Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue

Explorer '76 Reissue, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Explorer series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
 5 reviews36 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Just pure rock n roll!!!"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
The Gibson Explorer guitar is a funny looking guitar at first glance. If you've been looking at Fender Stratocaster's or Gibson Les Paul's or anything like that then looking at a Gibson explore guitar would be a little bit unique. You can associate these guitars with hard rock or metal or even hair metal from the 80s but it is a fantastic and pretty versatile guitar. It was the guitar that the Egde from the band U2 first owned when the band started out playing back in the late 70s. So even mild moderate rock bands could pull off this kind guitar look on stage. It almost looks like half a lightning bolt in a way.


It features two humbucker pick ups the couple volume knobs and a tone control knob. This is pretty standard and most Gibson guitars and the features wise don't really deviate from guitar instrument to instrument. It has a nice balance overall and feel to this guitar. He probably wouldn't expect that because of the unique shape in unusual body and neck appearance. It features mahogany wood in the body and in the neck as well as rosewood fretboard. So the materials used is pretty much the same for every Gibson guitar whether that be a Gibson Les Paul and SG, and this guitar.


The tone of this guitar is very reminiscent of a Gibson Les Paul guitar because of the warm thick tones that it produces. It also cleans up pretty well which is surprising because of how big this guitarist body is. It seems to be a little bit awkward when you look at it but when you have it on a guitar strap and you're playing it doesn't really feel unbalanced. So if you use this guitar with a high gain amplifier of some sort you'll going to get a good rock 'n roll tone that can be very thick and juicy. If you play with a clean tone then you will still going to need to use a compressor or something of some sorts to really get the chime that you want this guitar. It can be very difficult to play any type of clean guitar tones with this instrument just because of the thick warm mahogany wood that is used throughout the instrument.


I recommend this guitar to anyone is looking for an alternative to Gibson SG or a Gibson Les Paul guitar. They usually float around the used sections for right around thousand dollars or so and they're pretty easy to find. They're not as common as a Gibson SG or Les Paul but they're pretty easy to find. They're a fun instrument and a great rock 'n roll guitar. If you're into music such as Metallica and you've probably seen this guitar used by James Hetfield number of times.
King Loudness08/30/2011

King Loudness's review"Cool reissue"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
The Gibson Explorer '76 is a reissue of the reissue of one of Gibson's infamous "modernistic" guitars from the late fifties, the Gibson Explorer. They were not well received at the time of their debut and only a handful were made. However, demand in the '60s led them to reissue the first model, the Flying V. In 1976 Gibson followed suit with a reissue of the Explorer guitar, and it was quickly adopted by many players in the hard rock and metal world that was rapidly expanding at that time. This guitar features all mahogany construction (body and neck) a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and dot inlays, Grover tuners, a tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece, and dual Gibson humbuckers (a 496R in the neck position and a 500T in the bridge). It has a fairly simple control layout of two volume controls (one per pickup) a master tone, and a 3 way selector switch to toggle between the pickups. They're built in Gibson's USA plant in Nashville, TN.


The Gibson Explorer is a fairly light guitar considering its size and sits reasonably well on the body. However, because of the somewhat large and cumbersome shape, it's not exactly the most ergonomic guitar on the planet. Depending on your physical size, the Explorer may dwarf you so it's not really a guitar I'd recommend for smaller players to use. The upper fret access is reasonably good on these guitars fortunately, so getting to those high notes is not an issue.

Getting a good sound out of this guitar is fairly simple. There's not a whole lot of switching options for players to deal with, so that makes getting good tones out of this guitar fairly simple. It's aimed at the rock/metal player primarily, and the pickups are quite high output, so it's a guitar that is presumed to do best at high gain tones as opposed to jazzy/bluesy clean textures.


