch between stereo and mono and mute button for toggling the monitor or off. The rear has a MIDI in port, MIDI out, SPDIF, balanced 1/4 inch input and output, a balanced 1/4 inch output for studio monitors and a button for turning the phantom power on and off. Power and data uses a single USB cable.

You get more than what you pay for in this package because in addition to the unit itself you also get a disc with NI Komplete Elements, Cubase LE 6 and a demo of Traktor LE 2 to get you started recording and editing audio. The box is polished, beautifully constructed and every control is solid; none of the knobs are shaky or flimsy. The top of the unit has the LEDs for all the various inputs so you can monitor clipping from a central location and it has a massive volume button. It's a really great package. I got it as my first audio interface and it's what I use in my main setup at home.


I use it mostly with FL Studio and REAPER, neither program has any issues detecting the unit. Unlike my other audio interface (the Avid Mbox 3 Mini) I haven't had any issues using the ASIO driver with the Komplete 6 in REAPER. On my Windows 7, 4GB RAM, i5 machine I'm able to get the latency down to around 13ms with this unit which is excellent when recording. I haven't used it much with the Cubase that comes in the package because I'm more comfortable with other software packages but it runs great in the other DAWs I use so this should be no problem. The two XLR inputs means you can record in stereo using two condenser mics or you could record two sound sources simultaneously, for instance a guitar with one mic while singing into another mic. I've experimented with this here and there and it's really good.

It also has direct monitoring which means you can listen to your audio with zero latency as you record. If you want to add external effects such as reverb you'll have connect an external unit which is not so difficult. On top of that you can toggle your monitoring output from stereo to mono. You can also connect an extra set of headphones for monitoring at the back of the unit. The performance of the unit is brilliant, I use it with my Blue Spark, AKG C1000s and Audix mics and all them sound awesome. The preamps are loud and the self-noise is low. You can get professional sounding recordings from this unit with very little work if you have a good mic and your room is setup well.

I rarely experience any crackling or popping when using the unit. On occasion it produces pops and clicks when I use it for playing back media in VLC or Windows Media Player but never when recording in REAPER.


The unit comes with a good instruction manual which explains clearly how to setup the unit. It's compatible with Windows and Mac. I use mine on a Windows 7 machine. Initial setup is very simple, just plug in the device and it installs the drivers automatically. In case of complications there's a driver CD included in the package and they're also available on the NI website for both Mac and Windows. It also its own custom software for configuring the device i.e. setting the latency, etc. You have to experiment with it a bit to find the right settings for your computer. I had no issues whatsoever getting the device to work as it should.


This unit is almost perfect for small studio owners. It has plenty of inputs and outputs and is very durable. If you buy it brand new with everything intact you get a great suite of software to get you started with recording if you don't have any other DAW or audio editor. it's very difficult to find any cons other than the fact that the TRS in/outputs don't have a dedicated gain control unlike the rest of the unit so you have to control it from whichever software you're using to record. But it is worth the money it costs. You will only get bad recordings from this device due to other factors such quality of your mics, cables, room noise/treatment, bad recording technique, etc. The device itself is almost faultless. It's one of the best in its price range and one of my favourite pieces of gear.

- Solid, great build quality
- Comes with Cubase LE 6 & Komplete Elements
- Easy to setup
- Multiple headphone jacks

- No gain control on the TRS inputs/outputs 3 and 4 so controlling the level has to be done in the software that you're using


jonoftheshred88's review"Durable, Reliable, and Highly Recommended!"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Komplete Audio 6 has been my audio interface for several years now. I've used it to record dozens of songs, collaborations and a few soundtracks. It is a great piece of hardware, extremely affordable and perfect for DIY producers working on solo projects.

Not only that, but it came with Komplete Elements, a huge pack of instruments. I believe I even got Guitar Rig 4 included with my purchase! Not only is the audio interface great, but this bonus software is absolutely killer and a great bonus to sweeten the pot.


I have never had any issues with Komplete Audio 6. The product was easy to register, easy to install, and has worked flawlessly since purchasing. This is in stark contrast to my previous audio interface, the Fast Track Pro, which was comparatively flimsy and issue-prone.


The installation was swift, and the process of registering with Native Instruments was equally simple. Driver installation was easy, and the soundcard installed sounds GREAT. Absolutely love the way this sounds through my KRK's.


Overall I'd highly recommend the Komplete Audio 6 interface. Not only is it affordable, but it works great and is very durable. I've played live shows using this thing to access VSTs through my DAW, and it integrates with PA systems flawlessly. Have yet to have any issues with this product over the years I've used it, and I use it daily as my soundcard.

