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  • Native Instruments Una Corda

    Native Instruments Una Corda - "A nice virtual instrument, but not a must have"


    I really love Native’s products, but this time I’m not entirely satisfied. My computer is an i7 6700k 16gb RAM and windows 10 (64bit, of course). I make music such as ambiance, OST… The demo is very well done and commercially efficient. As us…

  • AcousticsampleS B-5 Organ

    AcousticsampleS B-5 Organ - "Just for its sound"


    Hi all, I couldn't resist after watching the demonstration video so as a great Hammond fan I bought it. I found the installation and activation process complicated but it finally ended up working - still wondering how btw. I find the UVI station…

  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys Electric Grand

    XLN Audio Addictive Keys Electric Grand - "Sounds great, but limited for live use"


    I purchased this since I was wowed by the sound of the online demos. It does indeed sound good, and the software is quite well laid out. I bought it primarily for live use, and have found out that it doesn't respond to MIDI volume change messages…

  • Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand

    Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand - "Excellent product - Happy to use it"


    Let me start the review by asking sorry for my English but since they are not my native language, it is difficult to express myself the way I want. I bought the Native Instruments complete 9 (the Ultimate edition with the Hard disk). I installed all …

  • Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

    Native Instruments Alicia's Keys - "Best NI Piano to date"


    Alicia's Keys can be purchased as a stand-alone software library, or as part of a software bundle like NI Komplete (this is how I received my copy). From owning Komplete, I also have access to all the other piano libraries from Native Instruments. …

  • Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos

    Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos - "Legendary Piano Sounds!!"


    Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos is a VST that is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. I was looking for something to replace my piano sounds of the Korg Triton with. I ended up reading about the Ivory II on the Synthogy website and decided to …

  • Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D

    Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D - "Get rid of your bad sounding piano tracks and buy this"


    Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D is a grand piano plug-in that will work with any DAW or you can use it as a stand alone application. You can use it with a Mac or a PC, it was very easy to install and it has some amazing sounding piano sounds. I…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "BUY IT"


    The MOTU Electric Keys is a vintage keyboard instrument; it comes with organs, clavinets, and electric pianos. You can use it on multiple platforms and it is very light on your CPU. When I was first thinking of purchasing it, I looked at the price t…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "50+ classic keyboards"


    MOTU Electric Keys has been installed on my computer for a few years now, though I don’t use it much anymore. When I first purchased it I was really excited about it, then it kind of got put aside. It is a vintage keyboard VST that has some electric …

  • EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos

    EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos - "Bosendorfer, Steinway, Yamaha, Bechstein"


    The East West Quantum Leap Pianos gold is a VST that has a library with four different grand pianos. All of the pianos where professionally recorded and you can tell they where when you use them. All of the piano samples are very high quality, when …