The guitar is one that is certainly aimed at players who are looking for a high octane and very crunchy sounding guitar for hard rock or metal styles. My favourite sounds with this guitar are using it for thrash metal tones a la old school Metallica or Megadeth. It's not often that I play those types of music, but when I've tried the Explorer, those sort of sounds seem to come naturally from the guitar. The clean tones are not bad, but the pickups are fairly high output and the vast majority of clean tones that I dialed in sounded fairly overbearing with not a lot of dynamics or subtlety to them.

The drive tones are great for sure. They offer a nice range from classic hard rock tones (think The Scorpions or Van Halen) all the way to crushing modern metal sounds used by many bands of today. The pickups retain lots of definition and clarity at higher gain/high volume settings too, so that's a definite plus. They're not quite as tight as say, EMGs, but it provides a good range of tones from the sane to the insane.


All in all I think the Gibson Explorer '76 is a great reissue of the venerable and pointy classic. It's priced very reasonably at $1,399 new and is fairly well crafted and of course it's made by Gibson in the US of A. They're a great value for money (as many of the cheaper Gibsons are) and if you're looking for a guitar that flat out says no to tradition and just wants to rock, the Gibson Explorer is worth a shot for sure.

tjon901's review"76 Reissue Explorer in a rare finish"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Everyone is familiar with the Explorer shape. It has been popular since it was first reissued in 1976. They were first sold in the late 50s as part of Gibsons Futuristic line. The design was too radical for the time and did not sell well. It was first reissued in 1976 where it instantly became popular. Then in the early 90s where was a reissue of the 76 reissue and that is the guitar still made today. The Tabacco Sunburst finish is one of the rarer finishes from the 1976 reissue. Most of the guitars came in the standard red, white and black. The sunburst finish looks especially cool on this guitar since the body is so big. They have 22 frets on a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. The body is mahogany as well Two humbucking pickups which are a Gibsons own 496R and 500T models. Two volume and one master tone control with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector. It has a pickguard that contains the switch and covers all the routing for the wires.


The Explorer is a pretty easy playing guitar. They usually have nice 60s profile necks which are not super large. The shape allows you to get at all the frets very easily. The radical shape gives the guitar perfect balance when playing sitting or standing. Which this shape however you cant really lean the guitar on anything. You will need a stand or a case. And if you get a case it will have to be an Explorer case because this guitar wont just fit in any case.


Any good Explorer will have a huge tone. Explorers have more of a Les Paul tone than Les Pauls do nowadays thanks to chambering. The big wide mahogany body gives you a super fat tone that you want with a Gibson. With the uncovered pickups you really get more bite on the tone than you would with the covers on. These are pretty generic Gibson pickups so they are decent but not really great at anything. If you put a set of Seymour Duncans in this guitar you could really take advantage of the huge natural tone this guitar has. EMG's would do the same if you are looking for a purely metal sound.


Many people get tired of guitars coming in the same colors. Black, white and red over and over again. It is nice that Gibson is putting out a reissue with some of the more unique colors that they put out in the 70s. The 70s is probably my favorite era for guitar making. The big companies were still trying to innovate unlike now where they are just bending over to traditionalists. If you are looking for an Explorer that comes in a color other than black, white or red this is probably the cheapest one that isnt. Any others will probably be signature models.

tjon901's review"Gibsons classic radical guitar"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Everybody has to have an Explorer in their collection and if you are going to have one why not go with the original. In the late 50s Gibson decided to start a line of more radical looking guitars. Gibson first started selling Explorers in 1958 and their design was way too radical for the time so they were discontinued a year later. In 1976 Gibson started the first reissue of the original 1958 design and now today Gibson is selling reissues of the reissues. Gibson has been producing the '76 reissue Explorer since 1990. Many people say the '76 reissues are better than the original Explorers put out in 1976. The first 50s models were made from Korina wood these are the classic yellow looking Gibsons you have seen. When they first started reissuing them they were made out of Mahogany like most Gibsons and today thats how they are made still. They have 22 frets on a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. Two humbucking pickups which are a Gibsons own 496R and 500T models. Two volume and one master tone control with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector.