MountAnDewMe's review"Awsome for the solo recording artist"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
I purchased the NI Komplete 6 when I built a new computer system for recording on Sonar X2. I am the only one who will be ever recording so I did not need a load of input options. After careful review against other models in its price point the Komplete Audio 6 proved to have the best compliment of features to suit my needs. The unit offers 6 ins; 2 xlr-1/4" line mic jacks on the front, 2 1/4" line inputs on the back, and a stereo spdif input on the back. There are also 2 main outs for the monitors, 2 outs for either a second set of monitors or to route for other purposes, a stereo headphone out on the front, and of course a stereo spdif out on the rear.
This layout was important for me because it allows me to use 2 microphones at a time, which is the most I need at any time, and the extra 2 outputs allow me to keep my reamping devices easily accessible at all times. The spdif was also an important selling point because I plan on utilizing a Kemper profiling amp in the near future which will integrate with those jacks exactly as I desire. There is also direct hardware monitoring available and a huge volume knob for the mains on the top, it may seem silly but I have found that giant knob to be a really cool feature I did not realize until I started using the device. There are also MIDI in and out jacks which I like for the simplicity of connecting my older keyboard that has a great tactile feel but lacks usb connectivity.
While this was not the only piece that offered the connectivity I required I found that the specifications on the preamps, data transfer rates, ADA converters, S/N ratio etc. all were in a desirable range. While the other products I was comparing it to each had a forte in one area there were serious concerns in others. The NI piece was above average in every aspect with no soft spot in its design. It also is built solid and has a solid, heavy fell to it.


The unit is a USB connected device originally designed for 2.0 or 3.0 connections. It however now has current patches available to support the 3.0 platform that it was originally advertised to utilize. Of course mileage will vary with each computer and DAW used but I am getting about 13ms latency round trip from input to output. The input buffer is at about 5-7ms according to my DAW. If I am using an enormous amount of plugins or virtual instruments I will adjust the buffer which will bring my round trip up to about 17. On a current project I have 49 active tracks in playback, using 6 virtual instruments and 34 instances of amp simulators until I reamp them. There is no problem with playback or adding additional material at this point and frankly at 17ms with that load I am surprised at how stable the system remains. The drivers are rock solid in that respect and they are constantly adding updates to address issues that may be present in the user forums.
There is one issue I can say the devise has running under windows 8. There is a minimal amount of crackling when using applications like flash player, WMP, Quick time and other normal audio applications. It is annoying but minimal and only in non ASIO audio applications. There is a fix in the works but not available as of yet.


This devise is a snap to get started with. Although I wish there was more documentation available with it the company's web site has answers for any issue that you may encounter. The customer service is also top notch and responsive as well if there is an issue. I had no compatibility issues on my AMD based system running Sonar X2. Everything works as advertised out of the box and there are no complicated software issues to deal with whatsoever. As close to plug and play as one could hope for. Even the registration and updates are simplistic to implement.


The thing I like most about the Komplete Audio 6 is how well balanced all the features are. I do not worry about any part of the signal chain being weak in any way. My only gripe is the occasional crackling in non ASIO situations but then again I did not buy it for those and can always click on the internal sound solution if it really bothered me that bad. For the price you can not find a better built unit with such good all around functionality. If you needs require more ins there are better options but if you are a solo recording artist under a real world budget there is no choice I could find that was better suited to what I wanted. The sound is very true and I would buy it again after my experience with the unit. I previewed solutions from Focusrite, Stienberg, Roland, and Presonus in the under $300 range and this unit simply had a more balanced offering. Don't forget you get the Komplete plugin package also with the purchase which was a more useable freebie to me. All in all this was money well spent.

sw80's review"Alot of extras come with it"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
It has 6 channels in this USB Audio and MIDI interface by Native Instruments. It is the Komplete Audio 6, I know first hand that Native Instruments makes some quality gear and mainly software that’s why I knew that I had to get my hands on this interface. This interface has very low latency and high quality preamps. I used this on my PC that has Windows 7 installed on it and it didn’t cause any problems. It was rather easy to install and get up and running.


The interface has a mono input switch on it that can be used for vocals, and any mono sound you want to record. There are also LED’s on the interface that will show you if you are clipping. This is a good feature as well because some interfaces don’t show that you will have to rely on the DAW to let you know if you are clipping. When you purchase the Komplete Audio 6 it will come with Komplete Elements, Elements has over 3GB of sounds. Also if you don’t have a DAW it will come with Cubase LE which is awesome for your production because you can do basically everything with this award winning software. The drivers with Komplete Audio 6 are very stable and I have never updated them since I started using this interface.


