8dio 1969 Steinway
8dio 1969 Steinway

1969 Steinway, Virtual Acoustic Piano from 8dio in the Legacy Piano series.

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Dge Be 09/07/2014

8dio 1969 Steinway : Dge Be's user review

«  Not up at all »

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The sound is fine but the problem is the lack of significant layer ...
It's fine to announce six microphones and a carload of samples but it is not enough. I have almost everything done in this genre and there are very good and less good, but there ... In pianissimo is unplayable, and the piano is a little better. To believe that it has been designed to play only a rock background. And I've tried everything for over 6 hours, I even suspected my keyboard ... but not with the other no problem.
It's a shame because apparently it was already the default 1928, I have not.
The videos are VERY vendors.
Moreover, in a lightweight piano he uses a lot.
It's really a missed because with such a sound and microphones ... 6. what fun it would have been.