Early 50s Gibsons had huge necks. Today people refer to them as the "baseball" bat necks. In the 60s Gibson switched to slimmer neck design. The Explorer today has that 60s design. The 60s Gibson neck profile is one of their most popular. The upper frets are easy to reach because of the Explorers design. The radical shape actually gives the guitar a perfect balance for playing while standing up. The neck will come to rest at a perfect angle due to the large body acting as a counter weight.


Gibsons are known for their warm humbucking tones and the Explorer is no different. No matter how cold it is outside the Explorer always sounds warm. The Explorer is made from a huge piece of solid mahogany and you can really hear it. The Explorers pickups come from the factory with the covers removed. Guitarists in the 70s found that if you removed the covers from humbuckers you could get a little more bite in your sound so Gibson decided to do it from the factory for the players. The Explorer sounds like what every Gibson should sound like.


The Gibson Explorer sounds huge, feels huge and is large and in charge. The design was ahead of its time in the 50s but in the 70s it was just right for the music and players of the time. People may look for the Gibson tone in just Les Pauls but the Explorer can deliver it too. With Gibson starting to chamber its Les Pauls the Explorer may be the way to go if you are looking for a really solid piece of mahogany to get tone from.

Qill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Explore natural color by Gibson made in U.S.
Mahogany body
Glued Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard 22 frets profile mix 50/60
Mechanical mini groover
Bridge tune-o-matic
2 volume 1 tone
Gibson 500T and 496R Micro as the Flying V
Comes with case
The fact that it is natural color casts in grave on the other hand it is clear that the body is in 3 parts ...


Mesa Boogie Mark V, High Gain channel


Already good mics (500 and 496) garbage ... after all depends on what you want to do, to blues, hard rock ... I already have guitars that fill these roles very well ... suddenly I turned the microphones for replaced with EMG 81 and 60 in addition to back bacon as Uncle Hetfield and both say that I am not at all disappointed with the result, it is no use skyscraper me to do big sound that is bold and precise cutting everything I wanted ... Metallica is the appointment, the essence of the mahogany adds an extra dimension to the body Alder much drier
I also tested the combination with Seth Lover Duncan pickups used among others by Joe Perry and both say that it sounds good it was a super versatile guitar with a warm vintage sound, although I prefer the Les Paul in this role which is well above


at its output it was worth € 1600 I bought mine to 1000 € occasion, coupling with EMG changed the sound turn the guitar for me it sounds like hell ... after the basic config with the 500T and 496R there is a matter of taste ...
To put it simply those looking for a guitar customized by Metal mode with no error after Explorer for blues, hard rock ... I never thought to take an Explorer in the register after that is a matter of custom ...

Fredrik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good Guitar Metal / rock / blues"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Made in Canada, late 90's.
Body + three pices mahogany set neck
Mine had a touch bne.
Gibson humbuckers and everything else a true classic Gibson.


Trs enjoyable round, polished, good Access in treble.
But guitar heavy balance, the look sharp enough.

TRS is obtained quickly with the big sound of Gain.
Most difficult to ring with little gain ... trs's, you really know how to play. But it can really do a good amp.

For me, the use idalie: detune with a big mesa boogie derrire!


A good range of sound ...
trs clean sounds are crystalline, we can even get its limits "jazzy" in the neck position.

The highlight of course as a well prcis for large and heavy riffs.
Although Obviously, this guitar does not play the cre ... Larry Carlton

The news does not sound terrible. We must find at least one that I like, that is to say late 90's to the max. APRS is blah.


I jou on exploring for 10 years, and trs sincrement, if I had a replay of mtal I nhsiterais not ... I Rasht one!
If you have strong shoulders and back no problem, it's cool.
Otherwise the seating position is comfortable too trs.

One can find good for not too expensive (900/1000)
APRS, the ones that sound best remain relatively inaccessible level budget.