The Komplete Audio 6 did come with a manual but I don’t think I have ever even opened it. The set up of Audio 6 was super easy and all of the bonuses you get with this interface make it worth the money spent.


After you purchase this interface you will also get Traktor LE 2 and a 30 gift card to purchase anything you want from Native Instruments online store. All of that for just 230.00 dollars is crazy and makes it impossible to pass up. You are getting over 500.00 dollars worth of gear from 230! Native Instruments will always be one of my go to companies when I am looking to buy new gear.

DM97's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Strong and effective single"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Small sound card home studio computer music iMac






How long have you use it?

A little over a month

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Solid, works directly on my imac, the master button on top is handy. THE sound is nickel and robust housing, Komplete Elements.

The flashing lights are nice but were probably not necessary and I doubt they still work in a few years.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Presonus Firebox and audiobox that were too sensitive to electricity in different apartments. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, a ridiculous toy returned 2x service before refund.

How would you rate the quality / price?
A bit pricey though. Will hope he is justified in the long term.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Probably because in this price range the choice is quite limited if we remove presonus and focusrite I've had bad experiences ...

sched's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but be careful! ..."

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Motivation of choice: I needed a sound card with at least two mobile XLR inputs with USB connection.
I used a laptop Ordi (Toshiba Satellite Pro) 4G Ram, Dual core 2.27Ghz.


Yes Driver Stable update for USB 3 in the Native Instruments website.
I used it with Reaper. For latency I do not remember too much but it was not great nor bad.


Installation without problems, the setup is easy. Manual in very good paper.


I used it a few months, I used material m-audio, audiophile firewire 410 and 610.
What I like most is that it is compact and solid nothing to say, the sound is neutral, clean, I recorded vocal takes with a Rode NT2000 and I was happy.
on the other hand there or it's not going at all is that it is possible to record two microphone that need phantom power at the same time! (+ 48V)!! Phantom power can not supply both micro (inputs) at the same time! So be careful before purchasing! big disappointment I made as early!
PS: this sound card does not work with timecode for DJ!
In my case I do not have that choice as it is impossible to simultaneously record two inputs that need the power supply. phantom! If you do not need it is a good product for money!

Krakoukaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Personally, I chose these points to make my choice:
- Good stats
- 2 inputs with phantom power - I used one for a microphone (a t-bone game average is nickayle), occasionally a guitar
- Different outputs, and volume output control, output monitoring
- 24bit 96khz
- Komplete Elements and promotion on guitar rig at the time (provided)
- Returns the posifitifs

My config at the base was a XP PC with a Core Duo, but it works well, it had more power> so I snapped, and I went on a i7 + 32GB SSD + etc. ..
No problem since everything revolves carefree =)

I mostly use noon, I work 48k 24b, in cubase with vst full open, and the microphone used quite often.

I ordered directly from NI> received in 3 days.


The driver are stable under 7 64b, 32b xp I had problems, but in fact I think it was more related to the processor and ram that no longer followed anyway.

So I work in Cubase, with kontakt and various vst, so one or two audio lines (mic) to tweak my hideous voice with vocoders and other effects.

Number of tracks in cubase simultaneously, even though I've never met limit for now, I do not push the card all the way to the pleasure of pushing back. But for example on a recent project I had thirty tracks (vst or audio), so with 4 multi noon. It does not mean much this said, it is still linked above proc + ram.

I have a latency of 3 ms, after I did not look at this item, as it turns impeccable and it suits me.


Easy installation, no conflict, at first I had problems with a feeble xp pc spent on seven with an i7, no worries.

No big update, but no need either.


It's been over a year since I use it.
A friend has a roland, others maudio / avid also.

I have not seen anything better, although their purchases are more recent.

The look and compactness (?) Of the komplete audio are also very friendly, and the volume knob on top is fine.

In addition, the headphone level is independent of volume, and that, ultimately, it is convenient.

With (daily) use this card for over a year and the decline in this use, I do it again this choice without hesitation, because I know it's serious, stable, efficient.

As for money, bah I do not know, I've never been able to test cards lower price ...

zikman57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
I chose this interface for notices given right to left on the canvas
More Native Instruments is solid
Use with my various guitars and micro
PC Config WIN August 64 bits


Drivers stable win8
Use with Sony Musik Studio, Cubase and Audacity
Correct latency


The installation very easy


Before tried other interface, more or less, more or less evolved
it all depends on exactly what you're looking
I have for some time has
The connection is sufficient
to the sound also
Good rpport qulité / price

Yababas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs good map, super routing"

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
I was looking for a card with 4 inputs (ie USB2) that is powered by the USB port.

