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Vantage user reviews

  • Vantage VS35 CE

    Vantage VS35 CE - "Vantage VS-35 - Fun to Upgrade, Gibson CF-100 copy" has images


    This guitar has a wide neck - 1.75 inches. Very nice for finger picking. :bravo: The old electronics were broken - so I replaced them with a no-name brand. Works fine. Also replaced the tuners, nut, and I have purchased a compensated bridge to put i…

  • Vantage vs600

    Vantage vs600 - "Gone missing"


    This is an interesting guitar manufacture that was not very popular in the early 80s late 70s. This company is called Vantage and a primary filter guitars out of Japan with pretty good solid building techniques. This is a pretty well-built guitar eve…

  • Vantage VIS-I-AE

    Vantage VIS-I-AE - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by the12/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Made in Indonesia Preamp with volume and tone controls The main particularity of this guitar is its wood (but I don't know what it is) Mine has six screws at the 19th fret. I …

  • Vantage 318T

    Vantage 318T - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Polln/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Guitar made in Korea. One humbucker and two single coils. Volume and two tone controls. I don't agree with some reviews I've read and I find there is a real difference between …

  • Vantage Avenger AV325

    Vantage Avenger AV325 - "Vantage AV Avenger"


    When I started guitar, I had a classical guitar. It got extremely boring so I started saving up for an electric guitar. after a couple days, at some party my mom was hosting, i was talking to my cousin Randi about me buying an electric guitar. He sa…

  • Vantage Avenger AV325

    Vantage Avenger AV325 - "Vantage AV Avenger"


    I paid around 100 dollars for this model at a pawn shop in belleville, Illinois. I needed a new guitar one with a meatier sound. The Finish is beautiful I'm confused about exactly which model it is or even how old it is if anyone has any clue when…

Translated user reviews
  • Vantage 225 B-1

    Vantage 225 B-1 - " Not bad at all"


    Korea ... apparently, very simple config, micro PB and stamped sheet metal easel, 1 vol 1 tone and that's all ... UTILIZATION Channel pleasant, closer to jazz than the PB. Comfortable once set. I used the rod setting for a straight handle and put…

  • Vantage 818GDT

    Vantage 818GDT - roplof's review


    made in korea 24 cases maple neck Rosewood Micro HSS (splittable H) Sector 5 positions 1 volume 2 tones pink floyd Basswood body maple table UTILIZATION the highlight of this guitar is its sleeve. very comfortable and very fast. v…

  • Vantage VIS-I-AE

    Vantage VIS-I-AE - " OK with the opinion of the12 on VANTAGE VIS-I-AE"


    This guitar does it seem made in Indonesia It is mainly in cedar the table is full the lifts are reliable UTILIZATION The handle moves peu.Je have equipped EXTRALIGHT strings that give a very smooth and round sound. The Phillips screws at…

  • Vantage 725B

    Vantage 725B - " Very good bass for beginners."


    - Made in Korea (I'm not sure of the year, but I think it dates from the 90s) - 4 strings - Fixed bridge, string through non- - 24 frets - Pickups Jazz Bass / Precision passive. - For potentiometers, when I got it, they were not working, I …