And then ... there's no two guitars with this look!

I talked a lot about big sound because it is his strong point in my opinion, but this guitar can really do the trick on a lot of DIFFERENT styles, with the fingers and suitable gear.

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a great-sounding guitar and love!"

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
gibson is a united states of black (ebony) with a fixed bridge tune-o-matic, everything is mahogany (neck and body of a piece) and it has 2 humbucker gibson (one for the handle 496R and a 500T for the bridge), a handle 22 frets rosewood fingerboard (ebony for white color) and the mechanical are mini Grovers.
the only thing I have against him, is that the string action was too high and it is not in ebony (but black on black ...), if not, to me is without the mistakes!


the handle is very comfortable and I have nothing to say on that side!
the only thing is that the action was too high for me, but that does not stop me from shredder a great shot! ah! ah!
Ergonomics is a bit special at first, but soon we forget we're playing on an exploration, even sitting, it remains comfortable to play, you just spend some time getting used to ...
weight issue, I did not feel it .... say ...
access to acute problems is not!
for sounds, it's basically the warm and clear!


I'm looking at this time a guitar shaped eccentric there is jackson kelly, the carvin V220 and of course, explore at Gibson!
it is well suited to my style of choice, though hard-rock rare!
we obtain good bluesy sound on the neck pickup and much metal on the bridge pickup, clean sounds are very low and are loaded with warm wishes!
I have not tried funky pots, but by turning the knobs, can be approached, although this may not have its own identity.
I played in a ELYPSE amp; the seller told me he had no distinct personality, which is a plus in the case of a test of guitars, at least we know what s 'stick!
I like the warm sound of this guitar and distorted sounds.


I did that just played this afternoon, but I was hooked!
It's been months since I turned around and presto, I decided to try it, well, for me it is a faultless!
a guitar made for rocks without problems, so for other styles, we must spend some more time on the intermediate positions ...
most: the eccentric shape, black, super comfortable handle, the mechanical rather discrete sounds 2 microphones, the ease and simplicity of play
the least, the string action on the tested model.
the price / quality ratio is really good.
I do not know if I want to buy it will be realized, but one thing is certain, for me, it will remain a reference for the guitar hard rock!

fuzzstone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Explorer 76 after re Natural gold hardware made in the USA.
The natural finish and gold hardware, greatly reduce the connotation that metal guitar has acquired over the past 20 years.
This shovel is immense, a real steamer!
Not had any weight in relation to the idea that they're done taking into account the size of the machine (approx. 3.5 Kg).
Otherwise, hardware classic meca grover, 496R and 500T for micro, tune o matic bridge, and small variation on the volume and tone knobs, mine are not cylindrical knob speed as most of the exploring, but the top hat .
On my own, completion of high bills, properly applied nitro lacquer, mahogany body very pretty (beautiful veins visible under the painted), shrinking nickel, rosewood key homogeneous (no area too clear, for example The fibers are tightened).
A real sense of quality that emerges from this guitar.

To nitpick, I'd still be a small burr on the pickguard at the screw near the selector and a (very) slight overflow of glue on top of the neck near the nut.
Mode really shit disturber, I would say that the body is as much to explore in 2 parts the top horn is added and the wood is slightly lighter at this location.
Apart from these two or three things, the guitar is sublime, the box that needs no introduction is designed to withstand the passage of a 38T, the white wig smelling caramel.

The exploration and me it's a chance I was looking for a Les Paul in the 1000 brouzoufs initially, my wife having enough to see me try that LP did not meet my expectations (it's hard to be poor lol ...) I ordered this beautiful Gibs.
Of course, it's no coincidence all, after all these years of marriage, she knows how to recognize when Lynyrd Skynyrd "Saturday night special" happening on the stage and she knows why I have a Firebird I (even if n is a Tokai), Allen Collins is in my top five guitarists ... I worship.
Go hop a beautiful guitar that throws, making very serious, top equipment, cheap considering the quality of sound and touch ... (1025 € flight case and shipping included). A good 9 / 10 deserved.