I use it on a Laptop with a Beta 87 microphone and guitar (jack).

This card possde between 6 (2 line / mic / instrument line + 2 + 2 spdif) and 6 outputs (4 rows and 2 spdif). It possde also a headphone jack and a system that monitors trs well.

It also has a switchable power supply 48v and little dtail, USB particulirement solid (no chance that the cable does dtach inadvertently).

Casing is the rev sound. There are several knobs in between, and a large knob on top, to hand out the rgler. No on / off switch, but it's not really Gnant dpendante since it is the USB port.

A lot of light on top of Casing allowed to have different information (it must be connatre routing possibilities for understanding the rle of certain lights).

I use it to take courses by skype to make small models, personal recordings to work, and to watch DVDs on my string fi in my living room.


given as it allows for direct monitoring and that I never use monitoring software, I set the latency at the highest. As a result, drivers are stable trs. There is a small control panel, very minimalist, but all custom settings Submitted significant of which may be needed.

One of my type configurations is to put a microphone between 1, 3 on a guitar and plug the headphone output (ie output 1) between the 3 (with a short mono jack). I run cubase recording entries 1, 2 and 3, then I run skype and I took guitar lessons by correspondence. My voice, my guitar and blah Prof. enregistrssparment are then on my cubase. My voice teacher reoit left and right guitar, so it can rgler him even the balance.

I do not use MIDI.


Installation trivial. No problem.

We must learn a little bit to find out exactly what are the possibilities of routing, but everything is explained in the manual (in print or on the site of Native Instrument).


I for a month. I have a MOTU 828mk3 dj, but I needed another card, smaller. I bought a Lexicon Alpha Studio I sent back (its not terrible, incompatibility with Skype).

I am happy with this trs trs card. I looked for a moment to find A model that satisfies all my requirements, but worth it.

The Good:
- Soliditbr /> - Quality of sound
- Number of I / O
- Powered by the USB port
- Flexible routing (just as simple to use for basic users, it is important for Madame)
- Nice (which is important for Madame)
- Very small (but quite heavy even when)

Ngatifs points:
- The top knob is convenient but it is so smooth that was strange to the touch. He would have had a little rough. Well, l I chipotte.
- The gain of the microphone is not standard. This is due to the fact that the card is powered by USB. So pramplis do not have a high voltage and high current power supply. That said, there are trs clean and without noise.
- Likewise, the headphone does not rev high volume. It is not with this card that I could go deaf (all fawn, I'm not ;-) drummer).

Be careful, you do not have to pay 299 euros! It is available around 199 euros.

maracaragua's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective."

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Use computer music / home studio mainly for the electro / Drum & Bass.

Very well finished product we recognize the quality of the finishing of our dear friends in German Native instruments:)

A volume knob on the top of master, very practical.

Stereo 3 inputs, 3 outputs Stereo, a MIDI in / out.


Drivers stable, no crashes so far APRS over 6 months of use on DIFFERENT Systmes, MAC / PC, and all types of DAW (Logic Pro, Live 8 suite, Fruityloops 10).

A single update from Native instrument since the release in May 2011, makes no problem.

Trs low latency with my config (Mac Book Pro Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM with Logic Pro 9 / 8 Live suite, Yamaha HS80M). In fact the CPU is plutt went wrong.

Same with the PC Core 2 Duo E5400, 8GB Ram, Fruity loops 10 / Le5 Cubase, Yamaha HS80M)


Installation performed without any problem, USB connectivity, it is recognized directly with all software utiliss date.

Manual provided simple conis, at the same time the only thing to do is map ... plugger

Small point ngatif, no interface proposed by the manufacturer, for routing of output must go through a soft forcment.

Positive, the elements included Komplete pack (guitar rig 4, 5 ... Reaktor and Cubase LE 5).


I use it for six months (May 2011 purchase).

This is the first model of sound card I bought (300 can be a bit expensive but it is now 200 on the site of Native instruments which makes it a very COMPTITE quality price ratio)

Well the main point ngatif (there must be one) and frankly I find really abuse on the part of the native instrument for once, I'll write for wholesale although no lack THE SOUND CARD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO, for the simple reason that Native instruments adcid not to include the "Traktor Scratch certified" so be careful dj gentlemen, it is intended only card computer music, and it is not possible today prvu any upgrade to CORRECT this problem.
Solution to the problem: Mix Vibes Cross.

I am still happy trs but if I repeat my choice to use as I did (MIDI I / O required) I would opt for DJ likely that 10 audio also benefitted from a MIDI input / output for over 100 and is compatible with Traktor.