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ceddec's current gear

Computer Music

Antress Modern VST Plugins
Other effects bundles or multi-effects
Elogoxa BaXXpander [Freeware]
Software Exciters/Enhancers
BTE Audio Juicy 77 [Freeware]
Software Amp Simulators
Voxengo Boogex
Software Amp Simulators
Dasample GlaceVerb [Freeware]
Software algorithmic reverbs
Voxengo OldSkoolVerb [Freeware]
Software algorithmic reverbs
Smartelectronix Cyanide 2.0 [Donationware]
Software Distortions/Overdrives
Ableton Live 6
General Sequencers
UGO Audio Rez 2.0 [Freeware]
Other Virtual Synths
XSynth Evol [Freeware]
Other Virtual Synths
Ableton Operator
Virtual FM synths
Acrobatics Software Alieno [Freeware]
Virtual subtractive synths
Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Virtual subtractive synths
Glen Stegner MiniMogueVA [Freeware]
Virtual subtractive synths
rgc:audio Triangle II [Freeware]
Virtual subtractive synths
Superwave P8 [Freeware]
Virtual subtractive synths
DSK Music B3x [Freeware]
Virtual Organs
Native Instruments B4
Virtual Organs
Fxpansion GURU
Virtual Drums/Percussion
Novation XioSynth 25
MIDI + Audio Keyboard Controllers
Dell Inspiron 9400
PC Laptops

Studio & Home Studio

PreSonus TubePre
Tube Pre-amps
Sennheiser e 835
Dynamic Microphones

Other musical instruments

Stagg US10


Drums & Percussion

2box DrumIt Five
Electronic Drum Kits


Pignose Legendary 7-100
Portable Guitar Amps
Line 6 DM4
Other guitar saturation effects
WSL Guitars White Line
Other Shape Guitars
Harley Benton MT100
Accessories/Supplies for Guitar
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