Despite the large size, the explorer is surprisingly comfortable game sitting or standing. Body weight naturally bringing the handle to the left hand. Superb balance.
The handle is flat, rather thin and very wide at the nut down with a junction at the 19th fret. Not as easy to grasp a handle SG but not far off anyway ...

For cons, the micro switch is not in a place that is natural to me, so I find his position not top (all in the lower end of the lower horn), ditto for the tone common to the two microphones, it requires correct tone every time you change position microphone.

The weight (and size) when the transports in its box may be penalized if it is carved from a twig and that we take public transportation. Lol.

I do not care, I never take public transportation.
8 / 10 because the switch was a bit especially and the lack of separate tone ...


Trite, a consignment of heavy explore .... If I may, an exploration makes holes in the walls !!!!! No less ...
Ok, ok, not only, and that's what's funny, beautiful also knows how to tune all pretty fresh and cool blues arpeggio clear in picking his 496R
Because yes, I find the 496R very very nice as microphone, ideal for soft play, big deal well with nice low round (explore full of bass!), Very cool, pretty singing, he amazes with his ability to play delicate.
Crunch not very good in support too, too, the tone was half way, that makes him downright good.
on the other hand, and you push a little distortion, I think it becomes hoarse too, becomes a bit cloudy, not very pleasant to my ears, clearly not his area.

Then comes the killer EMG (Inside Joke), to whom nothing resists really, I named the 500T!
This mic is a real killing sound Crunch to High Gain.
HUGE is the word that comes immediately MIND. The sound is there, seething, roaring, overflowing gain incredible momentum for those who love the sweep eustachian tube distortion of a sudden burning.
Full range of its rock hard to Led Zep in the most demonic metal open to you.
The guitar literally growls at the hands of picks. ... Enjoyable!
THE JCM 600 has never screamed that much since I arm the explosive ... it's really addictive.

For me, a guitar with two faces, one side, for the 496 sounds very bright warm light of the crunch, almost vintage blues, some Neil Young stuff ... well you get the idea ... anything.
On the other side a microphone that asks only distort the sound, all distortion spend with him, the black dog of Led Zep stuff Motorhead, the 500T Swallowing and delivers a sublime sonic orgy. The worst part is that it quickly becomes addicted to his (dirty) character!
8 / 10 because, ok, the neck pickup is not expected the killing, but this is not a dung, far from it! We just had my mind not to use wrong. For Graouh is her boyfriend near the bridge that we must go ... ..


It is a gift, so this guitar I really did not expect, nor does it wanted more than before .... having.
It was a wonderful surprise, and nothing to spoil, she managed to leave rather tame by my style and approximate summary.
I did not think I was really obsessed sought an LP in my budget, and then the evening of my birthday, my wife was out this big ass box weighing a death and it was in, immaculate, ready to be played , and the first chords has the hard rock on the small Fender 600 (it was very late and 60W of JCM, well it would not have done with the neighbors ... lol), I knew that the we would all get along both.
So give it a serious blow to all my old shovels al "except the Riviera, the same cousin SG takes kindly dust in its box.
Of course, the explosion and I are like newlyweds, we did not leave, I feel very dumb that I play better with it ....
So the question if it was to do again ....... well, I might be not wasted my time trying studio, which if they remain good guitars, do not emit little more than relieve the explore.
They call it the scent of the difference.

ibanez_grx070's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Gibson Explorer 76 classic white made in United States

22 frets if I am correct, micro 500t bridge in the neck I do not know, mahogany body, mahogany set neck with button and resumed at bne dot.

2 volumes and the Tone + 3 position micro slcteur

the handle and a compromise between 50 and 60.


The handle is enjoyable and not too large (lp) or too flat (Ibanez), but the veneer glue with sweat.
CHAC in acute is easy as the guitar does not sting the nose, but the 3 dernires frets are more difficult because of the horns, but I personally will never by :-)

ergonomics is great, the guitar PSE weight but it is balanced and does not dive down, on the contrary it is easy to go to recover freight Most recent internship and more you can play easily with the guitar very low while with my ibanez I put super high.

was easily a good sound, enough to have an amp that follows at least ;-) .

I put 9 because I'm not a soloist and I have never seen a guitar so well equilibrated


I play rock and some more stuff nerve, trs agree it well but if you love the sounds super compress pass your way or change the microphone because this guitar has a lot of grain and a lot of bass! !

I play on a full stack marshall plexi (2 4x12 1960 ax 70 years in G12M) with the effect a mxr micro amp, a Blackstar HT Dual, and soon an amt dt2 and a killer in our db)

I love its bold, with a lot of bass, distortion is crazy the 500t has a lot of gain but the sounds are clear way must admit.


I use it for a week, I like its ergonomics, the sound if particles of this skyscraper, and especially white geule! I do not like is finishing average in gibson, varnish and glue to the weight of the flight case which extends the arms.

I try bcp guitar, ibanez 2610th, MTM1 ibanez, gibson sg standart and custom, gibson flying v white, black, esp kh, ltd eclipse, and many other.

1070 euro for the report quality price trs good, and I would do without this choice hsit!

syraks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Mine is black.
Small precision compared to previous opinions: the handle is not "50's rounded" or "60 slim tapper", it is between the two, dixit Gibson site: "The neck is Gibson's Explorer has the best of Both Worlds- It Is a Hybrid Between the '50s rounded contour and the '60s slim-taper profile. " ;-)
Channel hyper pleasant living!

Level finishing is impeccable! on the other hand, level design, there are few things that I do not like:
- Buttons black plastic knobs ... Just hideous, I do not understand how Gibson can use it on both grates. Replaced by chrome Gotoh (telecaster style), it throws much more!
- The pickguard. From what I saw, it hides the cavities for the Electone => impossible to remove ... It makes you wonder what they went through my head! I probably repaint.

It comes with flight case. Attention to detail is important: it is huge ... He just returned from the back seat of a 207.


"Gets it easy to sound good?"
How to say? Bridge pickup, volume up, warm tube amp back and go to send riffs straight from hell! It sounds directly in any config! It is truly plug and play.
For solos, I find it really nice.

Level access to acute, it is hard to beat! Other than a SG, I do not see ...
I find it light enough! After 2 hours of repeats, I have no pain in the back, which is a more significant!


So, I play in a style hard rock, blues and metal. My main influences include you may talk more: James Hetfield (like so ^ ^), Slash and Billy Gibbons.
My stuff: Soldano Avenger (all knobs to 6) and Harley Benton 1x12. That's it. ;-)

I will try to avoid the cliché "you can play everything from gypsy jazz to Christian metal polish, to the chants of the Mass".

The bridge pickup is most comfortable in saturations hard / metal. Turning down the volume, it was a crunch of the friendliest, which responds well to the attack! Volume at bottom, we go for the big rhythmic Hetfieldiennes: powerful and precise, but with a pudgy hand. Fan

The neck pickup does not seem to be super appreciated. Ben I like it! I find it fits perfectly with the guitar: he manages to be warm without being mushy, and it is capable of supporting heavy loadings, which handle a lot of microphones can not do (I think, for example, the EMG 85, which handsomely pukes whenever there is a little gain).

In short, as already stated, the sound is huge!
In fact, I feel I have found the scratches that suits me, that makes me vibrate entirely to each chord of E major, on which I play everything seems better ... In short, conquered!


I love the sound!
Apart from a few aesthetic details mentioned above, I'm totally a fan!
Before it, I tested a lot of models, the telecaster to Super Start LTD. Finally, Gibson is right for me! She sits next to a copy of a Gibson LP and LP BFG.

The quality / price is right.
And this choice I would do with pleasure! Even sooner!